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  1. The Skins RB situation....

    I'm not writing him off but unfortunately guys like him are a dime a dozen. He probably wouldn't be on the team at all if Marshall wasn't a human pincushion.
  2. The Skins RB situation....

    He had a 61 yard TD run with like a minute to go in a blowout, otherwise his numbers are 7 for 21. relax
  3. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Yes. I've seen his receivers dropped everything, the run game couldn't get going and the offensive line basically forced Kirk to have to hurry up. I've seen people complain that because we abandoned the run early in the 4th that philly knew that Kirk was gonna throw so they kept being aggressive. I've seen people say that the fumble cost Kirk because they just knew he was gonna lead the team down for the Go ahead score.
  4. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Sua is hoping to get into a class action lawsuit in the future so he's laying down the groundwork now.
  5. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    The day you can say Kirk has thrown for 30 TDs in a season let alone 6 you can make the dumb comparison. The year Cousins wins a super bowl of even wins a game you can make that dumb comparison. The day Cousins is an MVP you can make that dumb comparison. This tired "oh well Aaron Rodgers threw an INT so they should draft someone else" joke that really wasn't funny the first 100 times really negates any credible post on the subject you may have made because it looks like you're just rehashing whatever anyone else had previously posted. It's interesting that you put it this way. Pretty much everyone I've seen supporting Kirk (in this thread at least) has recognized his flaws and made rational arguments for him. I've seen a lot of excuses exhonerating Kirk from the run game to his receivers not being trustworthy to him purposely being hijacked by the FO. It always seems to be someone else's fault.
  6. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Because he rarely throws in the middle and he tends to throw off his back foot A LOT which means he's floating the ball. No wonder he won't risk down the middle. The whole point to getting guys like Pryor and Doctson were big physical bodies in the redzone to accompany Reed. Problem is he's not throwing to them. He never throw to that portion of the redzone last year too, opting for fades and uncatchable bullets out of the endzone that almost got Reed killed last year. It's really either Reed or corner fades.
  7. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    The blueprint was easy for defenses. Load up against the run and force Kirk to throw. He's reluctant to throw it down the middle either because he's not confident in himself or because he's not accurate (see: Crowder, Week 1). As much as you want to say that poor rushing performance in red zone is a huge reason why Kirk struggled, the same applies the other way around. Also, his ability to improvise on breakdowns don't help either which is another reason why defenses tend to be so aggressive deep in their own zone.
  8. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Atl has a window of maybe 2 more years because they're already in series cap trouble. Next year they're already at 160 million to just 38 players. Coleman is gonna need a new contract, they'll just have really 2 WR under contract, same with Beasley. I think if you're gonna sever ties with Kirk, this draft is your best opportunity to do it. I understand most people like Kirk more because they have no faith that the FO will find a capable replacement and not because they're in love with Kirk's game. I do think Kirk is better than JAG but he's closer to JAG than elite. I think we're all much happier with the team's offensive performance in week 2 than week 1. We can all agree their last drive looked great. However, in regards to the other 58 minutes, do you think we need a 25 million dollar QB to run that offense? Granted all games aren't gonna be like that and there are gonna be games where we're going to have to air it out, but woul you be happy with the style of offense we ran out there yesterday? If the answer is yes then we don't necessarily need a QB earning top 5 money. I do think weapons make a QB look better. Kirk isn't all that accurate and last year Desean, Garcon and Crowder helped masked that. We're not getting that illusion this year. I think AJ Green makes Dalton look better, Fitz for Carson etc. That accuracy issue is also why we struggle in RZ. Not enough room for error. Receivers and TE have more room in the middle of the field to help Kirk out. In the RZ the margin for error is much smaller. Receivers can't bail out Kirk as much an he doesn't have enough confidence in himself or his receivers to make a higher-risk through - especially when Reed is out. That's why we're so conservative in that part of the field.
  9. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    True enough. I get that but honestly there is no way Kirk would even want to stay if we declare we are drafting a QB high and TBH I wouldn't want him sitting on the bench for 3 years because then we'll be in the exact same situation as Kirk - a guy whose rookie contract is coming up and we have to decide if he's worth a big contract on. See, I loved the game plan yesterday and thought that was the plan all along. Build up an OL that theoretically should excel in run blocking and use a strong power run scheme to wear down defenses. I hate having a QB that needs to throw 50 times a game as we become reliant on one person. Unless that person is a surefire HoF (for the most part) then it never works. Look at Carolina and Cam. They're too reliant on him and teams clamped down to contain him. Now their offense is in shambles. Same with Seattle. Indy. It doesn't work relying on a heavily paid QB unless they're someone special. The smart thing is building a team around that position. Atlanta did it with the inclusions of Freeman and Coleman and look how Ryan has looked.
  10. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    True enough. I was just using him as an example that back to back 4,000 yard passing seasons don't necessarily translate into quality QB play.
  11. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Perhaps I should clarify what i mean by upper echelon and maybe i got it wrong. I meant a top 5-7 QB, not in the top half of starters. I 100% think he's top 15. I think just outside 10 at maybe 11 or 12. I also don't necessarily think he's going to improve on that. Again, not bad at all for a 4th round pick who struggled in his sporadic opportunities in his first 3 years.
  12. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    My own personal criteria is someone that can win a game for their team that they have no business of winning. It's extremely lofty, no doubt, but if a QB wants to be paid the best at his position then he better show he's capable. I don't care about future contracts and what they're worth in 4 years, he is asking to be paid like he's in that group of QBs. He's simply not. He's a good QB. Nothing to be ashamed of but his play has not warranted the amount of headaches his contract stalemate have forced us to endure. Aaron Rodgers, he's a bad example because he's truly elite and no way anyone is going to compare the two. But since we're using him, last year he literally led the team on a 6 game winning streak and 2 playoff victory all on his own. He had a 15/0 TD/INT ratio in those last 6 regular season games (and that's NOT including the last regular season loss to Washington where he had a 3/0 TD/INT ratio). Brees has had 11 straight 4,000+ yard seasons and 9 straight 32+ TD seasons. And as good as Brees is, he's been essentially on one year deals forever and his lofty contract has severely hamstrung the saints. That's why the ultimately lost guys like Sproles and Graham. Prescott isn't anything special in my mind, but he's ideal for a power running team like Dallas should be with the OL and Eliot. It's like all your friends tell you you can do better and she's probably cheating on you, but you don't want to end it and move on because it's easier this way to just stay in denial and deal with the ups and downs of disfunction because you'll keep asking yourself, "what if she's the one?" It's like all your friends tell you you can do better and she's probably cheating on you, but you don't want to end it and move on because it's easier this way to just stay in denial and deal with the ups and downs of disfunction because you'll keep asking yourself, "what if she's the one?" It's like all your friends tell you you can do better and she's probably cheating on you, but you don't want to end it and move on because it's easier this way to just stay in denial and deal with the ups and downs of disfunction because you'll keep asking yourself, "what if she's the one?"
  13. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Clearly you've never heard of Matt Schaub or Jon Kitna
  14. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Stafford is far better than people give him credit for and is actually the best QB in football in the clutch (I know i was surprised by this too - ) .He also had a 41 TD/5000 yard season at the age of 23 for those into stats and has for the most part been a consistent QB year in year out despite having no decent surrounding cast aside from CJ (We've already had this debate so I won't get into it again). Stafford has also been doing it for 8 years or so and somehow he's STILL the same age as Kirk. Do his postseason stats leave a lot to be desired, absolutely, but i feel 100% more confident with him behind center than I do Kirk. I truly feel only Redskins fans perceive Kirk to be an upper level QB. Most non-skins fans I talk to don't consider him to be an upper echelon QB. I feel the absolute best case scenario is the TT. Let him and all of us find out what his market value really is because I just don't see it. Right now we're wasting the prime years of guys like Trent and Josh Norman while we're waiting to see who Kirk is. A new QB/Draft pick isn't ideal but I also think we can find out real quick from one of the blue-chip prospects whether or not there is something there. You can see it with guys like Wentz and Winston as much as you can with Lynch. What we're doing is no different except getting an extra win or two. I love my team that much.
  15. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Seriously, I need a girlfriend.