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  1. My life will go on. I also find the response classless and surprising since I always found you to be a levelheaded mod. If you have a problem with me and I assume my difference in opinion about certain redskins related people (or not? Who knows. I didn't know you had an issue with me), then just do what apparently you're hinting at and give me a lifetime ban. In fact, why not just ban all the people you have different opinions with.
  2. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I remember the whole Brees fiasco from a few year back when they were really screwed capwise which I believe was the main reason Graham was traded. That along with the fact the defense wasn't that young when they won killed them. I mentioned this before but RB is where I would spend the money but obviously depending on the talent. I also mentioned the idea of going after Tevin Coleman in atl. There is no way that ATL can give him major bucks especially after dishing out that giant contract to Freeman. Coleman looks the part and the fact he was in such a time share with Freeman means his legs don't have as much mileage.
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I remember differently but I admit it may have just been a couple of super vocal unapologetic supporters. i don't think we're going to see a change on either side. My opinion has changed but more sideways. I haven't really acknowledged it but the loss of Mcvay has really hurt. It shows how the Rams really spread the ball around to basically everyone. That used to be our staple but this year the offense becomes very fixated on one or two guys. I don't know if it's gameplan, Kirk lack of trust, Kirk limited read ability, lack of receiver separation or just lack of time due to OL injury.
  4. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I thought we couldn't for 16. Didn't we offer 16 but he wanted 20?
  5. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Some Kirk supporters don't think he's had a bad game yet. I remember the first game how he was being supported because he barely had time to throw because the OL was struggling and if it weren't for dropped balls etc. my point is there has been overdramatic and blind ignorance on both sides of the argument. He gets off easy by supporters and us on the other side definitely criticize more harshly than we should.
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Gonna have to disagree with that statement. I don't want that from my QB. That last drive was great but that's putting too much on the defense. The three missed FGs were obviously huge as were the many many penalties that offense took. Kirk was lucky he was even in position for that drive.
  7. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Kirk doesn't have anywhere close to the same skill in terms of mobility. He's picked up a few nice first downs on scrambles down the middle but he'll never be confused with a Vick or Wilson. That's not him.
  8. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I'll admit there are a few non Kirk fans that don't bring much to the table in terms of valid arguments. As I've said yesterday's drive was big and anyone having an issue is absurd. If that Kirk was there every week I'd be happy to sign him. Gritty wins are always better than pretty losses.
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Eh. He's a very smart dude. Doesn't take a lot of bad hits. Knows how to slide and not get hurt. I'm sure if they ever fix that line he won't be running around as much (obviously).
  10. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    I'm not declaring having superior football knowledge, but I'm pretty sure I have superior football knowledge here. Haha. Sorry BFS. Wasn't meant as a sight and I know you didn't mean it like this but I thought it was funny. Still respect the hell out of your opinion.
  11. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Well technically... the paloffs are now
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Nope. Just hasn't worked out.
  13. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    They're drafted OL as well as the browns have QB. Seattle continues to have one of the worst OL in the league. It really went to **** when they sent Unger to NO.
  14. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Nope. I was merely putting up the stats because that's a big thing for pro-Kirk peeps. and again this wasn't anything about pro or con Kirk. This was about Wilson and his game and he looked good. I've been fairly level headed about Kirk over the last week. This game wasn't a great game either statistically or just in how he looked but he was clutch as **** in that drive and that's all you can ask for. There is really no other way to evaluate Kirk's game today.