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  1. "Pigs sleep and root in ****. That's a filthy animal. I ain't eatin' nothing that ain't got sense enough to disregard its own feces"
  2. The new fight song is "What does Marcellus Wallace look like!?" With a call and answer with the crowd. "Does he look like a ****?!" Crowd roars NO!!!!!!
  3. There has not been a larger level of excitement around any other name, that much is certain. I think most all of us would be happy with a Wolf iteration at this point. Some people wouldn't like it, but I think they will come around in time.
  4. Every few pages this thread alternates between ridiculously over-the-top, and I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! From Bazooka Sharks to HEARTLESS, SOULESS, ABOMINATIONS!
  5. The Wizards name sucks, always has and always will. I do like the new logo though with the basketball and the monument. The original logo of the sorcerer from the sorcerer’s apprentice doing a layup was ridiculous. No reason they couldn’t have stayed the Bullets (the train).
  6. I’m not saying a poll should decide the name…I’m saying that I think the name chosen may end up being a name nobody expects, because it hasn’t been near the top of the polls. We all are thinking Wolves/Redwolves but it very well may not be either of them.
  7. My #1 is still Wolves and specifically your design. However, I am getting prepared for something somewhat out of left field from what the names have been at the top of the polls. At some point, they MAY come out and say there will be no name that starts with "Red," the new name will not be an animal, the new name will have a military edge...all in preparing the fan base so the announcement of the chosen name doesn't come as a total shock.
  8. Washington Sentinels designs...only one has the color scheme but I really like the approach. and another
  9. I actually find that encouraging. If not Wolves, Sentinels would be a fine name.
  10. At one point, somebody also reported last summer that Sentinels was not on the table. Unconfirmed of course. Let me see if I can find that link. Found, that was easier than I expected. No, the Washington NFL team won't be called the Sentinels (nflspinzone.com) A year and day in fact.
  11. You could transfer a lot of my old arguments for Warriors to Defenders. For me, there is no other animal option worth considering other than Wolves. If not Wolves...Defenders, Commanders, Sentinels, Generals...all cut from a similar cloth, and the logos and branding would probably be similar for all of them. An adapted to burgundy and gold D.C. Flag or similar look.
  12. If we go with a name like that, I still like Defenders and Commanders the best. All three are powerful names. We could do a lot worse.
  13. Keep laughing at Cleveland...when we end up as the Washington Rubies then we will see who is laughing.
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