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Buzzfeed: Two Georgia Inmates Are On The Run After Killing Corrections Officers


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Two Georgia Inmates Are On The Run After Killing Corrections Officers


Not long after sunrise Tuesday, a prisoner transport bus was driving along a rural highway in central Georgia when two inmates onboard managed to break through the gate separating prisoners from guards.


The two inmates were among 33 prisoners in the back of the bus. Up front, protected by what was supposed to be a locked metal gate, sat a pair of armed guards. Investigators still don't know how two inmates breached the gate, but they do know what happened next: The two prisoners overpowered the guards, stole their guns, and shot them to death.


"I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers, that’s what I saw," Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said during a Tuesday news conference. He choked back tears as he added, "I have their blood on my shoes."


Sills identified the prisoners as Ricky Dubose, 24, and Donnie Russell Rowe, 43. Greg Dozier, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections, said one of the men is a "validated gang member," though he did not specify whom. Both men were serving time in Baldwin State Prison in Milledgeville, Georgia, for armed robbery, according to the corrections department.


After shooting the two guards, Dubose and Rowe carjacked the "first car that came by," Sills said, — a green, 2004 Honda. The escapees pointed their guns at the man driving the car, but left him unharmed as they stole his car and drove off to the west.


In the meantime, authorities did not know where the escapees could be. On Tuesday Sills told reporters the search had extended to "everywhere in America."


"They are dangerous beyond description," Sills added.


Tuesday, the men broke into a house and stole clothing, the Madison, Georgia, police department later confirmed. Then, sometime between 6 pm Tuesday and 6 am Wednesday, the men also stole a white Ford pickup truck from an industrial site, Sill said at a news conference Wednesday.


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When's the last time someone broke out of prison and got away? Like they always seem to be caught within a week. Is it good policing? Crazy technology making it impossible to disappear? Bad luck? Stupid criminals? Combination? 


Sorry to bump. Was looking for another thread. 


Edit: oh and I mean here in the US. Seems like in other countries, even Western Europe, assholes can get helicoptered out of the prison yard multiple times and disappear forever pretty regularly. 

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