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  1. I'm going to say The Birdcage because gay and Miami, I love the opening shot, plus it's funny. But really, there are so many! Mork and Mindy, Bicentennial Man, RV, On Hour Photo. That's just a start.
  2. I can't remember the last time I watched a morning show. I used to watch John McLaughlin. Now, it's just people allowing other people spout off nonsense without challenging them. It's how we have Trump, no one called him on his lies and nonsense.
  3. Just read this. She was so cute on Happy Days.
  4. It's tax reform for the 1%ers and not the rest of us.
  5. I swear you guys make me laugh so hard sometimes!
  6. This was 1974, women were routinely infantalized by the medical industry, and even worse if one was single and having sex.
  7. I wanted to get a tubal ligation when I was 23, right after my abortion, but the doctor said I was too young and what about my non-existent husband? I knew I didn't want children and I couldn't take birth control methods. I got pregnant using an IUD, which caused scarring so I doctors told me it was unlikely for me to get pregnant anyway. I got pregnant again when I was 25 but didn't know it until too late to have an abortion, so I have my daughter. I was trying to be proactive about my reproductive responsibility but was interfered with by the medical industry. I did end up with a tubal ligation when my daughter was 3, and I was still single, otherwise in Virginia my husband would have to have given his permission. This in, 1981, I didn't have agency over my own body if I had a husband. And people question why women want bodily autonomy. Kosher, did your fiance have to sign a paper?
  8. Pat Schroeder! Molly Ivins!
  9. Gee, why wouldn't your doctor support your efforts to be responsible for your own reproductive responsibility? From your post asking about birth control for men, I am assuming that you don't want to father (another) child. I don't know if you have any now. I think that you were responsible if you asked about it, and good for you.
  10. Fukishima, I now refuse to eat any seafood out of the Pacific anywhere because the nuclear levels have reached our shores. It won't be long until nuclear fallout will travel through the Panama Canal and pollute the Atlantic, Caribbean and beyond. I wrote a term paper in 1980 about what is being done about nuclear waste, and to this day there's been no progress on that issue. That's 37 years!
  11. Then I guess you are for abolishing all of the tax credits and subsidies for fossil fuels, right? That should bring in billions of tax dollars! How about the big subsidies for religious organizations? That should bring in even more tax dollars! How about all kinds of tax breaks for businesses? That should bring in billions more tax dollars! In fact, all income should be taxed except for income expenses paid to others and FICA.. Simplified tax codes, tax rate lowered, simplified rate structure. Of course, millions of tax lawyers will be out of work but who cares? Then we wouldn't have to spend hours doing taxes or pay for tax specialists or software.
  12. I didn't get the hot middle eastern girls thread shut down.