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VIDEO: Happy B-DAY To Me, A (JACKED UP!) Gift From Me!


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i'm still wondering why jacked up didn't put sean taylors hit on the arizona cardinals running back where he had a huge hole up the middle and then lost the ball, and then sean taylor absolutely stops him in his tracks...or the hit where taylor crushed lorenzo neal. (i can't remember if that was this year tho...)

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Some great hits on there...as much as i hate the Ravens, that Ed Reed hit, the last one, is sick

ST has some nice ones as well

That Ed Reed had to be one of the better ones this year. I noticed that Taylor was in abouth 3 or 4 of those vids and probably could have been in a lot more. Didn't happen to see the Pro Bowler Roy Williams anywhere. What about the one where ST layed out the Dallas receiver (don't remember his name) in the first meeting and the ball should have been a fumble. Ball went back about 15 yards. That was a good hit.

Oh yeah and Happy B-day man. Thanks for the Vid.

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