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  1. Interesting time in our country. The GOP sure is a bunch of **** nozzles. They are actually attempting to allow the destruction of our nation's democratic norms as well as it's system of checks & balances and the guy they are trying to protect to do so... Donald ****ing Trump. I'd say "Still better than Hillary" but that's not even funny anymore. It's just ****ing ignorant.
  2. Well that’s because Trump isn’t the problem. It’s the entire GOP... And their idiot base.
  3. Really? I’ve heard stories but dang. I would have thought Bowie was like the Yoda of _______ (whatever label you want to attach to that group).
  4. Thinwhiteduke is now atop the all time leaderboard. Take THAT, jms!!
  5. Obama was slaying all that brassy sassy DC strange for 8 years.
  6. Fair enough, I was generalizing to be sure. I'm not a Hillary fan either.
  7. I've not read his memoirs but my understanding is that it says the same thing that he always has said about why he chose not to run. I know that a lot of people were telling him to run so I think it might very well be a conspiracy theory. I can't find anything online about Obama telling him to bow out. I did find one article that says he didn't want to run because he was afraid of Clinton's Stop-At-Nothing opposition research... From FOX News. Yeah, i'm not so sure. Good chance what would have happened if he ran and won the democratic nomination, is that we would have al learned about how he likes little girls. The people who hate Hillary are the same people who hated Obama and now hate the FBI. The same people who thought Clinton should be in jail are the same ones who thought Obama hated America and that Mueller needs to be fired. The same people who thought that Hillary killed a bunch of people and raped children also thought that Obama was a Kenyan Muslim terrorist and that the FBI is run by a secret society. Some of these people are judges and congressmen now.... That's what they do. That's what the GOP has become. 100% chance that anyone in the democratic spotlight is involved in some sort of crazy off the wall evil ****. Khizr Khan made an impactful speech at the Democratic National Convention? He's actually a terrorist with deep financial ties to Saudi Arabia all funneled through the Clinton Foundation. Also, he should be ashamed of himself for using his son as a pawn. I like Trump and those kids who got killed in Florida were actors.
  8. Holy ****, are you serious? His son died in May of 2015. To paraphrase Andy Dufresne... "Seeing as how my child died, I find the timing to be decidedly inconvenient."
  9. Bro, that's EXACTLY what he was saying. Go back and read the post he responded to and then read his post. McSluggo made an analogy where his point was that one candidate had problems and the other was so far beyond "problems" that for him to be elected is a total disgrace and embarrassment. PP comes back with an analogy saying that they are on the same level.
  10. Well that could be it's own thread. But you don't think that the point of that comparison is to say that they are both equally bad? Really? Come on now. Which would you say is worse? I would have to think the AIDS infested sewage, right? Well in his analogy, that was Clinton so sure... you're right. What he actually said was that Clinton was worse than Trump.
  11. It matters not? If someone says you did something and you say that you didn't, it matters not whether you actually did or didn't? That's beautiful. And yes, you did. McSluggo made a post saying that one candidate had problems and the other was an absolute disgrace, which is correct. The specific point of your response was that they were on the same level. The analogy you used was... And who is "They"? Seeing as how I am the one who pointed out that was said... I'm not part of any "they" except for the Crusaders Against Stupidity. Person 1: The sky is purple Person 2: You said the sky was purple when it is clearly blue Person 3: Their favorite tactic is to claim that you said the sky was purple. Person 2: Holy ****! He just said the sky was purple!!! It wouldn't be a "tactic" for me to point out the bull**** of people saying that they are equally bad if people would stop actually saying that they are equally bad.