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*POLL*The Best Comic Book Movie Made Yet


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Originally posted by Spaceman Spiff

Batman begins with Sin City a close 2nd. hard to choose just one though, the xmen movies are great...so is spiderman...

Nice addition to your sig, Spaceman! 'The Office' is f-ing hilarious. I recently netflixed series 1, and couldn't stop laughing. You've gotta love dry British wit to enjoy it, but it is definitely hilarious.

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Originally posted by footballhenry

Hey Mods, with the many suggestions added, could you add?:


The Crow (if it is indeed a comic book film)

Mystery Men

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


I think you have enough suggestions. :)

The Crow was based on the graphic novels of J. O'Bar.

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It's a tough call between Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins. Spider-Man 2 was more fun and faster-paced, so I went with it. I'm really looking forward to Batman Begins 2 (doesn't make sense, I know...) because they won't take up 40 minutes with setup. Spider-Man 3 should also be good. And X3.

Edit: If I were to rank the ones I've seen, it would go:

1. Spider-Man 2

2. Batman Begins

3. X2

4. Spider-Man

5. X-Men

6. Superman

7. Superman 2

8. Hulk

9. Batman Forever

10. Batman and Robin

11. Daredevil (so awful that I can't put into words how bad it is)

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Superman or the original Batman.

I'm hoping the fantastic 4 is good, but havent' seen it yet.

I was a huge spiderman fan as a kid, but the movies were a let down IMO, but there were parts of Spiderman II that I really liked, ie, the train car scene. The special effects were just really weak in those movies, it looked too fake.

I liked both of the first Batman movies, but the third one was weak.

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Batman Begins is my favorite. Spiderman is way overrated IMO, but I think i am just not a Peter Parker fan and thats a big part of the character. I get so tired of having the same couple of messages pounded into my head and having to watch the retarded relationship between Parker and Mary-Jane just to see a couple of 5-10 minutes of action here and there.

Id also like to say Daredevil isnt as bad as everyone claims. The movie is pretty good, all I ever hear is that everyone hates Ben Affleck, so yea maybe you dont like him but he didnt do a piss poor job in the movie and a lot of the time he is in costume. The directors cut is a pretty decent movie.

Fantastic Four is not great, but not horrible either. I think its a good movie about the Fantastic Four, but it just wasnt that interesting a comic book to me.

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Originally posted by goskins

But the best comic movie I have seen is UNBREAKABLE.....granted not based on a Comic Book, but an incredible movie.

:point2sky :notworthy

That's what I said earlier.

It is THE BEST comic book movie out there. I think it's great how they tied in comic books themselves(and the art and mythology of them) to a plot in which the protagonist discovers he's a super hero.

And again, the heroic themes in that movie are the best of ALL TIME. (where he fights the "Orange Man" is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL music that makes me cry because of that beauty and the triumph over evil and the self-realization of a man who had been lost.)

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