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  1. Only 33? I would have gueed more. Like 50 or something...
  2. We should have signed Mark Rypien's daughter. Now, regarding Sanchez, considering how many around here complained about our FO not drafting Mark Sanchez in 2009 that the guy was the real deal, I suspect that ES must be in joy for signing him. Can I say:
  3. Wildbunny

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    I tend to believe him as well. He was spot on on numerous thing throughout the game. Like that long throw in the 4th, prior to running Colt naked on the left. Saying it was a shot taken because they had the perfect play for 4th down. And that's exactly what happened on the 4th down. Don't remember hearing him a lot, but I thought he was quite good on many, many occasions.
  4. Wildbunny

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Texans

    I believe the goal was to get a PI call. As close as possible to the endzone.
  5. Wildbunny

    The Conspiracy Thread

    There also was a play in the game were a Houston DB did exactly what Norman did and drew no flag. Announcers said it was perfectly reffed at the time being.
  6. What better ju-ju could we have than having our 600th W in franchise history than doing it by sweeping Dallas on Thanksgiving Day? Book it.
  7. I think there's already a thread for that here:
  8. Had I been Gruden. I would have put my fastest guy (Bibbs?) on the field for that 63 FG try. Then call for a fake FG pass to that guy. And let him run. There's low chances it works. But there's still a better chance of succeeding than a 63 yarder from Hopkins. Furthermore, that would have been funny to watch.
  9. Wildbunny

    The Conspiracy Thread

    So..... That thread will have some fuel added to it... 1 - Alex Smith gets sacked with Watt landing on him and nearly breaking his neck with the whole body. But there's no flag. Clay Matthews would probably like to have a talk with those refs. Icing on the cake is Alex gets injured for the season. Maybe even more... 2 - With game on the line and a critical 3rd down for Houston with less than 2 minutes remaining, Washington's D stop Houston's QB Watson scrambling short of the 1st down. On the other side of the field, Norman gets flagged for having a hand on Hopkins. Giving an extra set of down of Houston, and allowing them to burn 50 seconds or so, and costing our last 2 TO. 3 - With the game still on the line, Colt throws deep to Doctson. Doctson gets run in by a DB and jump over by another. Preventing the catch with the ball on him. Flag quietly remained in the refs' pockets. Ref who was a yard away from the action. 4 - Many probably missed it, but early in the game, on a 3rd down, there was an illegal use of hands, I believe it was Settle. Settle was flagged for this, which was true, but noone ever flagged that Houston's OL guy that was leveraging Settle's pads into his face. If that's not holding.. Nothing is...
  10. I think that's the most important part in this offense. Playcalling has been nearly night and day with Colt so far. Jay is calling stuff he rarely did with Alex at the helm.
  11. If someone's crazy enough to check my posting history.... I've predicted it, Smith being injured and McCoy taking over taking us all the way to SB... I was joking and never expect someone to get hurt. Especially when they are as classy as Smith... But that would be fun to watch McCoy doing it.
  12. Saw it coming by a mile if not more...
  13. I know a guy in GB that has been flagged Roughing the Passer for way less than that. Watt just basically landed on his neck...
  14. Either INT or incomplete... Hardly a fumble here...