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6 gmail accounts available

matty dread

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Originally posted by Hitman56

Do you have to invite 6 people before you can use your account? I see these invites posted all over the place and I'm wondering why it seems like people need to get rid of them.

No, I've actually had an account for quite a while now.

Every once in a while they give you some invitations to use. I've already given them away to friends and family, now I figure I might as well share the wealth and offer them up to some fellow 'Skins fans. :)

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In a short description:

Gmail is google mail. You get a gig of storage space (it'll last forever) and it has a new way of sorting the mail.

Once you've started an email chain, you don't get a new email each time one comes in, it just adds it to the existing conversation and bolds it to let you know there has been a response.

Also, you don't have to use folders, as google allows you to search the message. It also vets your messages and gives you advertisement based on your interests. Some people hate that as they feel it is an invasion of privacy -- I say who cares if they want to know what I buy. If they care that much, believe me, they can find out anyways.

I also have a few invites if someone wants one -- it is awesome by the way. Just PM me if you'd like one.

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