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  1. Kinda hard for the crowd to get in it when the players are playing so uninspired.
  2. Otto with the hustle plays. Wish some of our starters could play with that fire.
  3. Marcin, you can't be putting up "300" quotes on your Facebook page and play like that. Where is the urgency?
  4. Wall's rookie year where they lost the first 25 road games is a distant memory.
  5. Psshhh.....John Wall was already a leader. It's everybody's else fault for not noticing.
  6. And with that, the Wizards in the Wall/Beal era have already tied the number of playoff victories from the Agent Zero/Tuff Juice/Jamison era.
  7. "Can Washington get on the level of Chicago?" ESPN announcer Um....they do realize that we beat them in the playoffs, right? Great win....Living in NY, I don't get to see the Wizards play often, so this was a treat.
  8. As a UVA grad, it's killing me to see Joe Harris in that hideous Cleveland uniform. What? You don't think that Kyrie Irving is the best point guard since Isiah Thomas?
  9. I understood it when ESPN came into Cleveland a few weeks ago for their home opener, aka one of "the biggest sporting events...ever," but last night was just a regular season game, not the NBA Finals. It's funny that with all the hype for the Cavs, ESPN seemed to ignore the Spurs, who actually won the championship.
  10. I saw that Sportscenter was in Cleveland for the Spurs/Cavs game. Do they do this for every game on Wednesday night or was this another excuse to suckle at the teat of Lebron?
  11. I'm so sick of the announcers calling out the fans for being quiet as if it's their fault the Wizards are down. It's like they can't wait for Miami/Indiana in the ECF.
  12. When Hill was hitting those threes, I was having flashbacks of Game 5 of the 2005 Bulls series. Thank god it didn't matter in the end. This is the first win in the second round since 1982 which officially makes this the greatest Wizards/Bullets team in my lifetime.
  13. Hello 7th seed. I know there's been a lot of talk about the Pacer struggles and how maybe this may be a favorable matchup in the first round. I'm going to respectfully disagree. The Wizards are the "get-right" team. How many times we've played a team that was on a losing streak or lost 7 of 9 games only to have them beat the Wizards like they stole something? I can easily see the Pacers sweeping the Wizards and watch the pundits talk about how Indiana was able to right the ship. Another likely scenario given the Wizards misfortunes: Miami falls to the #2 spot.
  14. Here's how the season will play out: The Wizards will end the season 41-41 and lose in the first round in a seven game series in which they will never lead. They will then proceed to win the first game of the 2014-15 season at which point they will brag about finally getting over the hump.
  15. Props to Jason. I hope his career continues. I wonder how many people pictured a Wizard on the cover of SI in late April at the beginning of the season.
  16. I saw this movie a few weeks ago: A recently freed slave with the help of a bounty hunter travel the country to rescue his wife from a plantation owner. Personally, I felt that the plot was too simplistic to warrant a three hour movie. I thought that there would be another sub plot that wasn't revealed to us in the trailers. While there were a few scenes that had me rolling (Samuel Jackson's character was hilarious as well), I left the theater wanting more. 2.5/4 stars. Sorry if the picture doesn't come up. If you couldn't tell, I was talking about Django Unchained.
  17. I believe that's why Wall signed with Reebok. I remember him saying in an interview that they were right with him since the beginning and he was repaying their loyalty.
  18. I hated burgundy on burgundy. I can only hope we never see that combo again. I like the fact that we're one of the few teams that wears white all the time. white jerseys on burgundy pants is the best combo, no questions asked.
  19. The burgundy on burgundy was hideous. The only good thing that came out of that Pittsburgh game was that hopefully they will never wear those unis again. the white on white looks sleek, but i consider myself a bit of a traditionalist. i want white jerseys with burgundy pants. those are the uniforms we won in, why change it?
  20. I'm a little old school. I always liked the fact that we always wore white jerseys with burgundy pants. why throw that tradition out? it's the style we won in. however, it's nice that this is the only thing i have to complain about this season.
  21. If we win our last two games, it doesn't guarantee a playoff berth. NO has a better conference record than we do, so we need them to lose and for us to win out. I believe if the Giants lose the last two games, and we win out as well, that also might get us into the playoffs, but I'm not 100% sure of that possibility.