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  1. More sanctions for Putin. Need to hamstring that guy.
  2. Nice description of Sessions. Dicks, don't know the legislative process. What bozos.
  3. But Jared is a spy since he hooked up with a Russian spy. I swear this administration is getting more like the TV show Designated Survivor, with spies in the White House trying to overthrow the government.
  4. < snicker >
  5. He has millions of followers who lap up every word. It's the 21st Century version of the mega rally, and it's how he keeps his minions in line. The sane among us need to figure out how to neutralize this particular media tool.
  6. But Republicans have been touting the benefits of a businessman as President for decades! What's too bad is that the government can't be run like a business! Government is not a profit generator. So now we have a businessman who actually hates government and who has no flipping idea how government really works. Doesn't even know the basics of government contained in the Constitution.
  7. Flynn lives in the USA, not Russia. He doesn't run the risk of dying.
  8. That's just cruel.
  9. Wait until you get to 65! The days fly by. I fill up my pill case every Sunday morning, and I can't believe that a week has gone by already. Mortality is a daily small thought. Yesterday was my late brother's birthday, he would have been 62. That's a reminder, big time. My favorite song on this album! Thanks for posting!
  10. Running Man contest, as depicted in the movie, is a good choice!
  11. If that's true about Boris, good deal, I hated seeing that guy on TV.
  12. Everything the Trump administration does needs to be documented and the ramifications published widely. And the Democrats need to get with it and make sure that We the People know what's going on and how it affects us.
  13. Still doesn't get how legislature works, thinks he's running a corporation, which is why we shouldn't elect businessmen.
  14. Meetings on the links.
  15. Trump and Marty McFly Drag Race Mashup