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Ol Gus is still at the vet right now


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To all you dog lovers out there, say a prayer for my little buddy. He is still at the vet and will be having a small operation to remove a growth on his leg as well as have it biopsied.

It literally popped up over the weekend. I was gone away at a batchelor party and left him here at my house. He hasn't shown many signs of anything else, but the vet didn't like what he saw.

I know many of you have dealt with some harsh realities regarding your pet, but this dog is literally my best bud. He goes everywhere with me, execpt on this batch party because dogs were not allowed in the house we stayed in. He surfs with me whenever I go to the beach and either chases pelicans or comes out to find me past the breakers. I tried to train him to not sleep on the bed until my last girlfriend ruined it and would not sleep in the same bed as me unless my dog was there! Shows you what kind of dog this is....:(

I am rarely apart from my dog. For a while, he was able to come to work with me and hang out because he is so friendly. I worked for a family owned business that loved him. I went on a short tour with my band, but he came along for half of that road trip with me. I don't think we have ever been seperated for over 10 days.

tonight it seems like a year.

I would be devestated if anything happened, so if you all wouldn't mind, keep him in your hearts and give a little love to you little dudes and dudettes. They are truely gifts from god....

here is my buddy at his favorite sopt in the world:

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BG, Gus will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything turns out ok. It sounds like whatever it is you caught it quick and took him/her to the vet immediately. I believe that is usually the most important thing to a dog's recovery. I feel for you man. Dog's are just like a child when it comes to our love and devotion to them. It doesn't matter if the dog is a beautiful example of it's breed like yours or a mixed breed mutt. We love them all just the same.

I can tell you that dogs seem to have healing powers that are truly incredible. Let us know how he/she is doing.

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Thanks alot you all. It's been a rough day to get through and as some of you mentioned, I agree, with the early detection, I think whatever happends he'll be ok. Just was feeling down in the dumps about it.

Well I haven't heard anything yet. I've been out anbd about all day here at school, so at least I am occupied. I'm driving by there in at lease an hour hour and a half. Just can't wait any more...

Thanks again and I will update this evening....


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Best wishes.

I have refrained myself from getting too emotional with pets.

The family pet when I first joined the military was a mutt she was part Doberman and part German shepard the doberman genes were dominant but she had shepard paws.

Easy to train very smart and she would break up sibling rivalries err fights daily.

She was out for a walk with our youngest brother when a drunk driver drove onto the sidewalk and took her from us.

The five of us cradled her and had to restrain ourselves from hurting the driver.

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Originally posted by Dan T.

I hope Gus pulls through quick, IAMBG.

Perhaps it will give you a smile that, from your title, I thought Gus Frerotte had signed with the Eagles. . .

thanks dude. I needed that.....:)

Funny how alot of Redskin fans don't get the name Gus. To me it seems just like yesterday that he was the savior of our franchise, but I think my little guy has lived up to the name better than Frerotte! Or Gus Grissom (when i get embarassed :laugh: )

Yeesh Navy, that's sad man. I am so sorry that happened. Words can't express what I think about that. I don't know how you guys didn't beat that guy to a pulp........

Well, i got him home now. About a half an hour so far. He's not so happy but it's all for the best.

I was not at all happy with the way the vet handled him, but we won't get into that.

I AM HAPPY now that he is home and I can watch over him. We should soon know the big results tomorrow or thurs. One bad bit of news is that hip dysplasia has set in on him, but it is confined to his left hip. the doc is giving me some stuff for the pain and reccomended a few other things.

time for a big google search and late night of reading. though sleep is probably the best thing for bost of us as I am sure dude got about as much sleep as I did last night, if not less....

You guys sure know how to make a man feel at ease. I think it's hard to console someone in general, but the folks on this site and those who posted in this thread share many common interests and common experiences.

I really appreciate all your thoughts and comments, it's helped me so much to deal with this.

HTTR!!!!!!!!! :cheers: :point2sky

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I know the feeling BG, best wishes to Buddy. Hip Displasia is hereditary, so it's nothing you did. He can take medication for the pain, but if it's just the early stages, he should be able to get around O.K. Good luck and keep us posted on Buddy.

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