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  1. Manusky: The Redskins will look for their 2017 nose tackle in the draft We've got a couple of UDFA and an injury prone player at NT, Richardson carries an $8.1 mil fully guaranteed salary, we have $8,118,703 left !
  2. The Daily News has learned that Washington and the Cowboys were among several teams that had trade discussions with the Jets over the past couple days. The sticking point for serious suitors was Richardson's fully guaranteed $8.1 million this season (on his fifth-year option), according to sources.
  3. What would you rather see on TV during the NFL draft? 22% Mike Mayock (276 votes) 78% An orangutan (963 votes)
  4. I would say 75% Scot and his team 25% whoever updated the infos and managed the draft live. It will be interesting to see how we're going to do next year without him. Edit: Ultimately there is an orangoutan for hire
  5. Welcome back !, Oh wait AJ is that you ?
  6. Wish him nothing but the same career and trophies
  7. "I love the athlete and the toughness, but he's a multiple-time (drug) tester on the college level. Those guys have a high rate of testing positive again. I need to do more background work on him but I really worry about suspensions for him." -- AFC North area scout
  8. We've got our own Beast Mode, Hail !
  9. Because that's what Browns do, releasing drafted players Taylor, Richardson, Weeden, Mingo, Manziel, Gilbert
  10. Browns executive vice president Sashi Brown told reporters Saturday the team could decide not to keep Brantley. According to NFL Network's Aditi Kinkhabwala, Brown said the misdemeanor charge Brantley is facing is "concerning."
  11. Wyoming coach touts OG Chase Rouiller as NFL talent