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  1. I think that's exactly why we shouldn't close this.
  2. I don't see the point of closing this thread. It's a good healthy debate from both sides and I'm sorry if my viewpoints got you heated. Nothing but respect for those who both see it as I do and those who do not.
  3. Again, just talking about game 16. Like I said, I won't sit here and say the defense was good all year but somehow they managed to put together a solid performance in the last week of the season. Maybe playing for jobs? Knowing the importance of the game? Hated rivals? Doesn't matter. The fact is they did their job the last week of season.
  4. I think it'll be more common with QBs but I think other positions that don't have anything close to the same shelf life would rather take the long term security.
  5. I don't know why I bother debating anyone so locked into their beliefs. we NEVER had the lead. Secondly, if you are referring to when we tied up the game, no the Giants went 3 and out for negative 5 yards on their ensuing drive, in fact half of their drives were 3 and out that game.
  6. The defense was fine that game and it's a shame you won't acknowledge that they showed up for that game. Giants had a whole 5 rushing first downs, were 6/17 on 3rd downs, and mustered only 13 points on defense. The reason Giants ran the ball 17 more times than their average per game is because they had nothing to play for. Their air game was their strength on offense so why risk injuries? The ToP was indicative of the clock not stopping on runs. 25 additional runs at 40 seconds each works out to about 13 minutes. It wasn't because the redskins defense were not stopping them, it's because the Giants were committed to running the ball 70% of their time, which is about double their normal amount. FORTY runs! The highest teams averaged about 32-33. If the Giants averaged a paltry 3 yards a run, that many would still have been their highest or damn near close to their highest of the season. Damn straight it was a big improvement over the season. That was my point. The defense came to play. It seems you and Battered want to praise the Giants defense for playing well and criticize the Giants offense for playing poorly. You can voice your opinions any way you want about the season and the first 15 games. It's debatable but I don't have the audacity to tell you you're wrong, all I can do is voice my opinion. However in that last game, everything was aligned for Kirk to prove his mettle. In the game, in the half, on that last drive. The ball was in his hands with a chance to win or at least take the lead. Do I pin the game on him? No. I don't. I think both defenses played well and it was a close game that came down to the wire. This is the situation you want your franchise QB to be in if you believe he's the guy. He made a bad decision and threw a poor ball. No other way to look at it really.
  7. When you outrush the other team by 25 attempts, no **** you're gonna have the edge in ToP. And considering we had more drives, doesn't that speak more of the inefficiency of the offense more than the defense? oh and also, you're correct. 3.9 average is top 10 defense, not 4. My mistake.
  8. Dude, the Giants ran the ball FORTY times that game. The average was 4 yards which is a top ten number in terms of defensive stance. The defense as a whole game up 13 points. The game was lost on Cousins arm. Any way you want to spin it is your perogative and the defense was certainly a negative as a whole in the year. But inexplicably they came to play in that last game because of what was on the line.
  9. Not cherry picking. We were middle of pack in both rushing yards a game and average yards per rush. We just stopped rushing by the third quarter. Honestly im tired of your pessimism. You're right, the team is an 0-16 team without Kirk. Got it. We are the worst run franchise in the history of sports. Go outside. Get some air.
  10. We have a lot more on defense than you want to acknowledge, the problem is everything trickles down from the lack of Defensive Line. We addressed that with two decent FA signings and the best pure DL in the draft. We didn't have a bad running game, we just chose to abandon it early for some inexplicable reason, but from an average perspective we were middle of the road. In fact, we averaged more than 20 yards a game MORE than 2 playoff teams. We drafted a solid power runner an basically dumped our biggest detriment in the run game (Jones). We also have one of the better third down receiving backs in the NFL. If the team is willing to be more committed to a balanced attack, I think that run game surprises a lot of people. Are we gonna be the Steelers of years ago with that elite defense and Willie Parker/Bettis leading the way? Probably not, but I don't think we're in as bad shape as you and others make us out to be. The question pertaining to Kirk is we'll probably be in this same position next year. to sign him to an LTD. What's the difference between this year and next? We'll have a much better understanding of who Kirk is and we'll know better if he truly wants to be here or if he's just saying all the right things now because he's been tagged. Right now everything being said on both sides doesn't necessarily equate what was being said to one another behind closed doors.
  11. I think much like the way real news plays with emotions by creating false scenarios pertaining to how opposing forces feel, I think sports media does the same. I get the feeling there really isn't much ill-will between the two sides. Both treat it as a business - which is what you want really - people to be professional about their jobs. If Kirk really does want to bail then it had nothing to do with contract offers IMO. He just doesn't want to be here an I don't think that has to do with the people in charge. At this point both sides are aware that they still need to sell the other and the only way to do that is by being successful. I also don't think we resort back to double digit losing seasons. Those happened not because of QB play but because of the complete lack of talent on both sides of the ball. I think we are much better, with or without Kirk, than we were from those terrible seasons, even the most recent ones a few years back. Just look at the talent that was there - it was awful. I think 81 year old Santana Moss was our #2 WR and Doughty/Rambo were our safeties. If the team struggles and it's the status quo, I don't think Bruce comes back. In terms of Kirk, I also don't see how you can say the team is in a horrible position. You were ok with the idea of breaking open the wallet for him and that down the road anything we give him now will be a bargain. Won't that always be the case?
  12. Either way, it's probably the best case scenario. I've said it once and i'll say it again, if Kirk fixes his issues i'll be the first in line to eat crow. The FO feels the same way (I hope). IF he succeeds then they'll be the first to suffer the (positive) consequences. Many **** about how they claim they were going to do that after 2016 and that they lied but the fact remains he just didn't show enough... not for me and obviously not for the FO. I'm not even going to begin to claim I know more than the average fan in terms of evaluating who will succeed, so i'm just basing my opinion off of what i've seen, his past track record and how the season ended. His past can't be fixed nor can the end of last season, but he can certainly change how I see him, and I hope he does. From Kirk's perspective it makes sense as well, not just monetarily but stability wise. There's been a lot of turnover, as has been discussed countless times, and everyone understandably feels a little unsteady as to whether or not they feel like they're part of something. I don't think a year does enough to change someone's opinion pertaining to that but it certainly goes a long way towards showing the commitment is there to be a more stable franchise. No one honestly knows the truth about Scott except those directly involved, and it's presumptuous to use that as a defining moment in the tumultuous shape of the franchise. Prove to Kirk and the other players it wasn't solely an ego clash and that the FO is capable and we'll go from there.
  13. Like I said above, he's going to get his money whether this year or next, by someone. Since he's already got 24 million this year it makes a lot of sense why he would have no interest in signing a LTD at this point. He's gonna have one real chance at a serious LTD since he's already close to 30. He wants to make 100% this is where he wants to spend his prime years. I'm sure the team has no issues with this and have no issues with one more year of being able to evaluate whether or not he can improve on his issues. You and many others may be convinced he's a franchise QB but many others aren't quite yet. It's a win-win situation for the year unless Kirk really has no interest in coming back and was just playing nice.
  14. I am a bit annoyed by the money aspect in terms of Kirk and his team turned down the deal partly because he knows he's going to get the remainder of that guarantee next year if/when we Transition Tag him. It's basically like saying, "I know you're going to at least give me that because if you don't I'm not even going to bother negotiating with you if I don't have to and hence won't even give you the chance to match whatever deal I find out there." But I can't see why anyone can be upset over these developments. Basically it's a point of no return season. A lot of players and management are using this year to decide whether or not the team is in position to be serious contenders for the next few years. Better to decide now with all these 1 year deals and Kirk's FT then to make half-ass commitments to some and just leave ourselves wallowing in mediocracy.
  15. Despite what the majority think, I don't necessarily know if it's directly an issue with the Redskins organization so much as it is a guy who is close to 30 and probably has one big contract left and wants to be 100% he's comfortable here and confident the team is heading in the right direction.