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yeah, I have no idea. We're poised to lose DJax, Garcon and Reed next year, with nothing behind them. Jamo maybe, but that's it. No running game as of now either. I know we want to address defense in this defense heavy draft, but its a heck of a lot easier to plug some FAs into a defense and have it hold together, than to build a dynamic offense off the wire.

I still think we might have an offense heavy draft.

Unless he gets hurt again, I'd assume they re-sign Reed. And probably DJax also, if they can get the right price.

But it's something to keep an eye on. and while the Defemse needs a lot of help, they can't ignore the offense

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Let's cut the crap and stop talking about Ryan Grant. All I hear is how well he runs routes - he's shown nothing on the field and done nothing on the field. Goodbye.

He's like Taylor Jacobs is part II. Great practice player.

But in Scot I trust. Whereas before I'd think that the GM would TRY to make the draft pick work no matter what, I trust GMSM to cut bait if he has better options.

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Yeah he needs to learn when to give up on a play sometimes. A lot of cases where he fumbled trying to do too much.

It's a decent re-signing though. Paulsen offers something that bit different with his superior blocking ability to the likes of Paul, Reed and Carrier.



Yes, I was going to say his toughness and strength have ended up working against him sometimes. I remember a couple where he made the catch, one guy couldn't get him down, two guys couldn't get him down, a third comes in and they end up taking turns swinging their fist at the football, and eventually he coughed it up.


But, he's also made some great catches, and he's had some drops too, but overall I think he played well enough for us to re-sign him, and I was hoping we would. Also, seems to be a great teammate. If a Redskins player is ever getting into a scrap with another player, Paulsen is always one of the first to get there in their defense.


Another good move by the Redskins this offseason.

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I've always really been a fan of Logan Paulsen. He made some great plays and was the underdog I rooted for.


But to be honest, I don't know why we brought him back. Coming off a year long toe recovery, after a season in which he had an obvious decline in production.

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Hey we can have up to 90 in TC. You might as well have as many options as possible and...




Well... I mean Training Camp, and see what happens. We were short on TE last year, we have no good blocking TE. So we need one somehow.


And it's not like Paulsen is gonna put us overthecap either. Just like LeRibeus. No problem in bringing them back and see if they can still improve. If not, and they got beat, they'll get cut...

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