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Your Top Stories of 2013, Your 2014 Predictions


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Rdsklns2000's Top 2013 Stories:


1.  Edward Snowden's NSA revelations

2.  Obamacare's disastrous rollout

3.  The Boston Marathan Bombings

4.  A New Pope

5.  Federal Government Shutdown


Rdskns2000's Top 2014 Predictions:


1.  Obamacare ends up not being that much of a factor come election time.

2.  There will be some sort of terrorist attack at the Winter Olympics.

3.   The Superbowl will be unmitigated disaster. The game will be played in front of ZERO people. There will a major snowstorm and major freeze come superbowl weekend.

4.  Economy remains the same.

5.  The Republican Civil War will be draw.  Tea Party will won some and Establishment will some.

6.  2014 elections will see no change in control.  Repubs keep house maybe gain 3-4 seats. Dems keep Senate but lose 2-3 Seats. Repubs still hold edge in governors but lose some seats.

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As far as global news, the Royal Wedding was pretty huge.  Obamacare was a big one in the US.  Mandela's passing.


2014: North Korea does something stupid, and the world freaks out.  Iran continues to stir the pot in Iraq and Afghanistan, while we watch and do NOTHING for once.  And Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore opens a daycare for all his co-stars kids - then it gets destroyed on national TV by random hurricane.  (kids NOT present for Hurricane Hannibal)


You know - normal stuff.

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