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Sergio Kindle Cut


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There's a lot of issues with a midseason pickup like this:

1) He needs time to learn the system

2) Is he better than Rob Jackson

3) What role do you bring him in for? To back Jackson up?

4) Does he fit the system?

50 Does he have character issues?

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Rabach was another one, even though he was decent for us.
:ols: How soon some of us forget.
John Beck, Billy Cundiff, Josh Wilson, Ma'ake Kemoeatu, Chris Chester, Graham Gano, Casey Rabach....


Can I claim I was blacking out all the bad? :ols:

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I don't disagree, but what Ravens retreads have we had before? The only one I can think of is Josh Wilson, and he's been pretty good for us.

Will Montgomery too has been a Raven retread who worked out well. Chester is having a great year this year too. Cundiff obviously didn't work out.

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That Kindle obviously had no fire...

Please slap yourself in the crotch for that one.

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