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  1. Ridley Scott Disproves Major Alien: Covenant Plot Rumor
  2. Putin meets France's Le Pen in Moscow, says won't interfere in election
  3. Fillon accuses French government of 'orchestrated leaks' to torpedo his presidential bid
  4. Eiffel tower will go dark at midnite to honor the victims of the London terrorist attack. May they rest in peace.
  5. It seems that your theory is growing in the MLB, why not in the NFL ! How Ten MLB General Managers Began Their Sports Careers "The majority of recent General Manager hires are Ivy League educated, Economics and Business majors without much, if any, true playing experience. This is in direct contrast to the longer tenured General Managers, who have a more direct baseball playing history and then came up in the scouting ranks before achieving their current position." Where Do NFL GMs Come From? (21 scouts !)
  6. And to choke them if necessary
  7. Al Kelaifi will have a meeting with the qataris next May. Until then if Monaco wins la Ligue 1 I expect the evil empire to implode It's time for Arsène to call it quits.
  8. French interior minister has resigned over jobs scandal The prick just resigned, funny he was the most vocal one against Fillon, lecturing us, and he got caught for the very same reasons LOL He did it even worse because his daughters were 15 years old when he started this scam ! The bitter being bit.
  9. I would like to know his scouting resume.
  10. Arsene Wenger will stay on at Arsenal as West Brom boss Tony Pulis claims the Frenchman told him his final decision on his future
  11. Next time the socialists misinformants are going to probe Fillon's underwear