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When week 17 starts, there will be three major games of interest (aside from the Redskins game) to me at least:

  • Colts vs Jaguars - Does the Colts streak continue or do they get the number one pick?

  • Rams vs 49ers - Can the Rams pull the upset or are they in contention for the one pick?

  • Giants vs Cowboys - Who wins the NFCE?

Which game is the most interesting to everyone else here in ATN land?

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It is interesting, but these are the three games that are somewhat Redskins-related:

Colts and Rams are draft related, Giants/Cowboys is NFCE

Ah, well of those three, the Cowboys/Giants game is the most interesting to me.

I'll be keeping an eye on the Niners/Rams game, but mostly just to see if the Niners' wrap up homefield advantage.

(Don't really care about the whole draft scenario just yet.

I don't really think it will make much difference where we draft.)

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Boys/Giants. It's a playoff game a week early. Can't beat that.

My next game is the Bengals. It's a great story that the Bengals can make the playoffs with a rookie QB in a division with the Steelers and Ravens.

After that it's the games mentioned that will determine who we have to bribe to get our Andrew Luck.

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