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  1. Time to be responsible

    Hopefully he will have developed some better money habits by then.
  2. Time to be responsible

    If you take the money from your mother you can put it into an IRA of some sort, get a head start on retirement savings plus you put it out of liquid reach.
  3. They are buds now, he especially seems to get on well with Michelle. 43 has mellowed the farther away he gets from Cheney and that neocon crowd.
  4. Tax Bill

    Middle class person looked at the tax bill items, and figured out they will pay more, of course.
  5. No food, forced to take minimum wage jobs, no job training, no food stamps, and no health care. Plus, they'll pay more in taxes if they pass the Trump tax cut for the rich. No trickle down for them. But hey, he kept his promises! /sarcasm
  6. No more than five bullets and Trump mentioned in three of them so he can ignore the other two, which happen to be the most important.
  7. Random Thought Thread

    I sold the Honda Del Sol to my nephew. His daughter will be 16 in a couple of months. Nephew is a mechanic, so he'll be able to keep her running. Gave him the family discount, everyone happy with the deal, especially my great niece.
  8. Yellowstone is still about to blow

    I just packed away my lava lamp!
  9. Random Thought Thread

    And...another nail biter finish, this time with a win.
  10. The better to have a well done steak with ketchup.
  11. MSNBC Morning Joe was beating the drum pretty hard too. Compared to how much they are pillorying him now, it's hypocritical.
  12. A major problem is his Twitter account. He can broadcast lies over and over, and they are hard to refute, particularly among the people who will be most affected by his actions/words. I still say that candidates and politicians shouldn't have a Twitter account while running/serving. It too easily a propaganda tool. Same with Instagram and other social media. It's not a First Amendment issue.
  13. Where were these people in 2015 and 2016? So much handwringing in this crowd! Unfortunately for the Republic and citizens, they punted their responsibilities to thoroughly vett Trump. And I also fault the media, particularly FOX and CNN for giving him free publicity ever time he opened his ****ing mouth.