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Poll: The Big Three

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Be they worthy or not you can eliminate all the other candidates because we will sign one of and only one of THE BIG THREE .

Our Dan and his beloved First Lady (Mistress Cerrato) have spoken.


That my friends is what we in the thinkin' bizness call a certifiable fact.

Here's the only question that YOU are allowed to consider:

Which of THE BIG THREE would you most like to see patroling the sidelines next year for the burgundy and gold?

NOTE: this poll does not have an "other" option, because there is no other for us this year. Deal with it.

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I chose Green, but lets face facts here fellas. The F.O. will find some way of screwing this hire up. Either they hire the wrong guy or they happen to get lucky and hire a good one. If they do in fact get a good one in here they will wind up running him outta town in 2 years max. He will get so sick of Snyder's & Cerrato's crap that he'll walk. Until the F.O. setup changes we will continue to suffer season after season. The curse of the Danbino...:doh:

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Fassel should be the next coach and is the favorite in my opinion. I refuse to believe that Snyder is stupid enough to hire Rhodes just because he's the only person on Earth who can put up with Cerrato.

This is the one time I'll buy into one of ASF's theories. Vinny is pushing Rhodes because he poses the smallest threat to Vinny's position. It really makes me sick. Cerrato must go before we expect anybody to be successful.

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Originally posted by Chrisbob74

Fassel, experienced in the division, a decent record vs our divisional rivals

OK, Chrisbob74, as Dr. McCoy once said upon discovering Kirk and Mr. Spock in bed together, "That ain't right." :)

Since I already posted on this point, let me just quote my previous response:


You know, sometimes dumb things get repeated so many times, they start to sound like the truth.

Let's take Jim Fassel's Big Edge in the NFC East wars. That's supposedly the key reason to hire him. So what does that really mean?

Surely it doesn't mean how good Fassel is at beating the Redskins, because he'd now be coaching the Redskins. And it's pretty irrelevant how good he was at beating the 5-11 Campo Cowboys, or the gone-from-the-East Cardinals.

The only relevant issue, if it's really important at all (which is debatable, given the different personnel he'll have), is this:

Does Jim Fassel give us an edge in facing the Cowboys under Bill Parcells or the Eagles under Andy Reid?

In the last three years, Fassel's Giants faced Parcells twice and Reid six times.

Guess what his record was?


OK, he did win once. Last year, week 17, 10-7 (OT) against the Eagles. A game in which Fassel coaxed his desperate team, which needed to win to make the playoffs, to a single TD during regulation -- halfway through the fourth quarter to force OT.

There's Fassel's big NFC East edge.

So before we go lunging after a 4-12 coach who's lost his best asset (John Fox as DC), and who missed the playoffs three out of seven years, let's be honest with what we're getting if the rationale is beating our NFC East foes.

What we're getting is a 1-7 coach.


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Well it looks like its either going to be Fassel or Green as HC from what we are reading. Unless Fassel signs in Buffalo or Green signs in Arizona or Oakland. But I can't see Snyder and all his money, losing out on both of them.

Then we might be stuck with Rhodes, unless they start interviewing some assistants. :( I don't mind Rhodes as the DC, but I'm not sold on him as the HC. :rolleyes:

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Of the three candidates, Fassel possesses alot what this organization needs right now- discipline, attention to detail, familiarity with the NFC East, and - for worse rather than better - willingness to take a back seat on personnel issues.

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