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Guess Who I Saw Today...


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I got off early from work and headed into DC to see if I could find some Maker's Mark VIP in one of the liquor stores (I had no luck of course). Anyway, on my way home I stopped by a liquor store on MacArthur Boulevard to check their stock and who did I see but Paul Tagliabue. Perhaps he's in town to attend the Redskins/Giants game. I had a strong urge to make a comment about the Giants extra home game but I resisted.

BTW, he had about 10 bottles of wine in his cart. I guess he plans to celebrate either way. :silly:

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cool story China.

You didn't dazzle him with spontaneous Kareoke, eh? :)

Seriously, it is easy for us all to sit here and say we would say something, etc. to him... but honestly I probably would not have said anything either, or just said something like "Thanks for all you do, I'm a big fan. Go Skins" etc. etc.

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