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Originally posted by chrisavery72

If we can at least split with 2 of the teams and sweep the 3rd we should be in a good spot..

hypothetically speaking, had we done that last year, we'd be looking at 9-7, and a playoff birth (we beat minny, AND they finished 8-8)

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Originally posted by 4thStBully

remember this thread @ the end of the season.


:helmet: :helmet: :helmet:

I can't because there are so many of these threads I won't be able to remember this one..

Besides you won't either because you love weed..

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I don't mind people putting something out there so they can say later on they were a genius and what reality is, you were just lucky. However if you want to sit here and say 11-5 can you give us a few reasons why this will happen :D

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