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  1. why is benjamin moore better than duron? which color would you say is better for the paint- a more gray, more tan, or more red color?
  2. I just told the contractor to go with unsanded grout and sent him this link for paint for the bathroom: http://www.materials-world.com/paint-colors/duron/duron_colors_25.htm which color do you like best for the paint job? once I get that down it will be easier to choose tile and the matching grout color. I am moving towards sandy lane or one of the colors on the far right which are more reddish
  3. thanks chubakah! their bid was for 2,300 dollars. another company wanted 6,175 (adding in staining/glazing the bathtub and glass doors) I think I am going with Duron "Plantation Beige" for the paint of the bathroom. and then will try and match the tile and unsanded grout with that. as well as the new shower heads and faucet/handle..
  4. so I need to tell the contractors to use "unsanded grout" on the tiles for the shower then?
  5. is "sanded grout" a real thing? I mean, can I tell my Brazilian contractors to go out and get "sanded grout" and they will know what I am talking about? thanks for the advice- I will go with your ideas
  6. what color bathroom tiles look the best? I can choose any kind I want for my shower/bathtub. and also the paint of the bathroom. thoughts?
  7. I just got a quote from a Brazilian brothers contracting firm: for my condo bathroom: remove 60 square feet of old tile, remove old shower faucet, remove baseboard tile, fix ceiling (plaster prime and paint), install cement boards, install new tiles, new shower head, new faucet and new wood baseboard all for $2,300 Thoughts?
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