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Skins-Cowboys prediction thread


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2nd meeting...new coach, Terry Robiskie....we need a win to salvage our playoff hopes...it starts good, we kill Aikman...then Mr. Wright comes along....everything ruined.


0-4....up 7-6....driving for a field goal...everything seems salvageable.....Davis fumbles....oh no....and then

After that hideous 0-5 start...we've won 5 straight and we meet dallas at home....Quincy Carter decides to throw his first TD against us and Emmitt Smith would have his last 100 yard game of that year...if we'd won that game...well..I'd be a happy man....


We've defeated the Rams with Wuerfel...who decides to throw 3 td's AND 3 INT's....Kenny Watson decides to let one of Wuerfel's 'fastballs' run through his hands into Roy Williams...Bryan Barker becomes Frankenstein's monster midway..


They embarass us. They always embarass us and crush our dreams. It's them. I tell you all, this is payback...I don't know about everyone else, but those losses, the one back in 2000 and the one that would have put us at 6-5 in 2001, and I think, would've made us unstoppable had we got that win....these losses are so painful and now

it's payback.

by the way, this being my first posts, i'll pay my respects to everyone on this board, friends and foes alike, ...damn I love football.

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Redskins 20

CowDungs 13

Any mistakes made by the CowDungs will be blamed on the players.

Any mistakes made by the Redskins will be blamed on the coaches.

At his postgame news conference, after again being asked about Jerrah's comment concerning Wincy Carter, the Flounder shoots a clear shot back across the bow of Jones' ship.

The wheel begins to loosen.

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10-13 Skins rule the cowgirls drool


a_parcells_ft.jpg:tongue: :kiss: :smooch:

These two lovebirds are the only one's IMO who are standing in the way of Jack Del Rio receiving the Coach of the year award for turning this franchise around from the run to the ground state TC had them in when Wayne entrusted the team to him to take us to the Super Bowl at all cost. The cost was Back, to Back, to Back losing seasons. I think WHEN the Jags go up their and Kick the Brady and companies AZZZ this weekend, the NFL will have no choice but to recognize Jack Del Rio's acomplishments and grant him the Honor~!!

Our defense is arguably the Best in the league right now, despite our secondary woes. We are the only team that has held offenses to 33 total points or less in the last 4 games. They are in a frenzy. Jack has got this Defense Motivated like no other in this league.

"That was, by far, the most physical defense

I've ever played against, seen or heard of,"

Texans 4th year veteran TE Billy Miller~!!

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