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  1. I'm breaking my self-imposed exile from this thread to second this. The letter demanding the organization change the colors as well had me laughing. Ridiculous. I prefer the 70th style burgundy and gold though.
  2. @Dissident2I watched the video and the last thing I will say is I think it’s a very noble cause. I think if we go with Wolves (as the grey Wolf is also endangered) we could make that a central aspect of the community outreach and marketing.
  3. @Dissident2 For the record again, I agree that the article is lazy. I think the biggest reach is definitely the idea that caucasians will still show up to the stadium in full headdress...which is ridiculous because they were a small minority of fans when the name was Redskins. I think most rational people would understand that no longer fits. I’m quite certain if they get the rebrand wrong Redskins jerseys will still be prevalent on the stadium for years to come. The key is to pick something that makes people not want to do that at all and get on board with the new duds.
  4. If you go back over this thread you will see multiple times where I have argued the opposite of everything you just argued lol, and that’s cool. In America we can disagree and still be respectful. I think you could use “Hail to the Warriors” with only the slightest of tweaks to the lyrics. I have demonstrated that in this very thread. I have a musical background. I know it could work. I believe I remember the article you were referring to, but that was written with the expectation and attitude that we would only change the name to Warriors. The logo and everything else w
  5. For the record, that logo would be the centerpiece of my man-cave. I would question the judgment of anyone who finds that logo corny.
  6. I disagree with nothing you just said. 100%
  7. Sounds like you know something a lot of us don't...pray tell.
  8. For what reason would somebody make this information fraudulent? Doesn't even make sense. Maybe if you look you can dig up a more "worthy" source for the list of name options for Arkansas State University in 2008. If you think I personally would go that far you are mistaken. I don't need to stack the deck to make my case.
  9. On these we agree, especially when you don’t have a plan in case your hand is forced..., but that’s in the past now and we are moving forward.
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkansas_State_Red_Wolves_football “A panel selecting the new nickname first narrowed the list down to twelve finalists: A's, Black Wolves, Red Wolves, Diamonds, Express, Mallards, Mustangs, Red Dragons, Red Storm, Ridge Runners, Ridge Riders and Thunderbirds.” Good grief, no wonder they ended up with Red Wolves if this was this 12 name set of options. All make good collegiate names though.
  11. @DCdangerous On this we will just have to disagree. For me, Warriors works because unlike Redskins a single group of people is not singled out. Warriors is a name that is broadly applicable. Warriors can be everyone and no one in particular, and that’s a good thing in this predicament we find ourselves in. Also, for gods sake WHO CARES that a NBA team is also called the Warriors? Why is that at all relevant to this discussion about a team that plays in a different league? Redwolves fans are also completely ignoring (or ignorant of) the fact that somebody already own
  12. I don’t believe that at all. Warriors does not have to be any one group, in fact, I believe that a strength of that name is that it is ambiguous...unless a specific style of Warrior is chosen. See my profile pic, the current W logo and the name is Warriors. A Warrior can be anyone who is fighting a “battle” of any kind for any reason. Anyone can identify with that brand.
  13. I’m not convinced that Twitter and Facebook speak for the majority. I also see that in the DC Dangerous poll the Warriors most consistently placed in the top 5, and Redwolves was disliked enough that 15.4 percent placed it last out of 16 options... to include the current no name name. Many of the fans I know don’t have a social media presence...at least not like we do. (They don’t live and breath this stuff) None of them like Redwolves. If that’s not a demographic that the team is concerned with than it is what it is.
  14. You are arguably the majority but not everybody agrees with you. In fact many flat out despise that name. However, Wolves is a compromise and I’m on board.
  15. I’m fine with Wolves. I truly find the Redwolves or else crowd amusing. These same people also said they would leave if the name was changed.
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