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  1. He's saying don't do the same stuff that got Trump elected in the first place.
  2. America’s great middle needs to get their asses to the polls.
  3. Ok. That was wrong. Now let's talk about how you were inconsolable regarding the deep personal injury Hillary's emails caused you but how you somehow also believe W to be one of the greatest men and leaders walking the planet. Or how the Bush family also had a foundation that accepted money from foreign governments while W was sitting in the oval office. Or how the war in Iraq is Benghazi on 500 types of steroids plus the ooze from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 that turned regular Shredder into Super Shredder.
  4. Nothing is going to change. The GOP congress all know what Trump is but they are a bunch of spineless, unprincipled ****s who will gladly sell out the country if it increases their chances of being reelected and the GOP base is a bunch of damn fools who are happy to believe anything that is told to them by a known pathological liar who has a well-documented history of being a total low-life and who has been caught lying to them already on multiple occasions.
  5. It's not really Trump that they're scared of... It's Republican voters. They thought it was a good idea to pander to the most easily misled citizens, intentionally cultivating a base of of ignorant, unprincipled voters who can't think for themselves. Guess they didn't have the forethought to realize that when your base is a bunch of **** forbrains assholes, a total dickwad like Donald Trump can come in and take over your party. But whatever... they're in power and rich people are getting even more rich so I guess they got what they wanted.
  6. Apollo 11 49th Anniversary

    I’m going with this
  7. Yeah, it's hard to beat a good Caramel Macchiato and six black ****s in the morning.
  8. I think he was the client in the personal experience.
  9. The part I read wasn't his texts. They were his daughters'.
  10. That’s not cool. Unless there’s some Russia or Trump stuff in there, I don’t wanna see that crap.
  11. Absolutely not. We should not and can not normalize this garbage.
  12. He didn’t say that ****. He probably said something like “cut her a check” and Rudy’s twisting the intent. Rudy and Trump and Cohen and the whole lot of them are as shady and sleazy as it gets.
  13. Or Art of the Deal or maybe his new one, Trump Kampf.