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  1. There’s a double entendre about the ball washing station in there somewhere.
  2. I know right. People up here whining because some kids are being ripped away from their families, abused, and because we don’t have any idea where 1500 of them are. It’s not like they’re even white.
  3. I wonder if the Nazis had trolls.
  4. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Spoiler warning: Obi Wan kills Darth Maul for real in the cartoon. An old ass Obi Wan who like two weeks later can barely move when he fights Vader kills an acrobatic 748th degree blackbelt sith in a duel copied straight from the opening scene of Ninja Gaiden. He slices him in half... fifteen times. Then cuts his head off. Then sticks the decapitated head of Darth Tyrannus (which is also still alive) into a pillow case and uses that to smash Maul’s head until they’re both mush. Then he puts the body in a wood chipper, mails each individual piece to a different planet and blows up the whole solar system that they were in. He also goes back in time and murders Maul’s momma, then further back and kills both grandmothers... then all four great grandmothers... 17 generations deep this goes on for. I’m just kidding. He cuts him in the stomach a little. There’s no coming back from something like that.
  5. All Things Star Wars Thread

    Maul being alive is stupid. He was sliced in half then fell 5000 feet down a ****ing reactor shaft. This is not debatable.
  6. That is a true statement. Unfortunately, the problem is a whole lot of people.
  7. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Pfft... sounds like a state for sissies to me. When I moved to TX I got off the plane and picked up my first AK at the Duty Free (along with a sleeveless shirt and a 6 pack of Milwaukee’s Best). What state is that anyway? No chance you have a pro football team. I’m thinking basketball maybe... college... women’s.
  8. Not half as much as we hate America which is only a fraction of the amount that we hate freedom. p.s. I told you guys, stupid people are everywhere. Very, very, VERY stupid people.
  9. Cool. And when a coworker slaps you in the nuts every day for ten years and anyone with the authority to do anything about it absolutely refuses to, and you’ve tried being moral and all it’s resulted in is him doing it more often and with a car antenna (oh, and getting a promotion)...
  10. Well when your options are that or roll over... Unfortunately, playing nice isn’t going to help. BTW, Trump is going to fire Mueller at some point, maybe order an investigation into him and his other political opponents, and the Republican Party will do everything in their power to support him. To the folks who believed it when GOP leaders said that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency, you’re foolish for trusting those mother****ers.
  11. Kushner is a smarmy little snot. He’d turn in an instant if it meant saving his soft, supple ass from prison.
  12. You know Ben Carson? I have this vision of one of his staff walking in to the HUD offices and finding Ben dangling with his dick caught in the ceiling fan, shaking their head without much surprise, then continuing on with their day. Sad thing is, he’s nowhere near the worst member of the Trump cabinet. The GOP isn’t worth a ****. Not one little itty bitty ****. Not still better than Hillary. Not better than Obama or Bernie or Pelosi or Biden or an inanimate, non-sentient object like a toaster. A retarded monkey could walk in to the Oval Office, take a crap on the desk, and it’d be a better President than Donald Trump.
  13. Not sure but it’s a safe bet that it’ll be something stupid and some total bull****.
  14. 2017 - 18 Washington Capitals Thread

    Fair value has never stopped any of the teams I cheer for in the past.