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  1. Yeah, that was a mistake. I'm not sure what he should have done but he should have done something. Whatever it was, you guys would have had a problem with it but that's exactly why he should have taken action. Silly to worry about what the GOP horde of mindlessness is going to think when you know that the answer is always going to be, 100% of the time without fail, that anyone with a D after their name is evil and anyone with an R is always right.
  2. Back to the Future is a great movie.
  3. The thought has occurred to me that I should give away all of my worldly possessions just so that, in the off chance that I ever meet Alex Jones, he couldn't sue me for slapping him in his fat face.
  4. So all the testimony from the highest intelligence officials... men who have dedicated their lives to mastering their craft and risen to the top of their profession... men who have access to information and avenues for gathering that information that dwarfs what we citizens know about the situation... that carries no weight with you? Let's say you're right about Trump being innocent of collusion and honestly, it wouldn't surprise me at all if you are. I am willing to bet large sums of money that the TRUMP CAMPAIGN is not. And if Don didn't want to be impeached for obstruction of justice, he shouldn't have done all that ****. I will even allow the possibility that he really has no clue that he did anything wrong but if that's the case, then he's a freaking moron (which is exactly where I'm leaning nowadays). Only an idiot could not comprehend the gravity of the situation and only a sociopath who is incapable of understanding the position of others would be unable to predict the consequences for the actions he pursued. So then, like I've been saying from the start of this episode, Trump isn't the problem. It's the GOP & it's voting base that should shoulder the blame and face the consequences for electing a sad, disgusting old fart who needs to be resting quietly at home to the office of POTUS.
  5. Yeah but it's just one picture. I've noticed that the picture selection for quite a few of the articles that I've seen appear to have intentional about finding the worst possible illustration to capture the essence of Trump and his clutter. He always had some wacky views when it came to certain subjects. I really liked him the first time I ever saw him. Thought he had a great personality. But you don't have to dig deep to find the craziness.
  6. You know for fake news, there sure is a lot to all of this. Democrats got so lucky that their made up excuse for losing the election just happened to have so much juicy content supporting it.
  7. The congressman who is being interviewed by the goo in the video I posted earlier brings up a good point. Even if there was no controversy around the motive, suddenly firing the director of the FBI with no prior notice and no plan in place to replace him or transition to new leadership is pretty terrible all in itself. They're doing work over there and some of it is kinda important.
  8. Oh, NOW you believe him? So there. The fact remains that we don't know. I'm not going to pretend to understand his motives just because he confessed to them on multiple occasions.
  9. It's actually possible to not be ok with how he handled the Clinton investigation (or even to think he should have been fired) and also not be ok with Trump firing him because he doesn't like the fact that he's being investigated.
  10. What's that supposed to be? The GOP's new term to keep their base's heads up their own asses (If you're looking for a mind in there, you won't find one)? Kind of like how "Fake News" was a term that came about to describe Right Wing modals of information because they were a bunch of horse **** but the GOP, led by the President of the United States, just decided to start labelling anything that didn't go along with their alternate reality as fake news instead. "Oh those loonies over there in the FBI and CIA and in those science labs, and with their doctorates in education & economics... hahahaha. They're so stupid. They have TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!!! Come on Bubba Ray Cletus. Let's laugh at them. They don't know **** compared to you and your wife & sister (same person) who have researched the issues extensively by watching FOX News from your trailer in Kentucky." What would the term be for the 8 year hissy-fit that right-wingers threw (and let's face it, is still going on) over the black, democrat President? What's his name? The one who didn't act like an idiot, knew what he was talking about, and tried to help Americans.
  11. A poor attempt at one. Found the interview. Skip to 5:15 to see the part I was talking about. Congressman: The White House just said that they fired Comey because of Russia. Glob of Goo: You don't believe a thing they say!!! uh... uh.... uh... stop pretending to understand their motives just because they told us what they were. Notice the title of the video. Absolute delusion.
  12. What's the name of the new glob of chemicals that's on FOX News? The one that replaced O'Reilly. He actually used this as a defense for Trump one time too. "Oh, now you believe him?"
  13. I thought it was people talking out of their ass saying the first nonsensical thing to pop into their brain in blind defense of their political party that was killings our children. edit: Looked it up. We're both wrong. It was actually accidents. Hindu on Hindu crime was number 2 though.
  14. Newt is also one of the bigger GOPieces of ****