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Smoot on now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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he said this is a sad day as a redskin

he said the blame is 50/50 on players and coaches

this is 3rd coach in 4 years, didn't seem to happy

he thinks no matter who we bring in we are not going to be as good unless Spurrier was coming back

said that Spurrier was getting close in doing everything right and thought his third season would be big

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Originally posted by Rejuvenated Canadian Hog

Provided we bring in the RIGHT coach, things will turn around and turn around quick. For example, look no further than Cincy.

and Dallas :doh:

I think Smoot has a good point though...the third year still had potential in my mind. Oh well, time to move on...lets just not get a crappy coach. Get someone proven this time that will stay for awhile and have a stable group of experienced coordinators.

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I think in general Smoot is right. We should largely be better under a coaching in his third year than with a brand new one. Now, it's possible we might land the right guy who can come in and get everything fixed right away. But, to my way of thinking Smoot is generally right.

Where I worry about his statement is there were no outward signs that things were actually improving here. Lots of talk about a lack of discipline and fixing that, but, again, on the field, things weren't looking UP. Depending on the next coach I wouldn't be surprised with a better record than 5-11. Now, whether it would match what Spurrier could have done if the stars aligned and he figured things out, I don't know.

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I don't disagree with you to be honest. I don't think we'll be a playoff team either. I think it'll take at least a full year to get everyone on the same page. Less if we retain some staff. But, the examples like Parcells and Dallas, though dramatic, aren't the only ones out there.

Go back as far as right before the cap era. Little man, big brain, Bobby Ross took a 4-12 team to 11-5 and the playoffs in his first year in San Diego in 1992. Ray Rhodes took a 7-9 Eagles team to 10-6 and the playoffs in 1995 in his first year.

Fassel took a 6-10 Giants team to 10-5-1 (first team to ever win every game in the NFC East) and the playoffs in 1997. Jim Haslett took a 3-13 Saints outfit to 10-6 and the playoffs in 2000. Denny Green took an average Viking team at 8-8 to 11-5 and the playoffs also in 1992. Last year Tony Dungy took the Colts from 6-10 to 10-6 and the playoffs. Wade Phillips took the 6-10 Bills to 10-6 in 1998 and made the playoffs.

It certainly isn't common to take a bad or average team with a new staff and make them a playoff team, but, it's not altogether UNCOMMON either.

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