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Show Yourselves II

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Halter, Glad to see everyone outfitted in Skins gear...but I see you haven't persuaded the "woman" to wear some Burgundy and Gold yet. that needs to be your mission. :D

Yeah well ya see, she's an Iggles/Steelers Fan. I asked her to wear it and she said no. Her loss.

what, I'm not beautiful? angry-tantrum2.gif

ps, we need to have this emoticon.

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Man, thats a nice mahi-mahi - would like to have come over for dinner that weekend :)

Thanks, (Dorado - in Mexico :) ) We caught a few on that trip! My wife two boys and I brought in about 25 that day. We were fishing about 20 miles off shore near a dead whale. Wanted a bill fish real bad - but all the mahi-mahi / Dorado made up for it.

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and me on the left with my friend MillerLite, and my best friend ReyTrain on the right...future Saxaphone Supastar...


me and some vato i met at a GTG a few weeks ago...we were rockin the kareoke mike...


and lastly, one of my best friends, Mouse, getting us some more beer...


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This am. Representing at around 9800 feet above sea level, give or take, in the mountains above Park City. :) Of course, I have an outstanding pic of the ground and of the air when the timer didn't work and when the wind pushed the camera off the rock it was on. :doh:

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