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I think that's a little uncalled for, posting that animated gif.

You can ask the question without it. :mad:

Uhh.. well, Theismann broke his leg. He never played another down of football.

We won the game, won four of our last five games, but missed the playoffs, if I remember correctly, despite going 10-6.

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Joe Theisman was insured by Lloyds of London. He had to attempt a comeback and rehab in order to get paid. His attempt failed. I was at that game (as was Cathy Lee Crosby; Joe's squeeze at the time). Gibbs put Jay Shroeder in after the injury and called a Go route to Art Monk. Shroeder completed the long pass to Art and the 'Skins never looked back. They went on to win though I don't recall the score. When Joe didn't bounce right up and L.T. started freaking out calling for help, you just knew it was a carrier ender.......:(

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