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  1. Or the episodes need to be longer then 30 minutes. Yes I know 2 of them were 45 minutes.
  2. Letterkenny on Hulu is fantastic. A Canadian comedy, with fast paced dialogue, that will make you laugh until you hurt. The next season starts December 27.
  3. Yohan

    I'm over the snow already!

    Yes, Skins fan. Was my favorite logo back in the day. Packers fans aren’t to bad here, I’m not a Bears fan, so I get points for that.
  4. Yohan

    I'm over the snow already!

    Southeastern WI, Milwaukee/Racine area. Family member has property in Baileys Harbor.
  5. Yohan

    I'm over the snow already!

    I was in Door County (Baileys Harbor) for the weekend, we lost power Sunday morning and didn’t get it back until Sunday evening because of that snow.
  6. And meditates for 700 of those 800 years.
  7. For those who listen to Binge Mode.
  8. It’s okay, you can also watch on an iPad or your computer.
  9. Yohan

    Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

    Milwaukee has this joint called Sobelmans, has a signature burger with jalapeños. And if your into chicken, you can get a side of Bloody Mary with it. (Five Guys is the best)
  10. I was watching Mandalorian (worth watching), with my son, who never showed interest in Star Wars, suddenly wants to watch them all. He wants to watch them in the order that I had seen them...we started with New Hope. As we get to the cantina scene (Han shoots first scene) Greedo now says “Maclonky”. I wish they would just let things be. Episode 2 of Mandalorian drops tomorrow.
  11. Yohan

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    It’s all been about the prequels so far, but I actually didn’t mind Attack of the Clones...I now know the error of my ways. Yoda had always been a favorite, but what a dolt. Mace Windu, not much better, pretty much being warned about Dooku from Padme, but Dooku was a Jedi, so he couldn’t be bad. Maybe it’s the Jedi order all together, no one was able to pick up on what Sheev was up to? With the light sabers and blaster bolts to grab ones attention, the dialogue is pretty horrible. What I didn’t realize is the stereotype regarding Jar Jar, the trade federation guy, or the owner of Ani and his mom. Binge Mode is fun, and I like it, I just hope the original trilogy gets more love...I haven’t listened to the Solo one yet.
  12. Yohan

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    This podcast has made me really dislike characters I liked and yet opened my eyes to things I didn’t realize. Binge Mode Star Wars will ruin your childhood!
  13. I’ve been watching Daybreak on Netflix with my son. It’s a comedic, zombieish show in a Madmax world, with high schoolers. It does a pretty good job with character building and is new take on a post apocalyptic world.
  14. Yohan

    RIP Pops...John Witherspoon gone

    RIP Spoon. Dude had me hurting along with son JD, when they were on Joe Rogans podcast earlier this year. If you haven’t yet, check out his YouTube channel when he cooks.
  15. Yohan

    What's the best flavor of cheese?

    That stuff is pretty good with pretzels.
  16. Yohan

    What's the best flavor of cheese?

    Tough one, because cheese. I prefer Gouda or Brick cheese.
  17. Yohan

    The biking thread....

    I’ve been cycling for years, had always said I would avoid cycling specific gear and made fun of the spandex wearing fools. Until that one day my LBS had a going out of business sale, and I purchased shorts (price was right). After my first ride wearing them, my first thought was, I can’t believe I waited so long to wear these. Comfort is everything, and for the past 5 years, I’m the spandex wearing fool now!
  18. Yohan

    The biking thread....

    @Spaceman Spiff If you haven’t already, I recommend cycling shorts. Your bum will thank you for it. Good luck!
  19. Yohan

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    After watching the Boys, and Thor Ragnorak (again), I finally realized Karl Urban was in the LoTR movies.
  20. Yohan

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    @Momma There Goes That Man you got a shout out by Melvin Gordon today!
  21. Finally got around to The Boys. I think I was hooked in the first 10 min. Bill Burr’s new special is out, might be his best stuff yet.
  22. A man has to eat and feed his family...
  23. Looking forward to The Mandalorian. Bill Burr's bald head is in the trailer, Billy Bounty Hunta!
  24. Yohan

    The Forthcoming Recession

    When you say this, is that the increase in the Rebates i have noticed this past month? I have been looking possibly purchase a new vehicle, and have be looking and testing for about 3 or so weeks, and seen rebates rise over this time...especially Nissan.