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Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

Who will win the Bowel Bowl pt. 1 ?  

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  1. 1. Who wins? And, is the winnder the actual losder?

    • Redskins
    • Jets
    • I'll be too busy looking for Jeff Bezos in the clubhouse section

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Well, so much for that!

The entire team looks lost, almost to the point they appear to be playing sandlot football; no design plays, just chunk the ball up and see who catches it.


Defensively, what more could be said; a Jets offense ranked at the bottom, made this Manusky-led defense look like a group of 8th graders.


Gibbs Hog Heaven at least got close to the score, but I am at a loss for words on how this team looks. I'm sure they're just tanking, and maybe, just maybe, they'll go and draft the injury-prone Tua and ruin his career in a year.

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22 hours ago, bakedtater1 said:

That's where I'm at sip...in real time root for the skins to win hope they do good...get to celebrate td's good plays...but if they lose there that much closer to the prize..


Again im not a huge haskins lover..I dont even watch college ball...but hes the qb of my favorite team so I'll support him...I pray he works out and we can put the whole continuing to look for a franchise qb to bed.

Haven't seen ya do one of these in a bit...let's hope your liver is right lol

Yeah, been a bit checked out this season. This game outcome was like a combination of my gut and liver with my liver's score flipped around...

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