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  1. Agreed. Offers like that would make it an easy decision to take the refund.
  2. I received this via email on the 21st... Dear Gold Members, Thank you for your continued support. We recognize that this offseason has been unlike any other for our fan base and we appreciate your loyalty more than ever. We understand that there are many reports circulating regarding the 2020 NFL Season. As the situation continues to evolve, we will update you with relevant information regarding the season and other team related news in a timely manner. Over the next few weeks, you will receive a series of emails with updates about the 2020 season as part of our Gol
  3. Some people have gotten their tickets, some haven't yet. At least one is expecting them on Monday. If you get to Thursday, and you still don't have your tickets, that would be extremely annoying and a ridiculous mistake by the organization. We're not there yet. Not getting tickets by the first game? Bad mistake by the business, but you can still get into the game. Not getting an email before the tickets are delivered? Yawn. The drama is too early. Worst case, if you don't have your physical tickets, and you don't have a cell phone, and you are actually plannin
  4. No email at all but I see in FedEx delivery manager that mine are on the way too.
  5. Bob meet my friend Bob. And Bob, this is my friend Bob.
  6. Mine showed up online as having gone to Memphis also. I went to the local FedEx facility listed on the door tag and picked them up. No issues. Not in Tennessee.
  7. http://www.redskins.com/tickets/single-game-tickets.html Single Game Tickets Redskins Single-Game Tickets From time to time, a visiting team returns tickets for a game at FedExField. When such an occasion occurs, members of the Redskins Season Ticket Waiting List are notified. The Redskins are pleased to offer this easy method to purchasing tickets when they are available. Fans interested in ticket availability should check the week of the game to determine if any are available.
  8. Yep. I just have to stay just beyond your reach.
  9. Only if you can catch me you old geezer! I was upgraded from Sect 139 to Sect 141 in 2009. I believe that was the year before the auto upgrades started, but I'm not sure about that.
  10. Re-upped with March, April and May payments. You're given the opportunity to specify your upgrade preferences when you go through the payment process.
  11. Make that a QB who consistently wins games for the next 10 - 15 years.
  12. S&S, sorry for the off topic post, but you need to clear out some PM's in order to receive new ones.
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