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12/15/11 Fox News Republican Debate


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Rick Perry completely misspoke two different times in his first answer. :doh: :ols:

Kind of sucks for him, because it was actually a damn good answer. Iowa's social conservatives will probably lap up anything and everything said about Tim Tebow. :ols:

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Did Paul say he never voted once for an earmark?

No idea if that's true or not, but it seems like kind of a broad claim to make.

It's not a broad claim if it is true.

Like he said, which should have been very easy for the host to understand, he votes against them but when given the opportunity to give the taxed money back to his people, he does. If he had it his way, the money never would have left the private citizen's pocket in the first place, so it would never be an issue anyway.

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No...it still is.

But if he's truly accurate on that, there's no problem making that claim.

He's more accurate than any other politician alive today.

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Big talk Romney. Problem is he's all talk.

Fact is Romney and Newt lose by double digits to Obama.


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Good answer by Newt.

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Ha, an oligarchy.

It's always been an oligarchy.

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