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  1. Now if @jsharrin55 wants to piss everyone, he'll wait 16 hours before making his back to back pick lol.
  2. Half of his time happen night time for @Sea Donkey so that would be a kind gesture from @jsharrin55. And I can understand wanting to pick Mr. Irrelevant. It's always cool
  3. I would believe his poorly written point was more along the lines of "Elite QB can't do it all by themselves." They still need a decent team around them. Especially on Defense because they can't help much here.
  4. So the Cowboys have been on the clock for one hour, mostly... And they still haven't picked? That guy must be writing a novel longer than the whole Harry Potter stuff.... @PokerPacker, @skinfan2k, @clskinsfan, @bedlamVR, @Sea Donkey, @jsharrin55. We're counting on all off you guy to close this by tonight!
  5. I can think of one. But he probably won't... Even though he would be an interesting hire for whoever grabs him.
  6. 11 picks left... (and 10 GMs) Let's finish this today guys so we can pat ourselves once again The Washington Redskins are on the clock @Gallen5862 it's up to you buddy for your last pick in this draft. Then @Monk4thaHALL and the Houston Texans' last pick. And @SamMills51 for the Panthers.
  7. Maybe it is. Truth in the election is that Le Pen comes first in 18000 towns. Which is 1 town out of to. She leads in 48 department, quite the same ratio here again. So it'll be closer than most thinks. Unlike the Trump/Clinton election, I don't think there's a huge hate of Macron, but there's a huge hate of Europe as politics from every side have been selling us that it was due to Europe that we're in deep ****... In fact we're in it because of us, but those guys are good to deflect the blame on something else than them. Mostly, 2nd round will be a remain/stay kind of vote. That's how I see it.
  8. I'm tired as hell... 11 hours of taking care of my local voting office has drained me... And one of my colleague from today is working this night. I feel for him. So well @goskins10, @Gibbs Hog Heaven, you both got my pick. Call it when I'm on the clock. If the Patriots don't pick him at 239... Which would make me crazy... If that happens, feel free to skip me, I'll make my call tomorrow as I'll have to think over it again if there's many people connected. At worst, I'll call Mr. Irrelevant We need to finish this.
  9. And the dutch guy seems unavailable.... You guys made my pick like a roller coaster. Yesterday evening I thought there was aboslutely no chance I made the pick myself... So I send my pick to both GHH and goskins10. Then during the day, everything moves as slowly as a snails. Giving me the opportunity back to make my pick myself. Things moves rather fast ans I start to think that I might be late to pick watching TV after an exhaustive day... Then, finally, the dutch guy is missing as I'm about to go to sleep... Which means I'll finally won't do my pick...
  10. I know all of this mate. We just haven't had much choice since a long time... Fillon can be cleared, why should I trust someone that spoke about not being candidate and being suspected in any kind of affair only to deny this months later? You just can't trust that either. Could we trust Marine? She blames everything on the immigration, and when there's a vote on the European Parliament about the Schengen stuff and strenghening it, Her party then opt to no show for it... That's huge! But nobody talks about that. They all go along with the victimization theory, so there's no way you can attack that because they blame the evil media... Melenchon? The guy that keep on blaming voting orders for deputees ask those that will represent him as deputee to respect voting orders. That's some nice double talkin' jive as well. There's only a few guys I could trust in there, Arthaud, Asselineau, Poutou... You just can trust those, they're no liars. They just don't have any kind of idea of how to rule a country... Or they've got some real stupid ideas. Politics goes where the wind take them. Sadly, that's just how it works.
  11. And I'm back and just updated BRBN. Short list of new articles. Only two but they both are really worth it! Go read it in BRBN
  12. It won't be like 2002 and a big win for the opposing side. Basically, people from Melenchon and Dupont Aignan are much closer to Le Pen than most people thinks. And I doubt all of those voting for Fillon will be voting against her. Most will probably won't vote, or blank... I believe it will be much, much, much closer than many thinks. Hate for Europe is huge and if Macron wins 55/45 he'll be lucky.
  13. You've been up for 45 minutes You sure you're ready or did the Bucs just picked the guy you wanted? The Denver Broncos are on the clock