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Just finished the NY/NJ Bar Exams [Updated Shamelessly Again]


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First thing I wanted to say is that I'm really pretty overwhelmed by how many of you guys stopped in to say something nice. I really do appreciate it. :)

Originally posted by SkinsNut73

Congrats iheart!

Thanks SN73--looking forward to another year of working on the War Room with you. :)

Originally posted by China

Congratulations on getting through it. :cheers:

Thanks China. :cheers:

Originally posted by Soonerz

Congratulations! I'm sure you passed with flying colors. Enjoy the next few days.....There is nothing like the days after the bar...The relief and extreme fatigue plus ample libations and sportscenter out the ying yang.

Thanks Soonerz, and I don't know if you saw, but I was able to finally lock down some employment and I also owe you some thanks for the help you gave me in that regard. :)

Originally posted by zoony

Congrats on getting thru it! We'll all keep our fingers crossed!

Thanks again for the well wishes zoony. :)

Originally posted by CHUBAKAH

Good job bro!

Thanks Chewy! :cheers:

Originally posted by TK-IV II I

Congrats Sol!

Thanks Rick, I appreciate it.

Originally posted by Canadian Hog


First off, congratulations. Secondly, although it's probably easy for me to say, don't stress too much over finding out what the results were. At this point, all you can do is honestly ask yourself if you have put forth your best effort. If the answer to that is yes, then you have done all you can do. The rest is out of your hands.

Be proud and best of luck in your future endeavours.

- CH

I'm going to try not to stress and enjoy the moment. I did put forth my best effort as I spent the last two months and especially the last two weeks consuming bar review materials. It was tough, so for that (among many other reasons) I hope I passed. Thanks for the words CH. :) BTW: I hope your decision on whether to move or stay in Salte St. Marie has proved easy as well. :)

Originally posted by KDawg

Congrats iheart, I wish you nothing but the best... One of the posters on this board that I actually look forward to reading posts from...

Thanks KDawg, that's one of the nicest things anyone's ever written to me on this Board. Right back atcha bro. :)

Originally posted by Gichin13

I have heard California and NY are the two worst, followed closely by Virginia (mostly due to number of subjects in Virginia).

iheartskins, good luck on the results and congrats on completing it. The bar exam is a pain and truly a ritual.

Just finished a four day jury trial on a wrongful death case here in Virginia, jury is deliberating. The hazing rituals are only beginning :laugh:

The annoying thing about the CA and NY Bars is that the passing MBE score is so frickin' high. In CA, and Predicto, correct me if I'm wrong, the passing MBE is something like a 140. In NY, they are in the process of increasing in 15 points from a 130 to a 145 over the next few years. Many, many professionals are in the process of contesting this increase.

Best of luck to you on a successful outcome of the wrongful death trial. I'm very tempted to unload an informational dump on you right now about everything I know about wrongful death (SOL, pleading standards, service of process--at least I remember that stuff for the current time). :)

Originally posted by HeHateMe


Congratulations bro.

I know what it feels like.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Walking into that huge Jacob Javits Center was a nightmare.

Then when they close the doors down and basically lock you in, you know its on.

Thanks C. I also took it at the Javits Center. But instead of being inside with the 2000 other applicants, I was in the (suana of the) Javits Annex which is a semi-permanent building with limited HVAC capability. On the first NY Day, the air conditioning was sort of working in the morning, but by the afternoon it was about 95 degrees. People were not happy.

The MPT wasn't too bad, and the NY essays were very fair. The MBE, however, was VERY hard.

Not to mention sitting in the back near the bathrooms and seeing people run to them, and then hearing some of the loudest puking Ive ever heard.

Oh, and seeing the empty chairs in the afternoon after many people just gave up? Priceless.

One more reason I'm glad I was wearing earplugs. :)

Good job taking NJ too. It can only help you. Plus there is no way youll ever want to study like you just did for the past 3 months.

By today, taking the NJ portion was basically, "lets just get it over with". That last ten minutes of the afternoon session was one of the ten minutes of my life. Then handing in your exam, well, only those who have been through it can know how we feel.

I agree my friend. It was a great feeling.

Congratulations my man. You did it. Im proud. NY Bar is a total you know what. And you took it on headfirst. And beat its a$$. I know you did.

PM me when you get a chance to tell me about it.

Hope all is well, and just relax for about 2 weeks. Minimum. You deserve.

And dont I know it.

:cheers: [/b]

I'll PM you soon with gritty details. Thanks again for stopping in. :)

Originally posted by Monte51Coleman

Congratulations Sol. I am sure you did well, have faith.

BTW- You're down to about 20 a day, get your butt back to work. ;)

Thanks Monte--I look forward to returning to a more reasonable iheartskins-like pace. :)

Originally posted by Mr. S

hope you did well on them and passed! Definitely given me advice about law school before, and Im sure ill be asking more as I start thinking about studying for the lsat's and going through law school.

Thanks Mr. S. Once you're headed into school, let me know, and I'd be happy to pass whatever knowledge I've got onto to you to give you a slight edge and make the transition into law school easier. :)

Originally posted by dchogs

congrats, S!

my brother-in-law took em as well. must be a tremendous feeling to be finished (i'm sure) studying for that ****. enjoy life until you start the grinding climb that is NYC legal practice. :)

Thanks C. It's a good feeling, and I'm not sure that the other lawyerly folks on here felt this way, but there's also a major feeling of forboding doom and a general round of "See you in February" (when the next exam is to take place.) So I feel good, but that anxiety about passing is still there to a degree.

We've got to come up with a good way to spill the beans about the Colgate connection. I'll give it some thought over the next few days if you haven't already played the gag. :)

Originally posted by NoCalMike

Congrats Man.....

Thanks NoCalMike. :)

Originally posted by MaddogCT

You deserive a couple of beers and a good ten hour nap!


:pint: :pint:


Thanks Bro.

Originally posted by DjTj

Congratulations iheart!

...I guess that'll be me in a year, so I better start having some fun...

Thanks DjTj: I'd be more than happy to pass along all of my PMBR stuff to you once I'm sure that I'll no longer need it. I'm also always available to discuss the exam, the MBE, Bar/Bri, etc. Just let me know. :)

Originally posted by Ignatius J.

Do your scores on these exams matter, or is it simply pass/fail? I know that medical school board scores determine a lot about your future but they have that crazy matching system...

Nah Ignatius, all you need is a pass. I'm pretty sure that in most states, they don't even release your scores to the public--only the fact that you've passed. There's also no matching system, thankfully. :)

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Originally posted by Park City Skins

Oh great. Another $#%#@%@ lawyer.


I mean congrats. Know you did well. Step up and have a few at the bar, (damn pathetic unintentional pun there :doh:) , but stay away from the poppers. ;)

Thanks PCS. I appreciate it. :)

Now I can finally spend the time reading your season reviews that they deserve! :)

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Originally posted by iheartskins

Thanks guys. We don't get results until November which makes the waiting a little painful.

OrangeSkin--I'm going to be passing by the bar plenty in the next few days. :)


well lets hope you pass so then you are not on extreme as much ;)


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Originally posted by Major Harris

congrats iheart. i think i can say that i can't imagine what it was like. glad to hear you got thru it, i'm sure you did fine.

Thanks Major Harris. :)

Originally posted by jbooma


well lets hope you pass so then you are not on extreme as much ;)


Thanks for the back-handed congratulations, jbooma. :laugh:

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Originally posted by redman

Congrats and good luck. Now, in the words of Tom Petty, "the waiting is the hardest part." :)

Indeed. Thanks redman.

Originally posted by jbooma

do you know what type of law you want to practice yet?

I'm going to be working for a law firm whose clients are mostly hedge funds and private equity groups--so that's the kind of work I'll be doing.

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Well, I just heard back from New Jersey and...(drum roll please :))

I passed!

Now I have to wait for New York on Thursday.

:notworthy: :point2sky: :cheers:

That's AWSOME man!!!! Great job Iheart!!!! Just think, today the bar. . . this Sunday the National Anthem. . . Next week you take over the world ;)

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thats AWESOME!!!

congrats! :cheers:

Thanks DKS. I can't really express what a relief. The much bigger deal is New York which I find out on Thursday.

Congratulations, do you know how many people took it with you? Good odds bad odds?

Edit: Oh yeah, bling bling with the hedge fund. ;)

This was the largest class that ever took the Bar Exam in New York and Jersey. I believe that a certain percentage has to fail, so the fact that I was able to meet a level of minimum proficiency feels pretty good. :)


Even more reason to "party it up" at the tailgate on Sunday!


Thanks RJ. I look forward to drinking a couple beers (and bloody marys) with you this weekend. :)

:notworthy: :point2sky: :cheers:

That's AWSOME man!!!! Great job Iheart!!!! Just think, today the bar. . . this Sunday the National Anthem. . . Next week you take over the world ;)

Thanks Chom. I'm a little overwhelmed with the responsabilities as they are right now.

Congrats! :cheers:

Thanks steveo. I just saw "Good Luck, Good Night"; it was pretty good, I think you'd like it. Well executed with solid cinemetography and good plot direction.

congratulations, iheart. well wishes are flying your way from almost heaven.

drink a beer for me. :cheers:

Thanks Major Harris. I already drank a couple tonight and there'll be a few more this weekend. :)

Congrats iheart......I had to take national/state boards in my profession also.

And to quote Tom Petty: "The waiting is the hardest part".

Good luck in your future endeavors with your profession and your family.

It was great to meet you and your fiancee at the Eagles ES tailgate. :cheers: :applause:

Thanks goskins. It was great to meet you too. Looking forward to hanging again at future tailgates. :)

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