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  1. What is Democratic Socialism???

    Democratic socialism = ruin of a once proud nation for decades to come (France)
  2. ES Soccer Thread
  3. 2018 Season Injury News

    More PEDs = more injuries
  4. ES Soccer Thread

    The evil empire has signed Thilo Kehrer from Shalke 04 for €37 mil
  5. 2018 Season Injury News

    Rookies Injury wise, we're the Sixers of the NFL
  6. ES Soccer Thread

    Monaco's cash machine + €424M in one year ! - Kylian Mbappé, €180 M€ to PSG - Benjamin Mendy, signed for €15M traded for €57,5M to Manchester City. - Bernardo Silva, signed for €15,75M traded for €50M to Manchester City. - Tiemoué Bakayoko, signed for €8M traded for €45M to Chelsea. - Guido Carrillo, signed for €9M traded for €22M to Southampton. - Ruben Vinagre, traded for €2M to Wolverhampton. - Fabinho, signed for €6M traded for €50M to Liverpool. - Thomas Lemar, signed for €4M traded for € 2M to Atletico Madrid. - Soualiho Meïté, signed for €8M traded for €10M to Torino. - Joao Moutinho, signed for €25M traded for €5M to Wolverhampton. - Terence Kongolo,signed for €13M traded for €20M to Huddersfield. - Adama Diakhaby, signed for €10M, traded for €10M to Huddersfield. - Rachid Ghezzal, €15M to Leicester City.
  7. The Brexit Thread

    King Arrogant Contemptuous mafia has been exposed once again. The investigation committee run by one of his minion refused to question some of his buddies while they couldn't escape from the senate questioning ! Before being questioned they took an oath to tell the truth, minister of state, prefect, police head chief all Lied. When facing the most disturbing questions they pretended they didn't know anything and ultimately, like the minister of state, he charged the prefect and some close buddies of king macron. I wish perjury should be punished the hard way like in the USA. I've been claiming before he got elected that this dude is a major fraud, he's pissing on our shoes and doesn't even bother telling us it's raining ! He even shout angrily at the medias "they can come and get me" ! While knowing the justice can't unless for an impeachment reason. What an arrogant prick. Macron's Blunt Response to Bodyguard Scandal Sparks Fresh Anger
  8. Alien: Covenant Trailer 1st post

    (UPDATED) Alien: Awakening - Is the Covenant sequel secretly in production already?
  9. ES Soccer Thread

    They don't, they're on the evil empire payroll
  10. ES Soccer Thread

    Qatar World Cup 2022 bid team accused of secret 'black-ops' campaign to sabotage rivals "The Qatar World Cup bid team allegedly broke Fifa rules by running a secret "black-ops" campaign to sabotage rivals competing for the 2022 tournament. The team used former CIA agents and a PR agency to spread fake propaganda about the US and Australia, its two main competitors, according to documents leaked to The Sunday Times..............." Evil empire being evil and the rest of the world just bends over and let them
  11. ES Soccer Thread

    Best goal of the World Cup 2018 Well deserved !
  12. ES Soccer Thread

    According to sky Sports Chelsea is negociating with la Juve for Higuain
  13. ES Soccer Thread

    Just rumors from Spain, that means complete utter bs. He's Al Khelaifi's darling, I seriously doubt Tuchal has final say about Neymar. They're pursuing Bonucci right now. If they have any once of intellgence they would dump all the brazilian cry babies Silva, Alves, Neymar, Marquinhos. They sell Neymar to Real for Varane + cash. Marquinhos to Barca, Alves to a retirement house, Silva to AC Milan for Bonucci. Boateng is available. It is rumored that Mbappé can't stand to be moked by them anymore. It's going to be very interesting since Mbappé value and influence have skyrocketed since the WC. The little diva had problems with Cavani, now with Mbappé, who's next ?