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  1. Wildbunny

    Some Hard Truths

    Maybe because Callahan and Tomsula are widely seen as coaching gurus when it comes to OL and DL? You can wonder, but you also have to take into account that guys like Dunbar, Fuller, made huge jumps with Gray at the helm. Moses when he started around was seen as a failure by most around here. Tomsula? Check Ioannidis and see the progress... You can't discard those facts as well... Now as much as I hated our outting against the Colts, especially when it comes to our lines, I'm wondering if there's not more than what we've seen. After all, players have to play games one at a time. They're supposed to focus on the next game, and not 2/3 games down the road. That's a recipe for failure (and maybe that did happen as our guys thought more about that Green Bay / Saints / Panthers games than the supposedly easy Colts). Coaching on the other hand have to take the whole season into account. They have to find ways to come out of regular season with a ticket to the playoffs. You have to deal with your roster with its own strengths and weaknesses. And sometimes you know that you'll have trouble against some specific teams because their strengths do plays your weaknesses and that's not good a thing. Why do the Cowboys have our numbers with stunts and such? Why do the Colts went with it as well? Because that's a recipe for success against our lines? Well Callahan's lines. If that was true, you'll have to believe that every DC would ask their DL to play it this way. Except they don't. Why? Because their players aren't athletics enough? Because they aren't disciplined enough? Whatever, but most likely because they aren't that good at it, and if that fails, they're in for a long day. So for a coach, is it really worth it to change everything you teach, every process, and change the way you play for one game if it can jeopardizes the whole season? Answer here is no. You just don't do it. You go with what you do and try to come out of it with a W. But you knew from the beginning that this specific opponent would give you problems. But if your strategy is best for 10/12 opponents a season and bad against 4/6. You might just go as well with it, because you still have better chances of winning in the regular season. OK, fans hates to see us lose to Dallas (I do too). But if I had a strategy that will make me lose to Dallas twice a year but will allow me to win the Superbowl each year, I'd do it in a heartbeat. No proof, no whatever as coaches are not gonna tell you this straight (I'd really love to have a beer or two with Jay and talk football damn!), just thinking out loud on a stupid idea, as always. But one that might have some truth in it.
  2. Wildbunny

    Here is to a Good Game

    Or 2-0 if not for a bull**** roughing the passer call on Matthews...
  3. Wildbunny

    Some Hard Truths

    I'll even add to that that circus' artists usually deliver when on stage. Because if they don't, the circus' dead... Our players on the other hand did not deliver at all anything worth of any entertainment. Like almost every company all over the world nowadays. I'm pretty sure every NFL teams are ran alike by their owners. Difference is that some owners are better at surrounding them with competent people.
  4. Wildbunny

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    He wouldn't be the first guy with a permanent ban that we sign... That's scary...
  5. Wildbunny

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Colts

    Thoughts of yesterday? Frustrating is the first thing I would say. Overconfident? Most probably as everyone had us winning this one easily and we then lay a beautiful egg. - I'm wondering what the **** did Jay do during this training week. You play like you train. So since we hardly played the game (besides DJ, our lone bright spot from yesterday) I would guess that we hardly trained at all. Sorry OL, the dress shirts and ties was fun, but you better backed it up. If I was Callahan, considering the showing you just did, I'd have you guys eat them so you take training seriously. - Most likely is that Jay is having trouble to focus on what went wrong. Everyone was pleased that we dominated the Cards. OK, but considering how we dominated, winning 24-6 is not enough. We should have put a 50 on them. You win? OK, focus on what went wrong and try to improve, because it was far from perfect. Instead well... I don't know what we've done during training sessions... - OL? You got 2 Pro Bowlers in this OL, guys that are calling themselves Hogs 2.0? Get away from this as you'll never reach their level. They never went down without a fight. They got manhandled by a bunch of nobodies and rookies. - Dunbar got punked by Ryan Grant a few times... Seriously dude? - Play Calling when down 21-9. OK. So you've got a checkdown specialist as your QB and all you can call is checkdown in the middle of the field? None close to the sidelines so they can get outside and stop the clock? - Oh well, when we did, they stay inbounds for whatever... - Wouldn't matter much anyway, the clock refs was sleeping as Andrew Luck went out of bounds on the play before their 3rd TD and the clock kept on running for more than 20 seconds... - Our Run D was noted 32nd by one of those next gen stats websites last week. We were all joking about that. Guess they were closest to the truth that we are. - OLBs. They were supposed to feist on this OL. We're still starving to watch them eat something... That is unacceptable from them. - Josh: Make that damn tackle!!! - A. Smith: Coming out with a John Beck like performance is bad. Really. Never inspired, nothing. He hardly ever ran when he had to... - I read Week 3 of the preseason was a Wake-Up Call. Looks like we didn't really woke up and fell asleep once again. Let's blame Fred Davis then...
  6. Wildbunny

    Hey guys, just stoppin by for a bit!

    That is not gonna help your venue around here... I'm pretty sure there's a rule about that and that mods are already lurking around...
  7. Wildbunny

    Hey guys, just stoppin by for a bit!

    Tony Banks is the name I was forgetting, but everyone else was a bit decent as a QB than the others. Though Tony Banks did ended up 8-8... OK, maybe Shuler was bad... But Frerotte was an OK QB, Campbell, Brunell, Grossman, they all were able to get the job done unlike those we had at some time.
  8. Wildbunny

    Hey guys, just stoppin by for a bit!

    We did survive Shane Matthews John Beck Sage Rosenfels As Well So we are freaking damn equipped
  9. Wildbunny

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Yup. Then I expect him to kick Jim Tomsula's and Bill Callahan's asses.
  10. Wildbunny

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    To be fair the Game Day thread was more about Cousins so it was not really relevant. Back to Gruden's evaluation... We're back to square 1 I guess. OL was crappy. No Running Game. 0 WRs. No Run D We managed to lose a game were we won the TO battle and the yards battle... 21-9... I would believe there's some buts to kick on monday morning at Redskins Park.
  11. Looks like I didn't deserved it enough...
  12. Wildbunny

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    And they allowed Fitzpatrick 4 TDs, so there's still that...
  13. Wildbunny

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Did someone ever told our guys we had a game to play today? We looked so old school Redskins like we didn't cared, we didn't show some fire or whatever... That was ugly to watch as at no point in game did we looked concerned or showing signs that we could, should have beat the Colts...
  14. Wildbunny

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Am I the only noting the clock kept running when Luck went Out of bounds???
  15. Wildbunny

    Game Day Thread- Colts at Redskins

    Someone will have to tell Trent that dress shirts & Ties were not a smart idea... We doesn't look to be in the game at all...