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  1. I was more concerned about the judge than the makeup of the jury. NOVA has a lot of Democrats living there who could be jury members.
  2. Random Thought Thread

    You really can't if you are trying to blow the image up way bigger. It will pixalate. If you have Photoshop, you might be able to make it somewhat bigger. I forget the tool though. You might check the Help section to see what you can do.
  3. RIP Aretha

    Grew up with her music. Love her, she's the best!
  4. Election 2018 Thread

    Ramp it up, Trump!
  5. Tax Bill

    I get you Renegade. Dealing with the IRS is a pain.
  6. Random Thought Thread

    So sorry to hear, Riggo-toni. Feels with you.
  7. And until they are out of office, they vote the Republican line.
  8. Random Thought Thread

    Doctor visit was great. I like Dr. Wu, we went over my history. Having blood work on Thursday morning. She wants to see me every three months instead of every six months like my old doctor. Very happy!
  9. Random Thought Thread

    Going to my new doctor here in TX in a short while. Need new prescriptions and a regular doctor here.
  10. Election 2018 Thread

    I think it really depends on the local population who they vote for. Some are more centrist and some are more progressive. As long as the Democrats win the majority.
  11. Knowledge is one thing, having enough evidence to convict is something else.