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  1. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Hey you're lucky I don't have a fan card! Don't even have an eXtremeSkins fan card either by the way...
  2. Dude was a good addition and played out of position mostly. It was a way better signing than both McGee and McClain ever could dream off... I believe he just switched his allegiance to the Vikings lol
  3. Damn! A new zealander. Had I been participating we would have completly ****ed up the time zone! lol Congrats on all of you for having a full set of owners once again. ES rocks!
  4. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well we haven't won anything since the 1991 season.
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It seems you misread it a little bit. There's nothing in it saying they valued Rookie QB at any point, they focused on FA QBs, and add Smith to the list due to his situation. Problem I do have in the process is that the "Amen" from Jay comes really late in the process as they seem to be well engaged in the negotiations. He doesn't even have seem to have a say on Fuller being part of it. Which is a problem in itself. Then, Doug Williams, the Senior VP of Personnel doesn't seem to take part of this process, which is also a problem. His title itself should have him engaged in the process. He's just informed that it's been done. Don't you find it weird? I have a hard time thinking that both the VP of Personnel and the HC being so little engaged in any stuff like that. That article just portrays that Bruce do night and day at Redskins Park, and others are only allowed to say "Yes". The Shanahan story would probably teach you that even if Jay said he didn't like Smith for X or Y reasons, the trade would still had happen. But since Jay is your casual employee of the month, he's not gonna go against it. He'll do with it, because that's a business and he knows it. That doesn't necessarily implies he agrees with everything that Bruce does.
  6. 100.000 articles posted in BHRBN. 99% of them have been posted by Bubba9497 and HapHaszard and their dedication to this website... This section wouldn't be what it is today without both of them, so achieving this milestone I feel like I had to post about them and thanks them once again. Sadly, I wish I wasn't the one posting this article, but that's how it is. Hope you're still enjoying reading it. Hail.
  7. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No it doesn't suggest that he was asked about Alex earlier. But it's interesting to note that they started working on getting someone else than Kirk right after the end of the season. Like they knew they wouldn't be able to sign Kirk, and didn't even bothered to try it. Now, I've also found it interesting to have the other side of the ball with Mike McCartney's and Kirk point of view of this situation with this article from John Keim: This pretty much sums up that after last year, Kirk wasn't sure about what to do, because of McVay's leaving, Pierre and DJax also. Looks like at the end of this season, both sides knew that this was done and decided to move on from Day 1 after the end of regular season.
  8. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Which decision didn't he make then? Hiring Scott? Thought that was him...
  9. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yup, Just posted the whole story here: There's always everything you need in BHRBN. Page 1, 2 and even 3. Make sure you just don't miss it.
  10. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I know that well, but we had so many arguments regarding this, that I couldn't let it go unnoticed
  11. Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    What about Ryan grant? I kid lol.
  12. Saints owner dies.

    That's sad news... Always liked the Saints, though I'm having a hard time accepting Sean Payton as the HC down there... Stupid bounty stuff... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22781423/tom-benson-owner-new-orleans-saints-new-orleans-pelicans-dies-90 That's the article from ESPN retracing Tom Benson's history as the owner of the Saints. Page from the Saints.com: http://www.neworleanssaints.com/news-and-events/article-1/New-Orleans-Saints-Pelicans-owner-Tom-Benson-passes-away-at-age-90/6fd40df2-32bd-4ab1-a89e-d56c906bde63 NFL.com: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000921561/article/new-orleans-saints-owner-tom-benson-dies-at-90 USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/saints/2018/03/15/tom-benson-owner-saints-and-pelicans-dies-age-90/814278001/
  13. Let's All Get Behind Alex Smith!

    OK so I believe from these pics that Pryor is definately not coming back. Alex just stole his number.
  14. Did you mention that you also treated your girlfriend badly and cheated on her?
  15. Still 3 teams to fill? I believe the commissionner is looking into it. Anyway, that thread lacks a little life right now.