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ExtremeSkins potential avatars.... (mergedX2)

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Originally posted by TK-IV II I

Would you like a standard pixel size for them as avatars?

ex: Your JKC is 100 x 89 pixels. I thought I'd seen you make mention somewhere before that you'd like them all to be the same size.

No, they can be modified easily enough.

Besides, we're only asking for "potential" avatars :) It might be too much to ask for people to resize and then make the background transparent... especially if we have no intention of making a Garnell Wilds avatar :laugh:

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Originally posted by TK-IV II I

Thought I had a Cooley or two already made as well, but I can't find em right now.

DH, did you already get the ones that sons of washington has in his sig? Guy does some pretty sweet work.

Yep. They're saved :)

Guys, don't shrink them with a background of black :) Provide the original image.

Some of these have lost the original good quality... and there are some good graphics guys around here who can modify the size without comprising the quality of the photos.

We'll get them to do it. Plus it's less work for you :)

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Here's mine- some in use, some not, some useless. Most not cleaned up, but I figured I'd put them forth to see if any are useable.....

Sorry if some are the same as others'. Pressed for time trying to do this quick:





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