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  1. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    If Vea is still available when we're on the clock I hope we pick him, I believe he has the potential to be better than NGata.
  2. R.I.P R. Lee Ermey

    RIP M. Ermey
  3. ES Soccer Thread

    Drug their gatorade
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    I didn't mean yelling like Gruden dropping F bombs all over the training field when he was with the Bengals, or undermining, more like making him train hard and focused on a regular basis. Last Feb. he was depicted as a locker room cancer. I probably should have used another term than nasty . Therefore you need a coach with character and strong leadership. He is no diva, he is just lazy and individualistic player. The first one will be the harder to fix imo.
  5. ES Soccer Thread

    Final is in Lyon I believe, it would be awesome to see l'OM winning in enemy territory LFC - Roma a taste of 1984 ! FC Bayern vs Real and the refs
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    He's got talent but he is very inconsistent, he was a ghost during the european cup run and his last 3 goals were vs Toulouse (17th) and Metz (20th). Maybe an old fashioned nasty coach can fix this, I don't know. For the record Lyon is the most hated club, St Etienne (their enemy) the most friendly one. Rooting for Lyon is like asking a Redskins fan to root for the Cowboys including the worst of the Philly fanbase. I hear you, according to Tuttosport AC Milan would be interested
  7. How about signing Reid (talented and cheaper than Hankins) and drafting Vea ?
  8. ES Soccer Thread

    I believe they're going to dump/trade many players such as Pastore, Kurzawa, Motta, ... A remake of the 1984 final Roma - LFC ? "This referee does not have a heart, he let go. He has a garbage bag instead of the heart. If you do not have personality and courage, you go to the stands to watch the match with your wife and a Sprite." Buffon
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    Report: PSG Are In Big Trouble Over Financial Fair Play
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    Conte was never a serious option, Henrique wanted ConceiƧao and he got screwed, the decision to sign Tuchel was made in Qatar. I'm wondering if he can handle the brazilian crybabies and the egos, or will he be another Blanc or Emery ?
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Nah ! to the evil empire . I would put him in my most overated players team alongside Sideshow Bob. According to Bild Two-year contract: Tuchel takes over at PSG !
  12. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    ""You come back to the old question of what will a player do with more time and more money as a pro? Key's background tells you it could be a big problem for him. Not only that, but he had seven sacks over the last two years where he didn't have to beat the tackle." -- NFC Director of Scouting