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  1. Well, it’s not like he would hire Hurney if Ron did not want Hurney. He isn’t hiring Hurney in spite of Ron. I think the sum of the three parts...Rivera, Mayhew, and Hurney are what they believe will get the organization on the right track. Rivera has the final say, but they work together to find the best solutions.
  2. I firmly believe we are headed in the right direction now. Only time will tell if the changes = Lombardi trophies/legitimate contenders/sustained success. For the non-fan, observer there is a lot to like now with this team and overall there is a much better vibe. Hope springs eternal. Another huge part of this fresh start is we've rid ourselves of the name controversy. Very little that has been published about the team since the start of the 2020 season has been negative. The focus is all on team and football now. I don't think you can put a number on what that is worth when you are try
  3. I agree, bringing him in to compete is a no brainer at this point. A lot to like out of Heinicke tonight. A lot. Now we find out moving forward if he has what it takes to be the every day guy. In other words, the off-season starts now. Clearly he has the ability, but does he have the drive? To do the homework, put in the extra hours. Be the first one in and the last one out. In other words, does he have what Haskins lacked. The drive and work ethic to be a starting everyday NFL QB?
  4. Bottom line, the offense MUST score more than they have been. However they do it, they have to get more points on the board for this team to have a realistic shot at winning this game. I believe our defense can do well against the Bucs, but make no mistake they will score at least 3 touchdowns. With that said, Football Team - 24 Bucs -21 WFT shocks the world
  5. Agreed, and another perspective is when have you seen a team that consistently sucks and picks near the top every year get a guy that automatically turns around their fortunes? More often than not the top pick in the draft ends up being overvalued or doesn’t produce at the level that was expected. Personally I don’t think where you pick matters that much in the grand scheme. I think the idea that high draft pick = better player is largely more pundit and fan driven as far as how it affects the overall outcomes which is to win a Super Bowl. Simply put, it’s all about getting luc
  6. I think what really burns them is that they swept us during the season by a grand total of 4 points. I'm confident when we are at our best we are the better team. They were lucky to get us for both games earlier in the year before the team really started to come around.
  7. I like the idea of a lottery. The number of games you win has no bearing on where you pick in the draft. You could just as easily be 1st as 31st. As a fan, I despise the idea that my team (organization) would set out to lose games just to get a highly touted prospect. I just don't see much evidence of that approach (or alleged approach) making any difference to the NFL bottom line of winning a Championship. You might sell a lot of jerseys and other merchandise through the hype, but does it get you to the top of the mountain in a team sport with 51 other players on the roster? I don't thi
  8. ...so a lot of what I'm reading and hearing is that Pederson tanked the game in order to move up 3 spots in the draft. I guess this is a good place to ask this question. Can anybody tell me or show me a time that a team has successfully "tanked' it's season, and as a direct result of "tanking" went on to get a high or top draft pick, and then won a Super Bowl with said high draft pick? (or multiple Super Bowls). Basically, a successful example of "tanking" for a once in a lifetime prospect, that led to a Lombardi trophy. For example, we all remember the "Suck for
  9. and that’s no small feat considering the last 20 years of hits
  10. I’m talking about even being a backup somewhere. He needs to have a serious heart to heart with himself. If playing QB in the NFL is really important to him. For him it’s not about “giving him more time,” or “devising a system that plays to his strengths,” or “finding the right situation.” The guy is going to probably have to work harder than he ever has in his life to be a decent NFL QB. If it’s not that important move on and do something else. People do it everyday.
  11. I could be off, but I sense with Dwayne that he has recognized what it’s going to take for HIM to be great or even good at this level...and it ain’t worth it. Too much like work. I think he needs to spend his time deciding if being an NFL QB is something that he really wants to do.
  12. Not your fault, it’s our job as fans to try to find silver linings or reasons to be optimistic. Haskins was the first round pick we didn’t deserve. He had no business being picked where he was, but we had little choice but to hope for the best. He’s a disaster because the adults and professionals in the room should have known better.
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