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My bride


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I just wanted to share with all of my Skin's family a picture of my new bride. They say third time is the charm and she certainly charmed me. Why she ever wanted to marry me I'll never know. She must have lost a bet.

Her major drawback is that she is a Giant's fan. It's not a big deal except for twice a year. That's when we have to watch the game in separate rooms on different floors. Still the occasional pillow, beer can, cat, knife, brick, and/or plate can be seen hurtling through the air at one another. Ain’t love grand?!


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Just got married to an Eagles fan from a family of Eagles fans in New Jersey back in December. She now buys portis jerseys for the dog and wears the latest skins fashions that she bought during draft day at Fed Ex field this year. It can be done, good luck my man!

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Congratulations. Beautiful bride, even if she does root for the wrong team.

Originally posted by ntotoro

Congrats!!! I'm marrying a Bills fan next year, so that's whole different ball of self-pity I have to deal with... :laugh: :cheers:


My roommate at college is a Bills fan. God save the woman he marries.

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Congrats to you and your lovely bride.

You got the last of the nice weather while down here:doh: It started raining on a regular bassis right after you flew out.

Hope the stay in Marco was all you expected. As for the Giants fan bit, they make great wives. I know, been married to one for 15 great years.


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