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  1. I like Lavar Ball
  2. Serious question, why should they?
  3. Someone should start a thread asking who here has ever smoked weed.
  4. Not to mention the GOP assholes.
  5. Hate-filled propaganda targeted at a mindless base combined with utter shamelessness is a recipe for win sauce.
  6. Yellowstone is about to blow. Time is relative but in the grand scheme of things, we're right in the window. of course that window is like 10,000 years or something so...
  7. The President is a ****ing moron and an asshole and a "Republican".
  8. Really? Are you sure you did it right? You have to lean over at just the right angle. Changes depending on how big you are. 37 degrees is a good starting point then adjust as needed.
  9. So nobody has ever seen a horse masturbate besides me? See, what they do is bounce up and down, slapping their junk against their belly until... well, you know. Changed my life I swear. You'll never go back to the old way once you've tried it horsey style.
  10. Crystal meth is way better for you than Taco Bell.
  11. Taco Bell is way worse for you than weed. It's also rank.
  12. Oh man, that was hot. My man was going to town and then it was all like, "hey, you're a swell girl. Here's some cab fare." next question... Who here has ever seen a horse masturbate? 👉😁👈
  13. 1) This is a real dick move if true. 2) If I wanted to learn how not to be accused of sexual assault, Bill Cosby is the last person I'm asking... "Dan Snyder teaches you how to win Super Bowls!!"
  14. What is a nuetra?
  15. Damn, up until today I held the unofficial record for this. Full disclosure, it took me 7,493 tries and the target was a hobo in Memphis but still... a kill shot is a kill shot. Well... back to work I guess.