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  1. Notice how similar Melania's signature is to Trump's, unless he signed for her like a good patriarch.
  2. Dancer is my avatar. She's wearing a Redskins shirt that she had on for like 30 seconds. She has a little jacket for cold weather and a raincoat. So special purpose things. I refuse to dress her up and never in pink.
  3. Money is money to profit enterprises.
  4. I keep **** Galore to myself. Disappointed that she gave it up to Bond. On my personal website, one of my email addresses is **** Galore.
  5. Social not Statesman.
  6. My favorite is Goldfinger, it's classic. Plus, Shirley Bassey.
  7. I got some of the goggles for Dancer, she hated them and won't wear them. Gizmo looks cute!
  8. I want to add The Fox and The Children's Hour, two movies where the Lesbian dies. Made me deny myself for years because bad things happen to homosexuals. Then I got over that thought because I had to be me or die because of that.
  9. For me, it's Sophie's Choice. That movie has haunted me since I saw it. I have the DVD, but can't bring myself to watch it again, yet. I will at some point, when I have time to and when I'm in a good frame of mind.
  10. Scarface first of all, then Vacation, and then a bunch others. I just recently played Scarface again. Great movie. I also like Miami Vice, same time period really. Plus I had a place in Coral Gables that I bought in 1997, so I like Miami really a lot. Miss my place there.
  11. I think it's the definition of obstruction of justice. Article #1 of impeachment.
  12. Trump is woefully uneducated. The school goof off.
  13. Who's paying for his outside counsel? I hope not us taxpayers. He probably thinks he can outlast an investigation. That's his usual MO in civil cases. Too bad for him that he's going up against the Government. History shows he lost the last time.