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ESPN: Free Agency delayed 3 days (MERGEDx3)


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What does that mean? We don't have to be under the cap by midnight now?

If that's the case, there's going to be a lot of venom among those teams who have already made Major cuts...

I don't think we ever really had to get under by 10 tonight, but 5 days after when penalties begin to occur.

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Something is going to happen here. Most teams know what worst case scenario to do, so having 3 extra days doesn't make a difference on the cutting/restructure end

It means they are trying to make a deal

Lets hope, and if they do and Bubba's optimism is correct then I owe him a beer :cheers::cheers:

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Teams like the chiefs wouldn't have started cutting guys if something new was going to develop, right?
This is a good sign. They wouldn't be doing this if it were not for the good of the game. This is hope that the CBA gets done. At least that is my take.

The chiefs were in a tough spot as well as you guys. I am not sure why the Jets cut Mawae though, but if a deal is done, the teams may ask the league to retroactivate the cuts.

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