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  1. I went to Lowe's and bought KraftMaid cabinets on sale. I worked with my contractors for measurements of what would fit.
  2. Because McConnell didn't want it to get out.
  3. I want to visit next year, so I hope it holds off until after I go.
  4. That's why I was disappointed in the Democratic platform moving further left to appease the Bernie people. It wasn't the time, with the Right moving ever more right. To get a coalition with moderate Republicans and Independents, the Democrats needed to stay somewhat centrist. They also really needed to educate and communicate the platform to the down ticket candidates in all of the states instead of targeting certain states.
  5. The Right has been listening to itself for decades now. And what I see is that they continuously double down on their anti-human policies. Frankly this is very disturbing.
  6. Trump lies so much he thinks everyone else lies. I'm guessing he'd even lie under oath thinking he'll get away with it.
  7. The moderate Republicans need to step up and take a stand against this legislation.
  8. Please save me from bi-curious women.
  9. I need to watch this closely as I am moving to Texas, on Medicare but may affect my supplement insurance.
  10. An article about the above post.
  11. What a laugh! How about teaching boys and men not to sexually assault in the first place?! What a dick.
  12. Watching Last Holiday with Queen Latifah. Such a good movie!
  13. Oh goodness! Hippie here and and every day smoker years ago. Not so much when I became a parent. Some a few years ago, not since my stroke. I liked all kinds of drugs, not just pot.