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  1. Some medias are claiming he already has a deal with Real, that's where he wants to play. They're going to drop €130 mil or something for him and let him play one more year for Monaco. They might sell Gareth Bale to make room for him. Now Enrique is pushing hard to sign him, latest rumors saying the evil empire is ready to drop more than €135 mil and sign his younger brother too (they're both from Paris). PSG looks like a familiar NFL team, thinking they can get anybody they like with a huge paycheck only to face the reality check. Latest rumor: PSG willing to drop €90 mil for Dembélé !
  2. He scored 28 goals last year, his best performance. He's been struggling in the CL during the past two seasons 10 games 3 goals, in Europa league last year 8 games 6 goals, I guess that will do with Arsenal . Question is has he reached his ceiling ? Baring any injury he doesn't have to catch Deschamps attention as much as others, he's one of his darlings. Latest rumors here are talking about trading places between him and Giroud. The gones (Lyon fans) pricks hate Giroud, they're already fuming
  3. I believe they are not alone
  4. EU expats condemn Theresa May's 'pathetic' offer on Brexit rights
  5. Clean energy in a 4x4 V8 Cadillac Escalade Schwarzy ?!
  6. He has the reputation of being one of the best scout/talent evaluator, from FC Porto like his new boss in Paris Antero Henrique. Now the evil empire got his own version of SMC, a GM who has a top worldwide young talent finders network, both of them being in total opposition with the big names splashy players the qataris are desperately looking for ! I'm wondering if Emery will have anything to say about the players they're going to sign ?
  7. When Castaner said he was certain that MoDem ministers would remain in government ! Macron in Las Vegas: Minister Pénicaud in the turmoil after a search
  8. Zizou's former impresario Alain Migliaccio was sentenced in 2012 by the Spanish court to five years in prison and fined €9.2 million in tax evasion. I believe Zizou and CR7 don't care, Perez is going to pay the fines of his darlings Not sure about this dude though : Ronaldo not alone: Mourinho accused of tax fraud
  9. Typical socialism, you screw up as a government employee they give you another position with a promotion ! Absolute zero accountability. They're peeing on our shoes and don't even bother telling us it's raining ! FN in serious turmoil again, as former leader JM Le Pen was denied the entrance at the party HQ while he is still honorary president. He's asking Marine Le Pen to resign. Old Roman empire rules here, Macron killed the "father" Hollande, Marine wants to do the same with her father, and maybe Marion will do the same to aunt Marine in the future.
  10. "I hope that the new Members #LREM will not forget where they came from and that they were elected thanks to the dynamic Macron." After filtering/sensoring some medias, here comes the first threat, obedience. Serfs bow down to king Emmanuel Machiavel ! The Fraud studied and made a dissertation about Machiavel (DEA in philosophy). No wonder why he won't do anything new, he's just using the very old divide and rule strategy on the socialists and republicans: "gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures, and especially prevents smaller power groups from linking up, causing rivalries and fomenting discord among the people." The medias manipulators were talking about the so called macronmania ad nauseum, now they're stopping thanks to the second round of the legislatives elections. macronmania took a huge hit with 57.36% record abstention REM 16.55% representing 7,826,432 votes resulting in 306 congressmen out of 577 !
  11. Liverpool sobe parada e avança com €50 milhões por Gelson "Liverpool did not give up on Gelson Martins and after letting the Lion officials know he was willing to pay between 40 and 45 million to hire the leonine winger, in a first unsuccessful negotiating approach, he is preparing to raise the price to 50 millions of euros. With this proposal, the leaders of Liverpool hope to convince definitively Bruno de Carvalho to sit at the negotiating table in an attempt to reach an agreement that allows the player to leave the Premier League. "
  12. Operation Puerto blood bags must be released to authorities, judge orders "One witness at his trial in Madrid, the former cyclist Jesus Manzano, said he had seen Spanish and Brazilian footballers at Fuentes’s clinic." Update: The court in Madrid decided Friday to block the identification of Dr. Fuentes' clients: the 211 blood pockets seized in 2006 can not be used to launch legal proceedings. Typical spanish PED cover-up.
  13. REM moralization again and again: do what I tell you, don't do what I do REM candidate owning a hidden (IRS wise) offshore account He is also interogated for domestic violence after his wife filed a complaint against him on April 18th