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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful response. It's a credit to you for keeping your posts here civil and substantive, especially since many people here are taking the other side of the debate, and the crux of the debate is something deeply important to you.
  2. Unfortunately, this is what makes this such a hard issue to deal with as Redskins fans. I have no idea if you are making this up or not, but it's certainly in the realm of possibility and that makes it relevant. I've never heard redskin used as a slur in real life, but I've also never lived in an area with a significant NA community. I've talked to friends from South Dakota who told me that redskin was not a slur people used against NAs there, and heard the slurs they were familiar with which all seemed more degrading than redskin. But I totally realize that's anecdotal and only concerns o
  3. Again, no my question was not answered, which I repeated in the follow up post. The question was concerning NFL bylaws, not if the suggestion ever came up or if it would be popular. Specifically: Is "Washington Football Club" a legal NFL name, or are there bylaws that state every team must have an independent team name? I think Washington Redtails is more of a cartoon mascot and equivalent to Wizards than Washington Football Club. In any case, my preference is to have a tribe endorse the team name and to adopt that into the actual name (e.g.; Washington Potomac Redskins, which would be conden
  4. True, obvious point I didn't consider. Still a bit different, since New England is an area within the US. Potomac in Potomac Redskins would specifically be referring to a tribe. But in any case, I think Washington "Potomac Redskins" is a better idea anyway, since that would be shortened to just Redskins when referring to the team.
  5. This is my problem with him, which is more of my problem with the franchise. He's a "VP of Football Operations" type not a GM. I am not impressed with our scouting department. Either a new GM needs to be hired where all he focuses on his constructing the roster, or a more competent scouting and personal department needs to replace the current one. I wouldn't even care what the title of this "GM" would be as long as his sole responsibility was designing the team. I'd be happy with Bruce Allen being the face of the franchise so Dan doesn't have to be and doing all of that stuff that you ment
  6. Man, that is a good suggestion and a great question. I'd like Potomac Redskins or Washington FC. I just don't know the bylaws. You would think some beat writer would have addressed this by now. With all of the space devoted to this issue from the Post, at least a small article or two would be devoted to the rules governing NFL team names. Do you have to have a name (Washington Football Club)? Do you have to have a city in front of the name (Potomac Redskins)? I know "Potomac" is a city, but in this idea, "Potomac" is representing a tribe. EDIT: Now that I think about it, could they ke
  7. Yea, I know what you're saying. But I don't think the question I raised was answered. My specific question was if anyone knew if there were bylaws that stated every NFL franchise needs a team name. I am asking if "Washington Football Club" or "Washington FC" is even a possibility. I know that the idea has been floated around, but I've never seen any discussion about the rules governing team names. I have googled this to no avail. I have yet to hear or read anyone discussing the question I raised specifically, so posed it here.
  8. Guys, I'm sorry if this has already been addressed, this is a very long thread and I can't read it all. First, a disclaimer - I do not want the name to change but I'm not going to cry and stay up at night if it does. It would suck to bend to the whims of perpetual whiners who don't focus on important issues, but whatever, that's life. Are there bylaws forcing a team to have a name? Can we just be the "Washington Football Club" or Washington FC? We could keep the colors and go back to the old Arrow helmet or even the old "R" helmet. I pretty much hate all of the countless suggestions fo
  9. When can we start judging though? Now might be too soon but the NFL changes rapidly and the Griffin trade can't be used as an excuse too much longer. Bruce Allen seems pretty entrenched in the franchise. That's just my opinion and speculation. It worries me. I have the same perception as a lot of others in this thread, that Bruce Allen is a good politician type but I'm not seeing a clear path to superior roster construction. He seems like a guy that should be "VP of Football Operations". I'd like to see a real GM in there or an empowered personal team that makes sound decisions. From
  10. Well listen. I was responding to specific arguments made by someone else. So it kind of muddies things up because I wasn't directing any of my comments to you or your specific points. I'm not going to respond to your argument because I'm going to let the topic die in this thread and it would take a lot of effort to get closure on the subject. But I will say you had a lot more thought and reasoning in your post than most on the subject, and I respect that. I really enjoy when people bring forth arguments with reason and aren't just repeating something. For what it's worth, I am not white an
  11. I'm going to keep my response brief because I realize this is a tangent to the thread topic (which was the majority of my comment in my original post) and that no one else cares. First, I'll apologize because my response to you should have been nicer, but I do stand by all of my points. And I do think the pics you posted were baseless. I'll point out in the two pictures you posted, I count 2 neo-Nazi flags, 2 USA flags, the state flag of CA, and 2 rebel flags. You're kind of making my point for me. The KKK guys are brandishing the USA flag just as much as the rebel flag. Doesn't mean
  12. First, I'm not on some crusade to convince ignorant people here on the matter. Second, I didn't even mention what I think it represents so not sure why you're referencing your lame good ole boy stereotype. I was just pointing out a BS post because the same cliched lines (not even arguments) are repeated over and over, and opinions are presented as facts. My whole points was (and still is), Who the hell are you to make definitive claims on what a flag represents, and what people are thinking inside their heads when they rep it? The blonde chick at Ole Miss with the rebel battle flag on he
  13. What you said about the Confederate flag is a load of crap and offensive to people from the South. You don't get to decide what a flag represents, especially if you have no ties to it. You are being arrogant by claiming your opinions as "facts." As far as the name, this is just a few people in the media barking. They are revving up the propaganda and turning out lame stories as often as possible. However, the common man does not care, nor do American Indians. If they did care, there would be evidence. Meaningful protests, boycotts of merchandise, boycotts of games, etc. 10-12 white peo
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