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  1. So your ideal draft involves drafting 2 QBs and 7 offensive players out of 10 picks?
  2. Wow. What a great deal! It's crazy the money spent on LT vs RT. In 2017 there will be 17 LT making 8 mil or more whereas only 3 RT.
  3. Maybe? The best thing he's got going for him is that he's not a pounding bruiser like Kelly/Jones/Perine. He's a burner and it wouldn't be terrible to have someone like him around.
  4. Preston Smith but RA will lead the LB in tackles.
  5. 100%. Considering Davis for 2 years and Reed, we could have afforded to let Butt heal at his own speed. Also, Desmond King in the 5th instead of Moreau or Nicholson in early rounds. I wish we could have grabbed Vincent Taylor in the 6th
  6. I don't see the point of keeping Matt Jones on the roster. Obviously let him fight it out at TC but he's not gonna be given a lot of time to shine. With WR, You have Crowder, Pryor, Doctson and hopefully Davis. I believe Grant is a better ST player and is our most seasoned receiver so i am guessing he stays. Last two spots may go to one of the Quicks or Harris is my guess. The others are all replaceable IMO. TE - Carrier is gone. He was essentially there because he was a decent blocker but Sprinkle is that plus more. Sprinkle, Reed and Davis make the cut. Sad to see Paul go but he'll catch on elsewhere. OL - my only question is whether or not they see Arie as a capable starter for the season and whether or not Lauvao gets the heave-ho. I'm hoping Arie impresses early so we can cut bait with SL. Front 7 is an absolute crap shot at the moment. DB - too early to tell considering Moreau's injury and what we see in the late round picks. I'm assuming Clemons and NIcholson hit the PS while Hosley makes it as a ST/Slot corner. I'm expecting Josh Evans and Blackmon to be cut during TC but who knows with injuries? I love our corners and the depth potential.
  7. Damn Giants signed Jadar Johnson, Jarron Jones and Calvin Munson... three guys i loved. Panthers grabbed Boulware Pats signed Toth Jags got Cutrer Niners got Magnuson Bears signed Coward Eagles got Orlovsky and Greg Ward That's petty much all i wanted.
  8. I like his "rather run through you than around you" quote. Treyvon Hester was a sneaky good grab for Oakland.
  9. An extremely deep WR class is my guess.
  10. Seems like the team spent their last couple picks on guys who had talent but fell whether due to past history or injuries. Makes sense to take chances because if they're recovered or moved on from trouble then they're solid contributors. If not then not a huge loss.
  11. Holsey is a vocal kind of dude. Definitely a good grab for ST.
  12. Another S. Well he's got the talent and the size. Just a bad character dude.
  13. Cleveland already drafted 51 players, may as well make the 52 pick the best kicker in the nation.