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I wanted to let you guys know.....[merged X 3]


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Originally posted by SkinsHokieFan

You could have Larry, Curly and Moe in your starting lineup and the Redskins would still be in trouble the way we have played you all the last 7 years.

LOL that meade me laugh out loud for real

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Originally posted by Jay Master Jay

We could care less what the Cowgirls have planned they have a a$$ whoppin coming when we get to town. After that lucky stuff last year aint no way they getting off the hook this time. We will bring the hammer with us because they will get a bashing.

We hear this every year :rolleyes:

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Fellow Skin Brothers,

Gibbs can send a bullet that will silence Cowboys fans with a win on Sept 19th... This is huge...

Three for the ages

Aikman, Irvin, Smith will enter Ring of Honor together

Posted: Wednesday July 20, 2005 7:42PM; Updated: Wednesday July 20, 2005 8:16PM

IRVING, Texas (AP) -- Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith led the Dallas Cowboys back to glory with three Super Bowl wins in four years in the 1990s. So it only makes sense they're going into the team's Ring of Honor together.

And it's happening just when all three have ended their careers.

The fitting tribute to the longtime teammates nicknamed "The Triplets" was announced Wednesday by team owner Jerry Jones in a news conference at Texas Stadium. They will become the 13th, 14th and 15th recipients of the franchise's ultimate honor on Sept. 19 as the Cowboys host the Washington Redskins.

All three of their jerseys were draped over chairs with the stadium as a backdrop and the franchises' five Super Bowl trophies gleaming in front of them. Among other memorabilia was a picture of all three, shot from behind, as they walked off the field shoulder pad to shoulder pad.

"To be inducted into our Ring of Honor as a threesome gives us one of the most unique opportunities of any sporting team or franchise that they've ever had," Jones said.

Irvin retired in 1999 and Aikman followed a year later, both having spent their entire careers with the Cowboys' star on their helmets. Smith was the only one to wear another uniform, playing for Arizona the last two seasons. Although Smith's departure after the 2002 season was a bit messy, the NFL's career rushing leader reaffirmed his Dallas ties during a retirement news conference in February, and later signed a ceremonial one-day contract so he could go out as a Cowboy.

Aikman was the MVP of the crew's first Super Bowl championship and Smith was MVP of a regular season and a Super Bowl. Irvin holds every meaningful receiving record in team history and is widely regarded as the team's emotional leader during its most successful era.

As deserving and well-timed as this tribute is, it also raises the question of whether this shuts the door to the Ring for predecessors such as Drew Pearson, Harvey Martin, Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Charlie Waters.

Jones said the selections weren't in chronological order. "This is all about these three men," he said.

If it is the start of recognizing players from the 1990s -- in other words, once Jones bought the team -- other strong candidates include Darren Woodson, Daryl Johnston and Jay Novacek. Larry Allen seems like a lock, too, once he retires.

The decision will be made by a one-man selection committee: Jones. That's also why it's unlikely former coach Jimmy Johnson will be added to that list any time soon.

Now that Aikman, Irvin and Smith have claimed this prize, the most significant career reward left is being voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Seven of the previous 12 Ring members already have their busts on display in Canton, Ohio.

"These men are all destined for the NFL Hall of Fame, that goes without saying," Jones said. "They will be there."

Irvin came up short in his first election, but will be up for consideration again in February, when Aikman will be on the ballot for the first time. Smith won't be eligible until 2010 because of the five-year waiting period after retirement.

The trio arrived separately over three straight summers, 1988-90, each a first-round pick. Irvin was the last top choice by Tex Schramm and Tom Landry, then Aikman was the No. 1 overall pick and first made by Jones.

Irvin missed most of his rookie season because of an injury, then dealt with a 1-15 season in Aikman's rookie year. Everyone's fortunes changed once Smith arrived and forced defenses to stop the run and the pass.

The Cowboys made the playoffs in 1991 and were champions following the '92, '93 and '95 seasons. They were stopped a game short of the Super Bowl in '94, making their four-year reign the most successful in NFL history.

Over the 10 seasons all three were on the roster, 1990-99, the Cowboys were 101-59, a .631 winning percentage, with six division titles and eight playoff appearances.

They will become the 13th, 14th and 15th recipients of the franchise's ultimate honor on Sept. 19 as the Cowboys host the Washington Redskins.

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Oh man, we have to ruin this occasion.

On the other hand, this could an extra charge to the crowd (as if they needed more reason) furthering our disadvantage.

This is the exact type of even that the Cowboys would come into FedEx Field on and destroy us. This is the perfect opportunity for revenge.

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This game is going to feel just like this whole offseason, us against the world. We need to go in there with a nasty attitude and just ****slap the pukes. I can see Bledsoe spending a lot of time on his back in this game.

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It's only fitting that the Cowboys should induct three of their all-time greats into their Ring of Honour against their arch-rival.

Gibbs vs. Parcells

Redskins vs. Cowboys

Aikman, Smith, Irvin.....

September 19th should prove to be a great night for those who truly appreciate the history and legacy of the National Football League.

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I'm never confident against the pukes, but you know, I think we'll win that game. They're going to be in a new defensive system with a lot of new players, plus they'll have a new qb. I can also see the media spoogefest on the cowboys being a distraction and maybe causing some over confidence. The Skins will win that game. I need to get some tix.

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Originally posted by flexxskins

Wow, what a slap in the face. Do you think that it was by chance that they scheduled that event to take place during that game?

Of course they chose the game, partly because we are their oppenant, but im sure it is mostly because i believe it is a Monday night game at their home, so they have a national audience for the ceremony

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Guest BleedinBurgundyandGold

could not ask for a better opportunity......and its not a disadvantage to the redskins, its an added incentive to knock the snot outta them.

i too am suprisingly confident about that game. HTTR

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