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  1. Interesting that in this same thread the exact opposite is being said. And that he was even favorable to trade him. Honestly this thread looks like another way to bash Bruce Allen and the FO. Like they just did everything wrong in that matter and everything else. OK then, extending Jay Gruden was a mistake then. I don't see it like this. I hardly don't see how you can blame Bruce for having a "low" first offer to Kirk this year. When you negotiate there's two things you just never do: 1 - Start with your higher bid. 2 - Throw a second offer when the other side haven't even countered it. Doing either one is asking to get robbed fair and square. If you come out with your first offer with a 25M 5 years 150M with 80M guaranteed, the other side will ask for more. And you're ****ed. If you come back with a better offer without noone countering it you're just telling the other side that you're on your way to do anything to sign him... All they have to do is wait until the last minute to see what they can throw you at best without blinking an eye. Now, you can blame Bruce for throwing out in public the details of the contract he gave Kirk Cousins and saying he got no answer from his QB. You can see that as throwing your QB under the bus, but you can also see it another way. Basically, by putting this on the public place and this being well reported throughout the league, Bruce just told the other 31 GM of the NFL: "Hey guys, you want him, just let be know that he nevered answered to that kind of contract". Sure, Denver, LA, Buffalo, SF, and many other teams could have their sights on Kirk Cousins. They know, just like us what he's worth. So now, those teams know what we're gonna put on the table for him. Obviously it would be even better next year if Kirk keeps on playing this way. How many teams will want to put their whole team in jeopardy salary-cap wise for a QB that is not the next coming of Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady by any means right now. (not saying he ever will though). How many do you think will go into competition knowing for sure that the contract we offered him this year will be the least you'll have to pay next year for Kirk Cousins. And with the QB crop coming out of college next year, Kirk will have his asking price shortens. Some other QB will renegotiate as well, just like Stafford or Rodgers, where in both case you can argue than Kirk is not better than any. Both things will give better leverage to Bruce next year in negotiating the contract. And Kirk won't have the luxury to use the FT a third times, he knows it. So this being said, if you decide to go the easiest way of this and bash Bruce Allen, fine for you, but if you look more closely it's way more subtile and strategic than what you think.
  2. I'm wondering if many of you would say the same thing had Scott not been fired and Ltd not signed... Most likely not.
  3. It will be interesting to see how other players, QB or not starts to negotiate with this. Teams can only FT one player a year, so they have to make choices. I can see other players trying to beat the system. Probably not next year but if Kirk reaches his goal, you can start monitor that.
  4. No commitment in FT? Lol That's 100% guaranteed money. So, it's basically the only true form of job security. Kirk is just showing everyone that in a year to year league, LTD means crap, and that Ft is not that bad. There's always ways out of LTD, or you can get traded or whatever. Kirk just learned that Bruce wants him to finish his career in DC. Cool. Sign the FT or Transition Tag next year, whatever the Redskins offer. Don't bother about other teams coming up at you with hefty contracts. Then sign the hefty deal around here and have fun, you just beat the bank in Las Vegas.
  5. Now I know why I needed some time off this site. I can clearly see the oint in circular arguments from TK here as well... But it's interesting to note in the old thread that people are getting eager to know the numbers the Redskins have thrown to Kirk. And then blame Bruce for giving them... Honestly, I really doubt how will that play in 2018 as it probably won't have much impact. FO time is done, now it's up to Jay's show. Which is the only one that really matters in the NFL. I've come ut with this idea back in 2016 that maybe Kirk was trying to play with the system, and I hardly can blame him for playing within the rules. What's wrong it going with the tag for 3 years and sign the LTD right after when you have no other options? Kirk is just betting on himself once again and his non injury history in the league. (Honestly who expects him to be hit by a CEI or a season long injury? almost nobody thanks, he's not Romo or Manning, he's quite tough.) We're the ones starting dramas when there's nothing like it really. Both parts are playing, one his winning, for now, the other is losing. And Bruce giving nubers isn't really like throwing Kirk under the bus, more of a statement, that he acknowledged that Kirk wants to beat the system. It will be interesting to see how this is seen throughout the other NFL players in the upcoming years and how the NFL and NFLPA will deal with such kind of things when they'll have to renegotiate. Move on guys. He's our QB, and there's nothing wrong in what happened. On both side of the negotiations.
  6. Kirk Cousins. He'll either sign the FT or the Transition tag and will ride with it until 2019 where he'll have no better options than signing a hefty long term deal.
  7. Kirk Cousins. He'll either sign the FT or the Transition tag and will ride with it until 2019 where he'll have no better options than signing a hefty long term deal.
  8. We can make it deep on Madden 17.
  9. Then he would draft Sam Darnold with the 1st pick in the 2018 draft and argue that was his plan from the beginning. Then fire Jay Gruden as soon as possible because the team went 0-17 to hire Chip Kelly or that DB coach in some Kentucky pee wee league... As far as I remember people where pretty pleased with the decision around here mostly. Truth is, to me, that he was up and down in those games he played where he wasn't consistent and followed great games with crappy ones. Which in fact wasn't surprising from a second year QB with not so much under his belt. He showed signs, and also growing pains. Now he got rid of those growing pains.
  10. Not sure that's a good analogy. Your wife is most likely to do the grocery list going for needs while you're most likely to go with the Best Product Available. Even if it's not needed...
  11. For sure, for once we seem to grab a guy that knows how to tackle... That would be quite a change for us!
  12. And Ugokwe is going to the Colts... damn....
  13. I'm wondering where was that killer instinct in the SB? Let's not forget that Gruden's resume include a few championship in the Arena League. OK, that's not the NFL, but that still demonstrate some qualities in leading men and winning things. As someone else said, Gruden is open to own his mistakes and grow over them. That's a huge plus. Kyle and McVay still have everything to prove right now. They both were interesting OC (but McVay was playing Jay's offense). Let's see how they handle the other side of the ball, how they make the challenge calls, how do they do with time management, when do they call time out, how do they run personnel and are able to assemble a coaching staff with talent. Let's see how do they own mistakes. They both might be good to very good head coaches down the way, but they still have everything to prove so far.
  14. "I don't know. I'll have to go back and watch the tape."