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  1. Bottom line is that if either Cousins doesn't want to be here or the redskins FO don't see him as the answer then it would be best to move on. We, as fans, can argue the pros and cons all day long but it really boils down to the fact that both parties running this show need to acknowledge that they see Kirk in a Redskins uniform down the road in order for him to sign. While I am still in the camp that he's not worth the money and I don't think he's as good as advertised, I would rather he sign long term and be part of an established core solely because I don't want to have to go through this circus again next offseason, or the next...
  2. I think this is a shrewd low risk signing. I always liked the dude and his potential.
  3. IF you read the rest of the conversation after, I clarified that they could move into the conversation at some point that they could potentially be top 10 QBs in the NFL, not that they are elite.
  4. Dalton had Green and a bunch of #3 receivers IMO. Never had a legit competent #2 at any point. I would put both Garcon and Desean as low-end #1 but would just as much call them both high-end #2 (it's really a matter of definition). Reed, there is no doubt is an elite TE in the top 3 in the NFL (when healthy of course). Regarding Green, yeah, he, Jones and Brown are the top of the class in terms of Receivers IMO.
  5. Sorry, I meant Sanu and Jones were rookies in 2012 and didn't play much where as they were bigger parts in 2013. 2013 and 2016 were close in terms of talent wash. However, the original point was Cousins had a far inferior surrounding cast. Bernard was a great weapon for Dalton but I also didn't mention Thomspon as a key contributor either.
  6. It's not a question of credit, it's a question of the talent there. Cousins did his job in distributing the ball around very well. I won't deny that. In terms of Sanu, Jones and Hawkins, Both Mohammed and Marvin were only there for one season with Gruden (2012, neither played all that much as rookies), Hawkins had one decent season with Cleveland but has been non-existent really in the last couple years probably due to the ****show that is Cleveland. I too would trade PG and DJ for Green, but that's not really how it works in football. Even if you did negate Green with those two in terms of depth, you're still sitting on Jordan Reed, Crowder and, to an extent, Vernon Davis. Not too shabby.
  7. I just meant move into the conversation of belonging in the top 10, not to elite status. Brady also claims to want to play to 45, which sounds ridiculous until you consider he's been healthy and continues to put up elite numbers. Wouldn't surprise me to see him play another 5-6 years. Rodgers at 35 is still young. There will also be a boatload of potentially elite QBs coming into the NFL next year. Obviously it's all speculation but in terms of what's still out there, what just came to the NFL and what's on the horizon for the NFL in terms of quality QB play, I personally don't think Cousins will ever be a top 5 QB in this league. He may. I can't predict the future and I certainly would have no problems eating crow if he does (unless it's for another team, then he can go **** himself lol).
  8. For every one previously elite QB that retires (Manning) you get two or possible three more that move into conversation (Winston, Mariota, Prescott, Wentz - I know, different years, but still). Also, don't think Rodgers is retiring anytime soon. Neither Brady for that matter.
  9. I'm not, but in terms of a supporting cast outside of him it's pretty sad. To give you an idea, last season the Redskins had 5 players with 583 receiving yards or more. In the three seasons that Gruden was OC in Cincy, the team had a collective 4 players with more yards than that receiving outside of Green. Now obviously that could be play-calling or it could be lack of talent, who knows? But I do know if you look at some of the names that have been there, I see a lot of guys who were expected to thrive but never did (Gresham, Hawkins, Shipley, Tate...) What does that have to do with Cincy's supporting cast? At no point did Dalton have a collective group like Garcon, Jackson, Reed, Crowder. This has nothing to do with Cousins, this has to do with the way the team was built. Whatever your lying eyes wants to see doesn't change that.
  10. I don't agree with this at all. Outside of AJ Green Dalton hasn't had much to work with. 2011: Cedric Benson was the main man running the ball and the now out of football Jerome Simpson was the secondary target behind AJ 2012: his main weapons outside of Green were Jermaine Gresham and BGE at back 2013: BGE and Bernard shared RB duties while Jones and Sanu had WR3 numbers At no point did any Cincy RB average 4.0 YPC or over except for Bernard in 2013 at 4.1 (Kelly and Jones, despite their issues last year still averaged 4.2 and 4.6 respectively)
  11. No team would be able to sell their first pick to the fans/media if he's had Mixon's past. No way he goes in first two rounds.
  12. Apparently the difference between 6 tackles and 3.5 sacks is 10 million more a year. That JPP deal is ludicrous. Honestly, his career breaks down as: 2 Good seasons 2 ok seasons 2 injured seasons
  13. Yeah, I'm a no on sherman. I feel, more than anyone in the history of football, looked better because of the team that surrounded him. Having Kam and Earl as your safety help would make just about an corner look good.
  14. I don't get it. It's like the Browns gave up anything in the process. They weren't going to spend all of their cap space so really how did this affect Cleveland negatively? If the team were trading guy's like Joe Thomas, Haden etc for picks then sure it's easy to say they're tanking but this move did absolutely nothing to take away from their team. They have made far more additions than subtractions. If they were tanking then why sign a 30 year old guard? Why make a huge offer to Pryor? See thats what ive noticed here. So many posters think that if a team wants a player then they should get that player. As I have stated before there are 31 other teams all trying to make their teams better. Cleveland isn't a desirable location for FA at the moment so the best thing they can do is accumulate as much talent as they can. That doesn't mean they're tanking... it means they're building.