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What do you think the WR depth chart should look like?


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We have an abundance of good WRs but none seem to be above and beyond the others so how do you think it will pan out by opening day?

my call








tough call between Dyson and McCants but I'll give Dar the edge simply because Dyson wasn't on a roster last year

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Not much difference from the others but I see it this way. With perhaps Dyson moving ahead of Thrash. I really think McCants has the ability to be #3 but whether the motivation is there or not I don't know.

1. Moss

2. Patten

3. Jacobs

4. Thrash

5. Dyson

6. McCants

7. Brown

MC :cool:

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They are counting on Patten proving he deserved to be higher on the Patriots' depth charts all along (although he did lead the team in yards and TDs last season).

It'll be Moss, Patten, Jacobs (as he develops further), Thrash, Dyson, McCants, Brown.

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I dont really know or care what the depth chart is going to be. Whoever earns it earns it. Hopefully the lack of a "star" makes them all push each other for snaps.

I do think that Antonio Brown should have 3 or 4 plays a game designed to go to him. His speed can make an opposing D look silly. Screens, reverses, bombs, whatever, he runs a freaking 4.1 for christs sake. He may not be the best all-around WR on the team, and i cant see him starting or anything like that, but you need to use him somehow.

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I think it will go like this:

1.) Moss - Will establish hisself as a #1 WR

2.) Patten - Edges out Jacobs for #2

3.) Jacobs - Will become solid #3

4.) Dyson - Totally healthy will bump DMac

5.) Brown - Will use in special packages

6.) Thrash - Will become full-time ST'er

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Santana Moss will definitely be in the mix as the playmaker.

Patten, another guy they will rely on his experience and speed.

Coaches seem to really like Jacobs during this offseason.

Thrash is a proven great special teamer and just a smart player in general, hes not goin anywhere Gibbs loves him.

McCants will be around because he is a HUUUUGE target for Ramsey.. especially in the redzone.

Dyson and Brown are my 2 question marks. Dyson has experience but hasnt been on a roster and Antonio Brown is more of a PR than anything else. I dont think they will start the season with SEVEN WR's!!! That's unheard of!

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1.Moss-IMO a "no-brainer"

2.Jacobs-could have a beakout year if stays healthy

3.Patten-was 3rd in New England

4.Dyson-could be McCants, but I think the coaches like Dyson more. 4 spot would most likely be red zone threat.


6.Brown-fast, potential deep threat

7.McCants-again.....could be #4, but I'm not too sure the coaches trust him, especially since that thing came out that they are mostly relying on him to play on special teams.

But, you never know, if McCants steps it up on ST, he could get more chances to make plays at receiver.

We are deep at receiver though.:cheers:

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Kind of a cop out, but here we go:

1. Moss

2. Jacobs/Dyson/McCants

3. Patten

4. X

5. Thrash

6. X

The losers at 2 will go to 4 and 6. I have them in order of who I think will win the 2 slot. If Dyson is healthy, I think he has as good of a shot as anyone to compete for the 2.

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In Gibbs' post camp media session he spoke very highly of Brown and his abilities at WR, so...

1) Moss

2) Jacobs/Patten

3) Jacobs/Patten

4) Thrash

5) Brown

6) Dyson/McCants

The only problem I see with this is it means our top 5 receivers are all below 6' and 200 lbs. So I can't help but think McCants or Dyson sticks and gets in on various packages that require a bigger presence.

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