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What do you drink?


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For me it's a Rum and Coke with lots of ice. I don't care if I'm watching the game or out clubbing at H20, it's the choice for me.

When I don't want a Rum and Coke, then it's either a good red wine, a pinot grigio, or a Miller Lite.

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Absolut on the rocks or in coke.

St. Pauli Girl, Henieken, and if I'm going domestic, Miller Lite.

I like pilsners but they are difficult to find. Last year Samuel Adams made a golden pilsner that was delicious, but i can't find it any more.


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A glass of red wine every night Mon - Thurs. Don't really have a favorite, I just like trying a different bottle every week.

Friday night? While I'm getting ready to go downtown I'll down a Corona. When I get downtown I usually stop at the Lake Eola Wine Company for a Sierra Nevada or two. Then it's Grey Goose and OJ for the rest of the night as I bar hop.

Sat. and Sun. I dry out.

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Almost anything and everything. Not a big fruity or sweet drink fan...no chic drinks.

Beer...doing homebrewing, Mich Ultra, Killians, Fosters, any dark beer, Miller Lite, Mich Amber Bach, etc.

Wine...prefer good merlot, but any red okay. Tend to like dryer wines. I like a good chardonnay every now and then.

Spirits...Crown Royal and Coke, Gin and Tonic, Beam or Dickel with coke chaser, Vodka Tonic, Marquaritas, etc...

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beam and ginger is my mix of choice. more beam than ginger, of course.

beer of choice depends on the level of consumption. i like trying new micro's if i'm having one or two, but if i'm on a bender, it's cheap domestic for my gullet.

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Originally posted by riggins44

Beer...doing homebrewing

mmmm... homebrew.....

Originally posted by Kilmer17


MaCallan 18 year if I can afford it.

If not, I look at some other Single Malts. Any of the Glens.

And if I have to , a Dewars on the rocks is acceptable.

Laphroig is exquisite.

Some of the best aren't exported, but you can get 'em shipped:

Royal Mile Whiskies

I'm quite fond of Mortlach.

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