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For Guitar Lovers- This is what I build


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In the past, a few posters have asked me what kind of guitars I build. I do all sorts of stuff, but I'm hoping this year to finally get off my tuckus and start putting out a couple standard models. This was the first model I came up with some years ago - it's called the Anaconda.

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I do do single coils, P90s, or whatever pickups somebody wants.

The inlay material is abalone shell.

Yes, I am the old geezer in the pics.

I had the outfit on for band photos (one of the guys in the band is a graphic designer, and brought over a studio light). Seeing I had the chance to get some decent lighting for guitar pictures, I jumped on it.

Since I employ slave labor (me), I sell guitars for cost +$500, which typically ends up around $1k-$1500.

And thanks for the compliments. :cheers:

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