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Marine Corps Birthday


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I would like to wish all the Marines worldwide, past and present, a happy 230th birthday. I am a former Marine myself (1995 - 2002). I would like to thank all the Marines before me for paving the way and setting the standard. Your selfless service contributed to the Marine Corps being a force of readiness. The world know anything happens anywhere, that the Marines are always ready to fight. For the current Marines, I want to say thank you for your service and keep the proud tradition alive. I understand what it takes to be a U.S. Marine. It is a proud moment once you graduate basic training and earn the title U.S. Marine. In closing I would like to say that real Marines go to Parris Island not Hollywood. I'm just kidding to all those who went to San Diego. We both have our obstacles in basic: Parris Island has sand fleas and San Diego has mountains.

Once again Happy Birthday Marines! Semper Fi, do or die!

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From 1976 to 1980 I proudly served in the United States Navy, my first command was the USS ENTERPRISE (BIG E), a nuclear aircraft carrier. Besides the sailors I served with, was an contingent of marines that was in charge of the security of our ship. I was also proud to serve along aside them while we defended our country. God Bless the United States Marines on their Birthday.

Hail Redskins-Hail Yes!

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