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  1. I don’t think he’s pregnant... but I’m going to tell you what...Dwayne must have one bad ass stomach virus for them to know that 3 days from now he will STILL be too sick to even sit on the sidelines.
  2. I think we can definitely all agree on this one. I joined this website in 2004 after Joe came back. I was so excited I was looking forward to talking with other fans about his return. The prospects of becoming a winning elite team again. Suffice to say, the next 16 years did not go at all like I expected. Honestly, I think some fans are making the same mistake now with Ron and Haskins as they did with Shanahan and RG3. They are again taking the side of a rookie “done nothing” at this level over a proven professional football man in Ron. I think history has certainly vindicated Mike Sha
  3. There is enough smoke (from multiple sources) to indicate Haskins work ethic and attitude is the main reason we are here right now discussing this issue. I can read between the lines. If he is working hard and being the consummate professional do you really think he goes from 1st to 3rd on the depth chart after a 300 yard passing game and no interceptions?
  4. Joe Gibbs' first tenure started with 5 straight losses. JKC was ready to fire him after the first 5 games. We all know he didn't and we all know what happened after that start. Joe was also inheriting a much better team for the time in 1981 than Ron has right now.
  5. No...what we expect is a guy that makes the effort to get better. A player who puts the team above himself. If Haskins was busting his ass outside of game day, setting the example, and doing all he could to be a leader I seriously doubt he gets benched. His biggest problem is that he appears to point the finger at everyone but himself.
  6. Many believe that we can’t get anything for Haskins but a very low draft pick...doesn’t that validate the benching? If people truly believe that Ron is wrong in this and Haskins is a mountain of untapped talent...why aren’t teams offering a high pick? I’m pretty positive we would have taken the offer by now. I’m sure there would have been a leak if somebody did. Why aren’t teams falling all over themselves to pick up this guy if he has as much potential as some of you think he does.
  7. Today’s performance for me does not validate Haskins. We have a bad football team and today they lost to a vastly superior one. The loss today doesn’t mean they made the wrong decision. Did anybody honestly expect a win today? Allen looked decent before he was hit.
  8. This game has been so bad even all the fans left. The stands are empty.
  9. Man this offensive line is bad. I haven’t seen them this poor in a long time.
  10. You assume that the effort Haskins was putting in during the season was the same as he was putting in during the off-season. As somebody who has bet on employees in the past and vouched for them only to be let down when they take an “I’ve arrived” attitude I get how this could have happened. I have had solid employees end an otherwise excellent rating period with a ****ty final month.
  11. I agree. I don’t see any coming back from this thing. If Haskins is going to be a franchise QB (highly unlikely) it won’t be here. Better to just get rid of him now and move on quickly.
  12. Cooley said it was dumb to give Haskins a litmus test on 4 and 13. Nowhere did he say that he should not have been benched or Ron was wrong for benching him.
  13. ...so let’s say for the sake of argument that all the talk about his work ethic and lack of preparation outside of normal team practices are true. If he is not doing what the coaches have repeatedly asked of him, and is not improving because he won’t do those things...what is it Rivera should have done other than bench him? Do you continue to play a kid who won’t do what you ask? I think it appears more likely that Haskins has been like a child who you repeatedly tell to clean their room, and they utterly refuse to do so. At what point do you take away their XBox? At what point
  14. I find it amusing that so many not in the building every day, from some talking heads, to players and fans, who don’t see what Dwayne was doing in practice can conclusively know that he was benched way too soon....that Dwayne was “done wrong.” They assume that he was putting in the work to get better. Maybe the coaching staff could see from his preparation and attitude that it wasn’t going to happen and that’s why they pulled him. He could play the whole season. Every single game, but if he wasn’t going to put enough work in to improve beyond the 3 hours on Sunday (I’m talking ab
  15. The more I read it sounds to me like Haskins is another know-it-all barely 20 something who can’t be told anything. They have all the answers, and generally feel distain for anyone who isn’t family over 40. If you would only see things through their paradigm all would be well in the world. I work with some of them. Sometimes you would be better off trying to explain things to a brick wall. If this is true, just further solidifies the fact that he is never going to be the QB and leader this team (or any team) needs until he changes his attitude.
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