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  1. Did you finish the Chargers game???

    Nope, I'll blame it on the jet lag
  2. ES Soccer Thread

    Juventus Turin Tottenham FC Bâle Manchester City FC PortoLiverpool Séville FC Man. Utd. Real Madrid Paris-SG Chakhtior DonetskAS Rome Chelsea FC Barcelone
  3. Game Day Thread: Redskins at Chargers

    He's related to Linda Blair (the Exorcist)
  4. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"
  5. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    JLC is implying that team officials may be asked to testify, what about the players who already testified in the media that they never saw him intoxicated ?
  6. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I'm on the same page. You place a big pot of **** with a woodstick in it, call a media who will rush to stir the pot so everybody can "enjoy" the stench. One media (Dan Patrick), sorry one misinformant , one unamed source, timing, in the end if things go wrong it's not your fault.
  7. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I believe here "love" isn't a one way train, you've got to give back at some point . He is not getting much knowing the FO needs to see the remaining games of the season to make up his mind about an LTD. I'm wondering how can you evaluate a QB when he'll be facing one average team and 3 bad teams ?. I believe you get your grades only facing the best opponents (with the "tools" you have). I doubt this relationship will last.
  8. Will Cousins Play For The Skins In 2018

    I hope we're not getting SMC 2.0 here
  9. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I would have liked to make First Contact with 7of9 to be assimilated without resistance. I had the opportunity to talk with William Shatner at the international fantastic film festival in Gerardmer France, he is really cool.
  10. The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    "I-4 Off Ramp" ! He and Jerruh just gave Mara an irresistible oportunity to screw us, while other GM who could have seeking benefit from this decided to stay put. "The League had "advised" all franchises to not explicitly use the 2010 uncapped season as a method to create cap room in the future when the salary cap returned. Allen and Shanahan failed to heed the warnings of the league and used the "I-4 off Ramp" on two overpaid players signed by the former regime. As a result, Washington would suffer a $36 million salary cap penalty split between the 2012 and 2013 seasons." link
  11. NYT: Russia Banned From Winter Olympics by I.O.C.

    Russian Doctor Explains How He Helped Beat Doping Tests at the Sochi Olympics As if other nations don't have their own cheating labs and training centers (Balco, Rio, etc...) Only difference is that in Russia it has been a state thing just like during the former CCCP. As if the allegedly clean athletes beat their heavily doped russian counterparts without using any PED Cheating is allowed getting caught isn't Vladimir. IOC hypocrisy, I believe this is purely political to undermine Tsar Putin.
  12. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    I'm wondering if they will ever make a movie to tell the story of the Borg collective ?
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    The evil empire just lost its first game of the season, jingle bells, jingle bells !
  14. Brian Mitchell For Special Teams Coach

    Snyder out, BMitch + Fletch = Championship
  15. Cowboys Redskins Post Game Assessments

    I love Brian Mitchell passion