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  1. The Waffle House Shooting in Nashville

    And black people get shot at a higher percentage, with the drastic difference in population size, than white people. What the **** am I actually supposed to stop doing? Telling the truth. It doesn’t become sensationalism simply because you don’t like to hear it.
  2. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Oh no, not ME3 ending talk. My hypnotist said the mental blocks were supposed to stay in place. I wasn’t supposed to see this again...and remember the pain.....three colors, it was simply three different colors!.....**** you Casey Hudson!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
  3. The Waffle House Shooting in Nashville

    It hasn’t been a factor for those with a certain amount of melanin in their skin.
  4. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    You can play the entire mass effect trilogy backwards compatible with an Xbox one. I beat Far Cry 5 last Thursday. It was fun, although I thought all three endings were terrible. I can understand having at least one bad ending, but when your choices are bad, terrible, and ****ing horrible....come on. I’ve been playing GoW since Friday. Game is amazing. I’ve never been a fan of the GoW series, but this one is excellent. When I’m done with this I’ll go back to finishing Horizon Zero Dawn, and Hellblade on Xbox.
  5. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    They were so shocked at his behavior. For some people that’s just your typical Tuesday.
  6. I hear they got rid of Gimple. He won’t be leading things next season. Which is a step in the right direction, but it may have been two seasons too late. Not sure even if they redeemed themselves next season that even half of the viewers who’ve ditched the show would come back.
  7. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    “I beat the hell out of his head, not gonna lie about that.” Said immediately after he fabricated half of what happened to the responding officers.
  8. Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Many of these situations begin with some racist ****face seeing a minority walking down the street and exaggerating this person committing the egregious crime of walking in public to the police. A 911 call, that we know nothing more about, doesn’t erase the very real possibility the entire point of the call was bull****.
  9. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yeah, I got the perfect ending this time but back on ps3 it didn’t turn out that well. First try I got the father arrested, the FBI agent killed, and the reporter had to save the day. The second time I got the father arrested again, everyone else killed and the Origami killer got away. It’s defintiely a game that can be unforgiving with the QTE.
  10. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Do you also like waterboarding? Lol. Those controls were awful man. I legit believe most of the people who had a protagonist die was simply due the game not recognizing their QTE commands. I don’t remember any games in recent memory that forced you to hold a button down to walk.
  11. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I guess so. I bought it digital. It actually was a PSN deal where it was Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls remastered for $40.
  12. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I have Witcher 3 on Xbox, still haven't played it yet. And yeah, Heavy Rain remastered is exactly as it was on PS3. Which is great, and also not so great lol. Story is still awesome, but the QTE is still janky and the controls are outdated. But I enjoyed it, got the best ending this time around.
  13. This is what happens when you no longer view a segment of this country's citizens as people, but instead, a product to be monetized. I hope this blows up in their face, but if I'm being honest, I know this will just result in them making some Jim Crow-esque laws to imprison more PoC, or have prosecutors get even shadier than they already are.
  14. Xbox One Vs Ps4

    About HZD, maybe it was just me, but I'm playing this game a year late, on a PS4 slim, right after playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on the One X. On my 4K TV I can see where the devs were creative in putting the focus on the areas that are within your field of view, and not on the areas as a whole. It's not the devs fault, they were just working around the limitations of the hardware. I'm definitely getting Shadow of the Tomb Raider. It just depends on when I get it. Crystal Dynamics isn't doing this one, and they did the previous two, so I'll be watching reviews to make sure this new dev doesn't screw things up. 343 Industries really haven't done a great Halo game yet. I felt like Halo 4 had a great campaign, but lackluster PvP. And they went too far in the other direction with Guardians. The PvP is awesome, but the campaign is such a major disappointment. There isn't enough Master Chief, it ends abruptly,etc,. Maybe on the next one they can put both parts together. I just don't understand what the disconnect was for the story. They wrote all of these novels telling a specific story, did an excellent podcast that hyped up the 'Hunt the Truth' story and game, then went in a totally different direction. None of the marketing, novels, or podcast had anything to do with the game. None of it. It's baffling that someone didn't see this as a problem prior to releasing the game.