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AHL Thread - Minor League Hockey

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Thread title says it all.  Curious, how many of y'all (Caps fans) are interested and watch minor league hockey, specifically the AHL?  I know the Hershey Bears are the Caps minor league team, like the Charlotte Checkers are the minor league team for the Carolina Hurricanes.  


I've always loved minor league hockey, would go to as many games as I could, which unfortunately was not as many as I'd like.  The Checkers are my team (obviously) and the first real live hockey game I ever saw way back in the 90s. 


They are in the Calder Cup against Chicago.  Just found out that I can watch the games online ($8 per game or like $25 for the remaining finals games)  along with only having to pay $80 for a season and get access to all teams and all games.  I figure after buying 3 tickets, parking, beer, food, drinks I'd spend around that or more just for one game.  Anyhow, pretty cool they have a subscription and app available on Roku.

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I really enjoy going to the AHL games. Have the Milwaukee Admirals here, who are affiliated with the Nashville Predators. I get to 5 or 6 games a year. These past 2 seasons they have played the both the Hershey Bears and the Wilkes Barre Scranton Penguins, it had been 15-20 years since those teams were on the schedule, so I have gone to those games. They played the Ontario (CA) Reign for the first time ever, and made to to that game.

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