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  1. Not sure that's a good analogy. Your wife is most likely to do the grocery list going for needs while you're most likely to go with the Best Product Available. Even if it's not needed...
  2. For sure, for once we seem to grab a guy that knows how to tackle... That would be quite a change for us!
  3. And Ugokwe is going to the Colts... damn....
  4. I'm wondering where was that killer instinct in the SB? Let's not forget that Gruden's resume include a few championship in the Arena League. OK, that's not the NFL, but that still demonstrate some qualities in leading men and winning things. As someone else said, Gruden is open to own his mistakes and grow over them. That's a huge plus. Kyle and McVay still have everything to prove right now. They both were interesting OC (but McVay was playing Jay's offense). Let's see how they handle the other side of the ball, how they make the challenge calls, how do they do with time management, when do they call time out, how do they run personnel and are able to assemble a coaching staff with talent. Let's see how do they own mistakes. They both might be good to very good head coaches down the way, but they still have everything to prove so far.
  5. "I don't know. I'll have to go back and watch the tape."
  6. As Jay Gruden said it: 'It's on paper, everything looks good and bright right now'. Let's see those guys in action!
  7. We haven't signed any UDFA for now... So that's a wait and see if they bring one.
  8. Good job guys. Waiting for the end of the draft, but Torgersen and Ugokwe are going undrafted I believe. So to the recap: 1 - Malik Hooker -11 2 - Jarrad Davis +14 3 - Pat Elflein -2 4 - Sam Rogers -58 5 - Jeremy Sprinkle +33 6 - Jerry Ugokwe - 32 7 - Alek Torgersen -14 Total: -70. I expected to have reached for Sam Rogers and didn't really expected Hooker to fall to 15... My last two picks were devolpmental projects. No big surprise to me. Way better than last year anyway!
  9. Interesting that we interviewed none of our draft picks...
  10. Paulsen was mainly a blocking TE. Sprinkle is a better all around at it. I really love the pick. Welcome to the Redskins!
  11. I'm wondering how much point our guys would make on first-pick.com for this draft...
  12. You can check some here: http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/joshua_holsey_807533.html Guy torned his ACL in 2015. Great. Honestly, there was better options to grab in the 7th...
  13. We're starting to add guys that will get positive test failure as well... How many times was Norman controlled last year? They'll have some other to watch over and we can have some nice suspended guys... Don't like the pick. Hopefully, it's a 7th round...
  14. That Roullier pick will make someone in our mock draft happy Good show Redskins so far. Besides the Montae Nicholson pick, I can hardly complain about every pick that have been made... Thumbs up to our draft team!
  15. I doubt we draft 2 TE in this draft.