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Originally posted by Pocono

Sorry but I didn't learn anything new yesterday......But when you already know as much as I do that happens a lot.

Thee is neither as smart nor as educated as thou believes thyself to be, grasshopper.

Thee has learned that Renegae7 was born after the Redskins won the Super Bowl in '87.

Thee also learned that spjunkies did not know the name Redskins was adopted before the team left Boston.

Thy conceit out-weighs thy humility.

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Did you know that the Redskins have still been to 4 super bowls since the Eagles last made the mistake of showing up for one?

Did you also know that as much hype is put into Gibbs being gone from the NFL, he has still won a SB more recently than Parcells whom is apparently still considered a better coach for no justifiable reason since the main reason for his 2 SB wins now coaches in NE. Also Roger Craig is out of the league, as is Scott Norwood.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 times that a Gibbs led Redskins team had a first round draft pick they went to the playoffs (only his first season they didnt) and went to the SB 2 of 4?

Did you know that Parcells has made the playoffs only 9 of 16 seasons of coaching and only 4 of 8 since leaving the Giants and never twice in a row since leaving the Giants?

Did you know that the last time the Patriots lost a postseason game Mark Brunell was the winning QB?

Did you know that the last game Jimmy Johnson coached was a 62-7 loss to the Mark Brunell led Jags? They Jags were 15-0 against everyone except Tennessee 0-3. Hope we dont play tenn in the SB this year, lol.

Did you know that the only other team to lose the NFC conference title game 3 times in a row in the past 25 years besides the Eagles was the Cowboys (80-82)?

Did you know that the Redskins have had more head coaches in the past 4 years than in the previous 30?

Did you know that John Madden lost 6 conference championships and only won 1 SB after 5 of those losses? Maybe Reid can pull out a few more of those after all! LOL

Did you know that last season was the first time the Redskins have ever finished 5-11?

Did you know that the last 2 times the Redskins won more than 10 games we won the SB? The Eagles have done that 4 of the last 4 seasons and have nothing. :evil:

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