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  1. I'll rate these England youngsters with a grain of salt. Who will they have as a striker in the future? Sturridge? He's on his way out from Chelsea. Welbeck? I find him to be quite average.
  2. Wasn't the type of fight I expect from Aldo, but I was glad he did enough to get the win. Hopefully, he does better next time.
  3. Sonnen talks a lot of ****. Can't wait to see him get served..
  4. **** those mother****in Cowgirls! Man, did that feel good.
  5. I don't know how anyone can watch the current WWE if they remember how it was 7+ years ago. No offense to those who currently watch and enjoy it.
  6. It is going to be interesting to see Kurt Angle in ECW. There are already rumors about how bad the condition of his body is in and now he is going to go to ECW? I hope his health insurance is pretty good..
  7. I'm guilty as well, but I doubt I'll get another cup. They are such a rip off..
  8. Here's me rocking some Skins gear..