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  1. I actually just signed up for one of those conversion therapy sessions. Anyone want to join me? @twa you're probably the closest by. It's in Dallas.
  2. Health care issues are all dems fault. It's bad... so very bad. I'm the only one that can fix it. They'll come begging me with their dicks tucked between their legs once their kids start dying from Obamacare. Anyone that doesn't die between now and the next election is thanks to me.
  3. Those damn Clintons. I'm surprised you would cast such dispersions on your boy like that.
  4. You've chosen to take up a rather unintelligent position and you're doing an excellent job of supporting it.
  5. Two guys I know from football (one was a coach, the other a parent) like to get on Facebook and talk about what ******* everyone who disagrees with them are. I bet I could let both of them punch me in the face and remain unfazed.
  6. Somehow there are more things wrong in this sentence than there are actual words in the sentence.
  7. Yeaaaaaaaaah, no.
  8. I only "hate" one. That's not the word I would use but it's the word of the day. The left, to me, is like the Buffalo Bills. I would normally be indifferent to them except that on this particular weekend, they are playing the Cowboys and if the Cowboys win, the Redskins are out of the playoffs, the Cowboys are in, and Jerry Jones gets to ruin the country.
  9. Yeah, heh heh.... fəˈlāCHeetos
  10. Trump has does it again! Classic Trump!! He solved that whole immigration problem just like he said he would. Why... it wouldn't surprise me if he never mentions that wall again now that he has it all under control. Also, bonus points for figuring out a way to calculate the number of illegal immigrants that we aren't catching. I don't know how he did it but he did!!!
  11. That's what I was kind of hoping at first but it sounds like what actually happened is that the right-wingers who were going to vote against it thought it didn't suck enough. That is definitely not a problem for the GOP. Their base will take whatever **** gets shoveled to them and they will love it. Any negative consequences will be somebody else's fault.
  12. Willingness to vote for a candidate from either party doesn't make you fickle.
  13. Welp... I've stuck my foot in my mouth again. Time to release another statement of apology. I should not have insinuated that Trump supporters and the right wing voting base are all willfully ignorant. For many of them, it's not a choice.
  14. Balances out the competent obstruction that hindered his legacy.