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  1. Depends on what the conversation is about. When people are talking about X and someone goes, “yeah well what about Y?” then it should rightfully be called out as a deflection. X could be Obama or Trump or Kirk Cousins and I’m not referencing you here GB. Just a general statement.
  2. I don't know about that but it makes sex better... kinda like not using protection.
  3. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Everything will be ok once KD gets here.
  4. Good grief. I totally want to put this Whitaker cat in the Heironymous Botch Torquenado.
  5. I’m on Manhunt right now and found two that I think could be him... Lemme Fisturbum and Dave Herpes.
  6. I would have gone with Fister Mantastic
  7. That’s actually one of the few things that I don’t do well. It takes me the better part of an afternoon.
  8. Neutralized. Now to focus on an even greater threat to America... Robert Mueller.
  9. I think I deserve a little more than $100 / hour. I'm the best petter.
  10. I’m having a difficult time reconciling SHS statement with Trump’s “anybody who can do a body slam is my kinda guy” from a few days ago.
  11. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Election 2020 Thread

    Avenatti is as slimy as Trump and co
  12. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Election 2018 Thread

    I had a hot dog w/ no bun and a bowl of frosted mini-wheats for brunch today. Can I still get that without the rural folk? If I get desperate, I guess I'll just have to start eating some hillbillies.
  13. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Election 2018 Thread

    Another thing we have in common. I'm telling you, we should run as a true bi-non-partisan ticket. I think our message of looking down on everyone will really hit home. I can do excessive looking down on the GOP to garner the left wing vote and vice versa with you and the libs.