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Favorite TV show?


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Seinfield, the best comedy ever.

Close second was Cheers and Taxi, but neither could top Seinfield, Larry Davis and Jerry were brilliant together, and their dry humpr about everyday life is classic material which will stand the tests of time.

Now, my favorite show is probably Family Guy, as I think almost all TV shows stink. I'm not a reality fan, except for Idol and amazing race, but everyhting elss is pretty much a bunch of :pooh:

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Two favs of all time are Married with Children and The Simpsons. I will also spare time to watch Arrested Development and Law & Order (the original and SVU). Married with Children and Simpsons need no explanation. Arrested Development is simply a hilarious show. Law & Order is a classic drama, I also like the one liners.

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The only show on TV right now that I MUST SEE every week, is 24.

The other shows make the list because I own them on DVD.


Alias- (I have NEVER watched a single episode of this show on ABC. I watched all 3 seasons on DVD, I'll buy season 4 when it comes out)


Family Guy

The A Team

Sledge Hammer!

Coupling (Not the horrible American version)

Guilty pleasure- Real World/Road Rules Challenge

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DVDs are wonderful. A friend bought me SportsNite a couple of months ago, and my wife and I love that. That was a terrifically written show. Far better than the rating indicate, but I guess that happens a lot, no?

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