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  1. Fortunately the line between improper and totally fine is much more clear. See, it's that vertical blue line right in the middle of the image. Basically, whenever someone on the right (in this picture) does something, it's improper and / or illegal. When someone on the other side does the exact same thing, it's totally fine. Like deleting emails for instance. twa loves that George W but is inconsolable about Hillary's treason.
  2. Ok but I'm warning you... it's going to take away some of the mystique. Do not read this if you're not ready.
  3. Should I tell you guys why twa has managed to stick around all this time or would that ruin it for you? Like knowing the secret to a magic trick or finding out how they got Mr. Ed's lips to move by shoving a carrot up his ass?
  4. Demanding that he return emails? How would that work exactly?
  5. Maybe in this crazy ass state. We’re doing travel tournaments with a youth flag team and I’m akways having to tell our families, what you think is an ok way to act in Texas is not actually ok out in civilization.
  6. Yup. Ain't gonna be no fuzzies on which side of the line Trump and his brood land on at the end of this thing though.
  7. Improper . Those meany criminal investigators. You collude with one little Russia and they get all improper on you. Guess what everybody, these guys aren't ****ing around. Blaming Hillary & Obama or screaming about emails ain't gonna cut it.
  8. Obstruction of justice for the lot of them? Any chance?
  9. No. It's a fact. Mueller can clear it up but why the **** should he? Because a bunch of GOP jackasses with no ethics and no credibility conjured up another fake scandal? They're just gonna do it again and again and again. **** 'em.
  10. And then the GOP can muddy things up again pretty easily by saying whatever.
  11. The Politics Sexual Assault Thread

    I feel bad for this Ramsey chick. Similar thing happened to me. One of the mom's on the little league baseball team I manage claimed that I benched her son because she refused to have sex with me which was a total lie. I benched her son because he sucked. Yeah, I offered to start him if she slept with me (Just in right field. No big deal in case anyone was thinking badly of me.) Take sex out of the picture and the kid would have been riding the bench anyway. Total misrepresentation of the facts. We're over that now though. Her husband was out of town last week so I called over there and asked what her New Year's resolution was. She said ,"**** you" then hung up. Maaaaybe I'm just an optimist, but I don't think she's going to have any trouble achieving her goal for 2018 (wink, wink).