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  1. I still think we need to go defense heavy in this draft, especially considering the unknown status of Cousins. I don't see the point of spending a top pick on an offensive guy that may or may not fit the scheme that is centered around an unknown QB. Granted an offensive weapon is an offensive weapon regardless but the one thing we know is that we can solidify the defense with the scheme and pieces already in place (regardless of how few there may be). I'm real curious to see what SF does on Thurs/Fri. Clearly if they aren't going QB then it's pretty much a given that Cousins will be behind their center in the 2018 season. My prediction at 17? If he's there then Foster. If not, a trade back to mid-twenties and grab either Reddick or Cunningham.
  2. At the risk of only having him one year he is absolutely worth a 5th round pick considering if he has a big year and signs elsewhere we would probably be entitled to a comp pick no worse than what we paid.
  3. I predict we draft another QB somewhere. I also predict we draft a CB in the first 2 rounds even though I don't think we need to.
  4. I'll give the dude the benefit now until preseason starts. If his head isn't 100% in the game and the team by the team we start competing then he'll be one of the first cuts.
  5. Surprised he didn't tear an ACL running away. And i'm surprised no one else has made the joke. I'm disappointed in all of you.
  6. Either you're a liar or how did you break 20,000 for the Browns?
  7. I thought he was serviceable but felt he struggled with getting into position post-snap and got blown off the line far too easily at times. I wouldn't be against continuing his development there but I love the versatily of having two quality C/OG capable players on that line, especially since we don't know if Long would even want to stay and what he's looking for financially.
  8. And that's what killed the team is not so much the position we put ourself in but the combination of the situation we put ourselves in and our inability to put pressure on the QB. The combination of the two is literally a deathknell in that we couldn't stop short runs and we couldn't pressure a QB into forcing a quick throw. If they needed short yardage then it was fairly easy to get against the front 7. If they needed a good chunk then it was easy against a secondary that got no help from the front 7. Either way it was a complet breakdown from the DL and LB. i would be interested in knowing the concrete numbers in that we may have allowed a significantly higher number of each even if the percentages are lower.
  9. I agree,although the reason we were so unsuccessful on 3rd downs were because we couldn't contain the run on first or second down and it was always either 3rd and short or 3rd and 10+ yards. If the defense were able to keep teams in 3rd and 6+ it would make a world of difference. 3rd and 3 can be easily completed with set plays and a receiver immediately cutting inside off the LoS. Our slow LB were always slow to react which led to easy conversions. Can't do that so much with longer to go. Well... should we?
  10. I agree and perhaps it was too blunt. I meant I want their primary concern to be minimizing run game. Obviously I don't want two bozos without a shred of ability in terms of coverage either. For years my eyes have been burning watching Witten torch that soft spot in the middle.
  11. I really feel the talent we have in the secondary is underrated and was really hung out to dry by a pisspoor front 7. I would be ok with spending our first two picks DT and edge and at least give our secondary a chance to make plays instead of leaving them to run with guys for 4-5 seconds. Let the DL create pressure, leave the ILB to minimize run damage and let the secondary do what they do.
  12. TBH for me and ILB, if they can minimize runs to 3-4 yards then they've done their job. I'm less concerned about their abilities in pass coverage. Drafting someone like Anzalone with one of our 4th rounders seems like a good fit.
  13. It doesn't make sense to improve one half of your ILB if the other half is still gonna get bowled over for 6-8 yards every time.