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Favorite TV show?


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Still on:


Justice League Unlimited

Family Guy

Arrested Development


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition



Law & Order (original and SVU)

Good Eats

Who's Line is it Anyway?


Homicide: Life on the Streets


St. Elsewhere

Lois & Clark

The Adventures of Superboy

all of the old Superman serials


Hill Street Blues

L.A. Law

The Tracey Ullman Show

Cheers (the early years)


All in the Family

Square Pegs



The Newhart Show


Older Animated/Kids:

Star Blazers

Battle of the Planets

Superman: The Animated Series

The New Batman/Superman Adventures

Batman: The Animated Series


Sesame Street

Electric Company

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood


Great Space Coaster

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Star Trek TOS.

Hill Street Blues.

(One scene: Morning briefing, by Howard Hunter, SWAT team commander. "It's time once again for our precincts annual fundraiser for our summer camp for underprivlidged youths. Camp Quadalcanal, jointly sponsored by Hill Street precinct and the US Army Special Forces, will give inner-city youth a chance to grow and develop, as they experience hiking, canoeing, nature trails, desert survival, and escape and evasion.")

The Equaliser. (He's not Superman. His car doesn't fly or turn into a submarine. He's not faster than a speeding bullet. He just out thinks the Bad Guys.)

(One "signature scene": Equaliser comes home, and finds his son in his apartment, with the daughter of the Client. Daughter thinks Equaliser has double-crossed Dad, and has sold Dad to the Bad Guys. Daughter is holding one of Equaliser's guns on him.

Equaliser patiently and slowly explains that he hasn't betrayed Dad, but that it's necessary for him to act like he has. He soothingly explains that she has to trust him, because he's the only man who can get Dad back. All the while he slowly walks closer to the girl, and the gun.

As he gets closer, daughter has tears running down her face, but she keeps the gun pointed at Equaliser. The gun begins trembling. The knuckles on her hand begin turning white. Girl begins to look puzzled, while still crying. Equaliser slowly reaches out, puts his hand on the gun, and turns it aside. Girl collapses, sobbing, against Equaliser, who holds her.

After girl has regained her breath, Equaliser speaks: "Most automatics will fire, if the hammer is not pulled back. This particular model (he holds it up) is not one of them."

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Originally posted by goaldeje

In lieu of another SW thread, whats your favorite TV show of all time, and why? Can be drama, comedy, etc.

Of all time? M*A*S*H. Not really sure why. I like the humor. Very "off-the-cuff," if you will. Great stuff. I don't think you can find that kind of humor anymore in today's shows.

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Originally posted by Park City Skins

Agreed. Mash. Collecting seasons CD's. Right now 24, CSI, West Wing, and I have developed this occassional Law And Order habit. :)

I have seasons 1-4 of M*A*S*H. It was much funnier before they changed the cast around. They got too serious with it later on in the series, but it was still one of the best sitcoms on tv to date. I also have Season 1 of "Dead Like Me," a Dramedy on Showtime about a girl who is a Grim Reaper. It's more comedy then drama, but's a great show. I want to start collecting 24 & the wife is trying to collect all of "Sex & the City." That was a pretty good show too. :doh: Dear God, did I say that outloud? :laugh:

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Taxi and MASH were great. I think I'm going to add one of the foundation shows. I Love Lucy with all its restrictions is still a very funny show. With all the topics they couldn't talk about and all the things they couldn't do. It was a great show. Modern shows Simpsons, House (too early to know, but it's promising), Smallville, Malcolm in the Middle (haven't watched it this season though), and you guys are right about Scrubs. Also got to give a nod to the shows that I used to love watching when I was sick and home at school... not great shows, but I have a warm place for Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie.

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