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Sorry about that.. :)

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Originally posted by Park City Skins

Er...have a general time or it a happens when it happens thing

Man, talk about addicted. Its practically midnight in the middle of May, and you still need 24 hour access :D ? The server will probably be worked on just after midnight, and how long it will be down is indeterminate. Working on a live system, with a massive database is not an easy task, given 30,000 clamoring users. We wait until night time to try to inconvenience as few addicts as possible, but it has to be done sometime.

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Nah. I'll be in bed before then I'm sure. Figure maybe the guys who are usually on the night shift would like to know though. :) I've done my 12 hour shift.....which doesn't mean I'm addicted or anything........ :twitch:

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