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  1. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    Scherff loves pancakes
  2. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    WTH is wrong with Kirk ?
  3. Game Day Thread - 49ers at Redskins

    Ioannidis always managed to be on Hoyer's face
  4. Annual "Where Do I Watch Games Thread"
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    P.S.G.’s Al-Khelaifi Accused of Bribing Ex-FIFA Chief Valcke World cup 2022 USA !!!
  6. US Soccer thread.

    I'm pissed team USA failed to qualify, this goal from Panama the ball didn't cross the line ! someone said instant replay ?
  7. ES Soccer Thread

    Qatar 2022 World Cup: Row developing over 'risk report' claims
  8. Let's Talk about Pets

    They're calle naked vampires
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    Ekaterinbourg WC2018 stadium extension !
  10. The Brexit Thread

    When a socialist gets assaulted by REM congressman M'jid El Guerrab using a motorbike helmet Sack Boris Johnson for sake of Brexit talks, key MEP urges May Leader of largest group in European parliament says foreign secretary should be removed to provide certainty on UK position.
  11. Got Dammit Doctson

    He must feel really bad, I hope he will learn from this. Come back stronger, no more dropsies and stay healthy Josh.
  12. All Good Things "Star Trek"

    So far so average to me, from the cast to the Klingons hairless and bulgy look. The sound of their language is different too, please bring on the universal translator asap.