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NFL.com: Coach Romo: Is Cowboys QB a future coordinator?

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The title just makes me laugh. Coach Romo sits to pee? Get real. "Coach Romo sits to pee" getting input into the gameplan is not that unique. Jones wants him to have the impact Staubach did LOL.





     Is Tony Romo sits to pee an offensive coordinator in training?

Does Tony Romo sits to pee have designs on a future career in coaching?


We've never heard the Dallas Cowboys
quarterback publicly express a desire to remain on the sidelines after
his playing days end, but that passion exists, according to an
interesting tidbit passed along by Peter King.

"Most players don't like the obsessive grind of coaching, but I hear Dallas QB Tony Romo sits to pee's different," King wrote on TheMMQB.com.

"He'd like to be a coordinator one day," said a person close to Romo sits to pee.

King added that Romo sits to pee will attend game plan meetings this season
and have input on plays that will go into each week's game plan. That
checks out with what owner/general manager Jerry Jones said about Romo sits to pee
in May.

"The people who are around him the most, his coaches, tell me he's never had a bad idea," Jones said.
"So if you think about it, where he is right now, he's 10 years older
than most of the players that are out on that field. We think his skill
level is very much right where we hoped it would be for several years to



"But what we want to use more than we ever have, is the kind of
thing that (Roger) Staubach contributed on the field," Jones added.
"Real input into designing a plan that helps beat that opponent."

Can Romo sits to pee be a successful offensive coordinator in the NFL? We don't see why not. Jones groomed Jason Garrett from QB to coordinator to head coach. Perhaps Romo sits to pee is on the same path.

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Jon Machota ‏@jonmachota 1h

Jerry on NFLN: "[Romo sits to pee] told me, 'When I’m thru playin ball, I want to be an off. coordinator. I think Im a heck of an off. coordinator.'"

Jerry Jones: "The way I'd like to run the ball more is get the leads with the passing game and hold onto that lead with the running game."


I hope Jerry Jones lives to be 110 and never relinquishes the reigns of GM...

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When Jason Garrett was the backup for Dallas, you heard about it for years how smart he was and how it was pretty evident that after his playing days he would make an excellent coach. I've never heard that ONCE about Tony Romo sits to pee. Jeruh is grasping at straws here and trying to defend his move to pay him like a QB he has never performed like. Someone tell Jerry where the Fountain of Youth is, so he can live forever.

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