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  1. Just got this email from the front office :
  2. Well today is my day and I'm getting an error at this point, but my window doesn't open till 10.. I'm not confident things are going to clean up.
  3. I logged in today and there were a couple of options to move to which I believe are just open seats? I would expect there to have been a lot more than just a 2 options.. This is what I showed available for instant move : https://www.dropbox.com/s/sinfkegi9nkp6y0/Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 2.29.59 PM.png?dl=0 My window is 5/28 at 10AM, STH since around 2000
  4. I’m lost.. What is this GOLD program? Please don’t tell me it’s a ADDED Line Item to my Lower Bowl Tickets.. I’ve had tickets for 15 years.. I’m so on the fence if I renew...
  5. Until you got the link in email there was NO upgrade link in the My Account page.. Mine only went active after I got the link... which was about a hour later from when my window started...
  6. I am so damn frustrated, 15+ years as a Season Ticket owner, all that money and I have received nothing... So Typical..
  7. Yea it's the Frequent Flyer Card for the MGM Casino group... Thus also the new and upcoming Casino at the National Harbor. So the redskins must be getting bed with MGM.
  8. See, I'm lost here, when I log in, I don't see ANY of that, No section has more then 8 tickets available!!! I see no tickets in any of those section, hell, i only see like 2-3 seats open per section.. See photo attached... I have 3 Tickets in section 124... Here is the photo, why don't I see what you see?
  9. Got my Invoice and was looking at it, First with all of you it's a hard pill to swallow, I love my section 125, but man buying these each and ever year is harder to do. However, one difference I noticed my Green Parking has a Seat Assignment, does this mean I'm getting assigned parking? Parking Lot GRN2 Green Lot GA8 Seat 50 Also , in the topic of WHAT WOULD YOU DO... I just bought a RV, perfect for tailgating, I believe the skins sell RV parking passes for 100.00 a game. I believe those can be picked up the week of the game from the sales office. Given I haven't gone t
  10. Me at the Seahawks game, Of course a friend took this from a section or 2 over.. Also My daughter last year at GB game
  11. This thread has the potential to go down in the gutter real soon..
  12. Those shoes are rockin, Where did you get them?
  13. I hope thats a string your holding as it looks as your taking a whizz
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