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  1. That's right. And I solved it!!
  2. Not if you count the word, "words"... and "1" and "4"
  3. Yeah, I think the guy is scum but I don't wish him dead (wounded maybe? Is that ok?). I'm not going to celebrate if he dies tomorrow. I'm not going to be too busted up about it either. Besides, It won't help anything if he dies. He's a symptom of the GOP for the last 8 years. You have to eliminate the instruments that created this mess.
  4. Ah, my bad. I hope he goes to prison and gets ****ed in the face.
  5. Is that supposed to be the corrected version? That's not how you spell "heal". Also, "has been divided for decade"? The number of things wrong with this sentence fragment (including grammar, historical accuracy, message, and intent) is greater than the number of words used in it.
  6. This is really the essence of where we're at, isn't it? The man is, most clearly, one of the most disgusting public figures of my lifetime. His words, his actions, his demeanor... they are all revolting. His lies are obvious. His level of intellect is obvious. His self-serving, egotism is obvious. And yet, he was elected president and a good chunk of the country adores him (many in a very unhealthy way bordering worship).
  7. They let me off earlier than you... Good behavior.
  8. Why does anybody like this guy? Trump hates fake news. Trump loves Alex Jones and the National Enquirer. Your brain isn't capable of putting two and two together here?
  9. I'm with you. I hate every minute of the 9 hours I'm forced to spend on here each day. So to summarize... GOP and its base is a **** show the likes of which is rarely seen for going on near a decade now. During this time, the amount and scope of non-fiction democratic scandals or blunders is dwarfed by what comes out of our current governmental "leadership" on a weekly basis. Natural response of course.... "We're tired of the dems."
  10. Ah yes, well I'm shocked. I mean, I thought that Zoony's uncompromising hatred of the democrats was based on GOP brainwashing catalyzed by preconceived biases and supported by little to no actual thought, reflexively regurgitating the first thing that comes to mind no matter how weak of a statement it is. Now that I just learned that you also don't like the democrats... well, I may have to rethink my entire outlook on the subject. I'm sure Zoony appreciates your support though. Having the twa endorsement carries a lot of weight around here
  11. Agreed. I misspoke. As far as Zoony's political postings... there is a hypocritical double standard where the GOP and it's base ran around screaming for 8 years about anything and everything Obama or Hillary... 99% of which was absolute bull****, but now, when we have a ****ing moron throwing up all over himself on a daily basis, nobody's supposed to complain. I guess I need to create a list of Trump topics... Here's a partial list just to get us started. I'd like to know which ones people shouldn't be concerned about. -Threatening nuclear war on North Korea? -Turning around the next day and threatening military action against Venezuela? -The whole Charlottesville thing? -Publicly shaming companies and CEOs who left his councils in protest of his ignorance? -Tweeting a transgender military ban? -Mooch? -All the people he's fired? -His boy scout speech? -Lying about receiving a call from the Boy Scouts? I know I'm forgetting a lot and it's worth pointing out that so far I've only mentioned things that happened in the last 3 or four weeks. And then of course there's the total lack of self awareness. Using insults like "whiney little ****es" and "hysterical children" as a substitute for any sort of substance or well thought out position & in doing so, sounding whinier and more childish than anyone he could possibly be describing.
  12. There's so much wrong with the Republican party that no one person can be the embodiment of it all. Like, it would be a lie if I said "Zoony is everything that's wrong with the Republican Party." You've got a good chunk of it covered though.
  13. Little known fact that the Canadian province of Manitoba (French for "Many Tubas") is actually named in honor of a group of tuba playing counter-protestors.
  14. You can't get away from it, can you?