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WP sources and frequency at Redskin Park


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Originally posted by Die Hard

Mark and Art.

If you can't conduct any interview with either of these guys.... you're in the wrong profession baby.

That's just sad in so many respects.

I just think it gets worse from here.

wasn't that the last line in Quantum Leap?

also, your sig should say "21" now!

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Originally posted by SkinsGuy

:laugh: :laugh:

Now that's rich. :laugh:

Nunyo has taking words from Gibbs and others at Redskin Park and twisted them, stretched them, insinuated made up B.S. about them, told outright LIES regarding them, as well as edited and taken quotes out of context to fit some asinine angle in his article.

And HE'S worried about being treated fairly?? :rolleyes:

Hello pot. This is the kettle calling. :)

Really. I wonder how much longer he will be covering the Skins.

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Perhaps if the Post's side of the story is all you want, getting Mark Maske or even going over Nunyo's head and inviting the editor to chat with the site may be a more high-yeild move. After all, Nunyo may not be calling all the shots here anyways.

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Originally posted by Art

We will continue to work with Nunyo to make him comfortable enough to face a much larger, much more intelligent user community. We'll see :).

:laugh: More comfortable like how? A last cigarette and then a hood over his head? The only way he will be more comfortable will be when he is as intelligent as the community, which isn't going to happen.

His inablility to trust Art's fairness is a clue that he isn't trustworthy himself. Usually folks who can't trust can't be trusted. I wonder if he was abused as a child? His confrontational style betrays a sense that he sees the Redskins organization as if they were his enemy. A trasfer of anger?

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Originally posted by Mr. S

didnt Nunyo do a chat with Hailredskins.com? If he did one there, why not here.

Because HailRedskins doesn't have a track record of recording inaccuracies of information and spreading said knowledge to the masses.

And I mean masses.

He'll get softball questions over there. And if he messes up... he has a relatively small and supportive audience who are grateful of the opportunity.

Here, however, he realizes he's reaching the PULSE of Redskins fans. And every word and concept will be scrutinized for accuracy by a large number of people.

So he wants a few days to prepare, write and rewrite every answer carefully.

Listen, it's one thing if he said "Sorry, I don't do interviews for fan sites". But he has. Smaller fan sites.

So this isn't a matter of whether or not he WOULD or COULD do it... this is a matter of covering yer @ss.

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C'mon guys. This is not being a gracious host (except the mods). Welcome him with open arms and ask him intelligent questions, whether they be pointed or not. Calling him a wuss and attempting to draw his ire is only going to be counter-productive. There are two sides to every story and, personally, I'd like to hear his. Perhaps he's getting bad advice from his editors, although I'm sure he'd never admit it. Perhaps he's used to doing things different than what the Skins were used to (with Maske) and it rubs them the wrong way. Who knows?

The point is, there is a reason for the rift between the team and the Post and pretty much all we've heard is one side of the story. I'd like to hear the other side. Since we know Karl Swanson and others with the team read this board, perhaps we can do our part to help mend the rift, even if all they end up doing is agreeing to disagree.

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But he IS a wuss...as demonstrated by his actions or rather lack of action in regards to this site.

Just trying to be accurate.

I mean really...what journalist worth his salt is going to be intimidated by a website and its members? Jeesh!!!!

Wuss is the word.

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