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More Extreme Bucs Pics #5


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Are you telling me that it was mid 50's for the game and those cheerleaders are wearing those big heavy ski jackets? and shorts?


I was just going to ask the same thing. I can't remember which guy on ESPN.com it was, (Bill Simons I think?) had an article a year or two ago with the theory that whichever coach wore the least amount of clothes in a cold weather game (like one wearing just a sweat shirt and the other wearing a big parka), the team usually won. I think this extended to cheerleaders as well. Doesn't mean anything, but it's too bad these cheerleaders didn't take it to heart...

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Did you even see a single play with all that A**-watching?!


Not a single cheerleader picture was taking during the course of play :) Honest.

You can see a few photos were people walked into my line of sight while I was snapping a shot. That is because my Sony camera has a 1 second delay. And the shutter speed isn't fast enough to take "high quality" action shots. Some came out OK... some didn't. And I couldn't take consecutive snap shots... since my camera doesn't have that functionality.

But when I have access to Tarhog's camera... it's a different story :) Great camera.... great lens. I simply can't afford one myself.

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