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Sage Rosenfels Gets the Start

Dan T.

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Ex-Redskins Sage Rosenfels will start for the Miami Dolphins Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens. My prediction: he will do well and suprise some people.

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -- Third-string quarterback Sage Rosenfels will make his first career start Sunday when the Miami Dolphins face Baltimore, as A.J. Feeley was ruled out because of a rib injury.

Dolphins interim coach Jim Bates said Thursday that Feeley is in great pain and his condition has not improved.

Rosenfels has played in eight games during three seasons with Miami, completing 4 of 10 passes for one touchdown and no interceptions.

The Dolphins (4-11) have some motivation in the season finale -- a win would end the Ravens' playoff hopes and would give Miami a three-game winning streak to finish their worst season in 35 years.

``If there's anybody in this situation that you want, as far as a third-string, Sage would be the guy,'' Bates said.

Feeley completed 54 percent of his passes this year for 1,893 yards, 11 touchdowns and 15 interceptions. He hasn't thrown an interception in his last 95 attempts.

Opening day starter Jay Fiedler has been on the injured list since Nov. 23 with a herniated disc, leaving recently signed 12-year veteran Jason Garrett as Rosenfels' backup. Garrett hasn't thrown a pass in a game since 1999, when he two games for the Cowboys in place of Troy Aikman.

Without three healthy quarterbacks, Miami would normally turn to receiver Marty Booker in an emergency, but he is listed as doubtful with an ankle injury.


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Sage seemed to have potential, just was here at the wrong time. Schotty drafted him, only to have to compete with Woeful, Shane Matthews, and Ramsey the next season, with a Spurrier biased for Florida and Ramsey automatically making the team.

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Sage was playing great in the 2002 preseason. Against scrubs of course but he showed something. He just lost out in the numbers game to the two "Gatorskins" and Patrick.

I think he'll get creamed against Baltimore though. Phins don't have much around him to give him any hope against most D's let alone the Ravens.

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